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We are running this Kickstarter campaign to create a second edition rulebook, army book and new miniatures, mech and vehicles for our acclaimed table-top war game, '1949 Secrets of the Third Reich'.

1949 Secrets of the Third Reich is a tabletop skirmish wargame, played using 28mm pewter miniatures, resin tanks and mechs. Developed and published by West Wind Productions, with rule development by Grindhouse Games USA. The game is designed to be played from squad level up to platoon level. The game is known to its legions of fans simply as SoTR!

The year is 1949 and the second world war still rages across the globe, but not in a way recorded in any history books. This is a darker world where the common soldier battles against monsters and the mad machines of super-science and dangerous minds.
If you like the idea of G.I’s and Tommies battling zombies, werewolves and vampires, or mighty war machines striding the battlefield with an array of infernal weapons you will love SoTR II.

Secrets of the Third Reich II

Tried linking pics, but they won't show for some reason.
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