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So this is my new build army, and btw I have the Italian(yes I can read and understand Italian) version of the daemon codex so don' t blame me if some options aren' t right
Ok, I won't :)

+deathblow +blessing of the blood god +might impious +instrument of chaos
Ok, you really don't need Death Strike or Instrument of Chaos. You are a close combat machine and should be beating faces off.

-The Masque
I'm personally not a fan. For an extra ten points you can have a Tzeentch Herald on a Chariot zapping things left and right. It isn't an independant character and really doesn't pull its weight as well as it should.

-Skulltaker on cart
Still personally not a fan. The attraction to Skulltaker eludes me. To each their own though ;)

-3 Slaanesh Fiends
Fiends are nice. Unit of 3 might be a little easy to drop though.

-2 Bloodcrushers
I love Bloodcrushers, but prefer them in units of 4 or better.

-2x 10 Daemonettes
I've never had Daemonettes work for me. If you can get them to work for you, this is a pretty good point value to do it.

-2x 10 Bloodletter
Good solid units of Bloodletters.

I love my Soul Grinders, but taking them alone tends to invite a lot of fire.

Overall: Daemons are a tricky army to play when your opponent catches on to how they roll. What you are going to want to do is group your units in a way that most benefits you and not your opponent. Soul Grinders work best when dropped with other very large creatures like the Bloodthirster or other high toughness units. Have you considered how you would like them grouped?
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