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Storm troopers are hellishly expensive for what you get, I wouldn't advise taking them unless you are going to be going up against some power armour or you know for a fact that you are going to be very lucky (i.e. cheating). Don't cheat, no one likes a cheater. Seriously though I love the idea of an elite unit going on special operations and everything but if you think about it they each have to kill more than a vanilla marine to make their points back, such a pity.

2 Inf squads- GL, AC, Vox
I don't think you need more ACs, with the lemans, marbo and 6 other ACs I think you have the anti heavy infantry and light vehicle niche covered. Also if the don't have a HW they will be more mobile and you can take full advantage of frfsrf.

CCS- Meltabombs, 3 Plas, Vox, OoTF, Chimera
Plasmas are tempting I know but you don't want to risk taking necessary wounds away which should be used to protect you commander, I would rather give these fellas melta guns and the PC or vets the plasma guns if you really want them.

SW Squad- Flamerx3
Without a chimera these guys aren't going to make the best use of their flamers

Not a bad list though there is just always room for improvement.
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