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I'm looking to sell off my Empire army:

Army Includes
current book
steam tank (plastic)
Steam Tank (pewter/ not pictured)
two regiments of greatswords (23 pewter and 20 plastic)
20 knights (2 commands)
5 pistoliers
29 swordsmen
31 halberdiers
10 handgunners (options for repeater and hochland rifles)
18 militia (for detachments)

Priest with great hammer
Priest with two hammers
captain on foot with great hammer and pistol
Karl Franz on horse
one plastic wizard
one pewter wizard
plastic captain on horse (old style)
plastic captain on horse (new style)
Empire griffin standard bearer

Great Cannon

and a pile of older empire figures including some halberdiers, swordsmen and handgunners


275$ (US dollars/ paypal) shipped to your door is what I'd like to see.

Dont be afraid to make me an offer
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