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Selling everything!

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I have tried this before but have gotten the run-around.....so I'll try it again.

I have a huge Imperial Tank/Mech army with LOTS of troops and a Huge pretty much full Iron Warriors Army as well, with some WHFB items and Battle Fleet Gothic. I have no time to play anymore and I need to sell it all. Please do not ask for me to break it up, email for the full list of any of the items in particular.

IG Tank Army: rough count..139 pewter soldiers (mostly Steel Legion (best looking)) and 16 vehicles (2 are completely scratch built)

Iron Warriors: (Rough count) 100+ marines and 11 vehicles
many items have been scratch built and seen campaign play (colors)

most of the models have been painted and painted to a high standard.

BFG:Battle Fleet Gothic
Chaos Fleet
4 Scratch Built raiders
1 Ship (transport, freighter, objective)
10 Cruisers
3 Styx
2 Hades
1 Murder
1 Devastation
3 Slaughter

3 Idolator Raiders
3 Iconoclast Raiders

Imperial Fleet
4 Cruisers
3 Mars Class Hvy Cruisers.
1 Lunar Class Cruiser
3 Sword Class frigates
$75.00 for all and you pay shipping

Bits, please email me because I have tons and will let go for a small amount with shipping. Again please do not ask me to split the armies, I need to sell all, besides the prices are EXTREMELY reasonable.

Please email me @
[email protected]
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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