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Hi, this is my first post in this forum, so if it's in the wrong section I'm really sorry.

I recently started a tyranid army, it's roughly ~1300 points at the moment not counting Rippers and I'm wondering what would be a good next addition. The army so far is;

1 flying Tyrant, with bonesword and lash whip
1 Carnifex, with crusher claws and built to be able to use it as Old One Eye
1 Tyrannofex
1 Venomthrope
2 Lictors
2 Broodlords
3 Warriors
18 Genies
12 Hormagaunts
x Rippers from the othe model sprues

I'm unsure what to get next. I do want to get some Mawlocs for the Lictors at some point, but it's a case of getting what's more crucial to get a playable army. Would rather go the path of monstrous creatures rather than plain swarm tactics. So what would people suggest? Exocrine/Haruspex? Tervigon for spawning? Something entirely different?

Also, with my Tyrant, should I keep him the way he is? Seems like some play him with two pairs of devourers, or bs+lw and another ranged weapon. Having never modified a model before, I don't want to risk ruining it trying to add more arm/wing sockets.

Thanks for any advice

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Squire is right, on the Flying Hive Tyrant. The most effective and efficient way to set him up is with double Twin linked Devourers with Brain leech worms. The reason is , as a flyer it should never touch the ground unless it crashed after getting shot. Because of that Melee weapons will do it no good.

You have said you would rather run more big bugs, cool. Mawlocs are great when they work, but without the lector support they are very gimmicky to me. A bad scatter and they hit nothing. If you're going to get a Tervigon, you WILL need termaguants. You may need more termaguants than you want to get to support the Tervigon. I try to keep at least 40 - 60 termagaunts per Tervigon I run.

Yes to the Exocrine. They are a walking plasma battery, park them in some terrain to get a cover save and maybe go so far as to keep the venomthrope near them and watch all they fire they shrug off.

While not as effective in serious tourney play, I'm a big fan of Shooty Carnifexes. Give them the same MC size Devourers that your Flyrant has and march them forward. Just make sure they are protected a little bit from shooting attacks by keeping some smaller bugs in front of them for a 5+ cover save that can be made batter(3+) by the Venomthrope if it is close enough.

Consider even getting a second flying hive tyrant. Those things are crazy good right now.

As far as other units. Consider getting some zoanthropes. They provide synapse and are strong psykers. That warp lance can help open up heavy ground armor if you dealing with armor values of 13 or 14.

Sticking with the big bugs, the Hive Crone is another nasty flyer and is a Fast attack choice. She is a great air to air fighter with her vector strike at Str 8 and haywire missiles.

Lastly I would get a few more small bugs, ether termaguants or more hormaguants. At 4 and 5 points respectively they are cheap to field and can offer a lot of options. Also termaguants with the little Devourers can unleash a impressive amount fire power.

Hope this helps some.
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