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For sale - Large dwarf/duradin army, via ebay

Link Here

The army contains many older models no longer available from games workshop, it also includes 2 limited models in the form of a Josef Bugman model and a standard bearer that was only found in the dwarf army deal, many years back.

The models are mostly plastic but many are metal. They are in various stages of paintwork, some having only been made whilst others have been finished to a basic standard, and everything in between.

Buying this army's equilavent from GW now would cost in the region of £330+ not taking into account the unavailability of the models themselves.

The army contains....
1 dwarf lord on shield bearers
2 dwarf runelords
3 dwarf engineers
1 army banner bearer (limited edition)
1 josef bugman
2 x 20 warriors with a standard and musician
1 x 18 longbeards with great weapons, with a standard and musician
2 x 10 thunderers
1 x 18 ironbreakers with standard, musician and champion
2 cannons (1 from the battle for skull pass set)
2 bolt throwers
1 organ gun
1 NIB flame cannon
Crew for all the war machines
1 dwarf army book for 8th edition OOP

The army can be used for age of sigmar as it is, and using the sdk points system hits about 2400pts.

Thanks for looking

Some pictures of what is being sold.

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