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right so im wanting to sell my Eldar at the moment im looking for selling it as a full army here is what i have

1 maugen ra well painted
1 autarch with reaper launcher and pw
2 farseers
1 converted eldrad painted to a high standard
3 warlocks
1 avatar converted to a very high standard and painted he has a spear
6 fire dragons exarch with fire pike
6 howling banshees exarch with mirror blades
10 dark reapers 5 are the old style but the exarch is converted to have missle launcher in stead of shurican cannon
30 dire avengers exarchs all have 2 avenger catapults
20 guardians 2 weapons all weapon options there
20 storm guardians
3 wave serpents
2 new style fire prisms
3 war walkers with 3 of every gun
1 wraithlord with bright lance, rocket launcher well painted and converted

my idea was to stay away from combat and keep the enemy at arms legth it works really well but i miss the slaughter of combat so im looking for a new army
im looking to sell the army for about £350 ono new it would be worth about £500 if you want photos just ask and i will provide

here is some links for some pictures i posted
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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