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Selling everything!

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I have tried this before but have gotten the run-around.....so I'll try it again.

I have a huge Imperial Tank/Mech army with LOTS of troops and a Huge pretty much full Iron Warriors Army as well, with some WHFB items and Battle Fleet Gothic. I have no time to play anymore and I need to sell it all. Please do not ask for me to break it up, email for the full list of any of the items in particular.

IG Tank Army: rough count..139 pewter soldiers (mostly Steel Legion (best looking)) and 16 vehicles (2 are completely scratch built)

Iron Warriors: (Rough count) 100+ marines and 11 vehicles
many items have been scratch built and seen campaign play (colors)

most of the models have been painted and painted to a high standard.

BFG:Battle Fleet Gothic
Chaos Fleet
4 Scratch Built raiders
1 Ship (transport, freighter, objective)
10 Cruisers
3 Styx
2 Hades
1 Murder
1 Devastation
3 Slaughter

3 Idolator Raiders
3 Iconoclast Raiders

Imperial Fleet
4 Cruisers
3 Mars Class Hvy Cruisers.
1 Lunar Class Cruiser
3 Sword Class frigates
$75.00 for all and you pay shipping

Bits, please email me because I have tons and will let go for a small amount with shipping. Again please do not ask me to split the armies, I need to sell all, besides the prices are EXTREMELY reasonable.

Please email me @
[email protected]
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SL and IW Army Lists

There are some pics, I do have more of some close ups. The tanks are practically done except for 1 vehicle. It is done in a Stalingrad style German/Soviet setup. The one has loose tracks and people riding on the back, supplies and storage boxes as well. I have spare HK missile box covers I have to install over the gun openings as an "early model" or "field modified" Chimera. One other Chimera can be converted into a Salamander command tank w/ crew, just remove the back 2 pieces, I won some awards for this.
I have 2 scratch build tanks (free with the army), 2 Leman Russ's tanks saved from kids, but are not perfect…but work.
6 Chimera's (1 converting,1 a stylish conversion piece)
3 Leman Russ (2 not great/poor, 1 the Commissars tank)
1scratchbuilt Vanquisher, not bad, not great
1scratchbuilt Thunderer, not bad, not great (very effective on the field)
1 Demolisher
1 Exterminator
1 Hellound

53 regular troops
9 Sgts
23+ heavy weapon troops
1 "pope" (like a priest)
1 priest nicely painted
1 rare female commissar
1 rarish Yarrik Commissar
3 OLD! Inquisitors, have not messed with much
7 Rocket teams
3 Las cannon teams
2 Heavy Bolter teams
1 Mortar Team
Recon Element (Armored Company Rules)
13 tallern troops (flexible)
Incl. Heavy Bolter, Melta+ HQ

Most guys, have some paint. I have had this army for several years. Some of the paint reflects on actual campaigns, the units with arm bands did something great during a mission or battle. It is fluffy, but did occur, so that is cool. All the troops are pewter.

I do have an awesome carrying case (tupperware) for free, if you would like, I do not have a pic of it. I am throwing in a lot of IG bits for the tanks (extra Heavy Bolters, tracks) and such if you want to add them on the tanks. Also IG books with armored company rules are going with this. I do not wish to split up unless you give me an exceptional offer.

*If you are interested I have a heavy bits box what is filled with pewter and plastic warhammer parts. I do have pics of that.
I do have pics of the army, just hit me up.

Iron Warriors Army.

61 Marines
23 Bolter
38 HtH
+5 HQ/ Champions (power weapons, mostly or other gifts)
+16 Assault weapons, melta, plasma (mostly plasma) (could be Asp. Champs with plasma pistol etc…)
18 Heavy Weapons (5 Heavy Bolters, 4 Missile, 4 Las Cannon, 5 Auto Cannon)

100 Troop’s total, all painted; lots of pewter bits, and lots of character.

11 terminators (2 Auto cannon, some flame/combi flame weapons…painted nicely

1 Land Raider with IW graffiti about Tera… Fluff
3 Predator Tanks, done nicely!
2 Dreadnoughts, usual IW scheme, looks good.
3 Rhino’s painted nicely, with character.
1 Vindicator, with noise machine (add fearlessness to troops)
1 Defiler, made before GW released the model, nice pose, not totally finished.
11 vehicles total

4 Flying skulls. Servitors. (Nice fluffy addition to IW)
Free with the IW Army

It goes with the Army..
1 Old style Predator new in box (has been opened)
1 Land Raider new in box (has been opened)

I have close up shots of vehicles and such if you like any particular shots.

I need to sell $350 shipped!!!!!! each for the IW and Steel Legion lots. I want this stuff gone! I can not go any lower unless you can pick up the items yourself. It is a steal as it is.
I also have lots of 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 scale armor, planes, bits, guys, all non-Warhammer.

email me at [email protected]
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Price drop:
BFG Gothic $50 shipped (in the US)
Chaos Army $325 shipped (in the US)
IG Army $325 shipped (in the US)
Yes, but it is not the Krylon touch, its pretty decent, simple black first coat with drybrushing mostly... email me at [email protected] and I can see if I can get pics for you ASAP.
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