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Hiya, Im looking to sell/trade some unwanted Warhammer in order to fund my new Dark Elf army and was wondering if you would be interested? The following is up for sale;


*Hard Back army book
*Tomb Kings magic cards

*Warsphinx (partially painted)
*3x Chariots (one painted and based)
*lich priest

*wight king (was to be used as arkhan the black)

*10 tomb guard


*2 screaming skull catapults from the mantic games range
*16 painted and based skeleton spearmen

* 'spare bits' from the sprews

* High elf mage on foot
*High Elf Prince on Horse

*10x Swordmasters of Hoeth (inc command)

*10x High Elf Spearmen (inc command)

*High Elf Prince on Eagle

*13x Silver Helms

Space Hulk - 1st Edition

in box and complete except 2 terminators

Heroquest - 1st Edition
complete and in box. parts of the 3 expansions are present also put not complete

Advanced Heroquest - 1st Edition
in box, all floor tiles present but only about 75% of figures (we always used warhammer fantasy ones)

Im more than happy to sell just parts if your not interested in complete collection. I would also entertain the idea of 'swapping' for any Dark Elf bits you have! I look forward to hearing from you, regards,

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