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I think if you stick with the SM codex you'll find yourself drifting back to the style of your old army just out of habit, so I think one of the other codexes might be the best bet. The DV box is great value if you can find someone to swap out the CSMs with. Or if the rumours prove to be true and a SWs codex is just around the corner, you could jump on that.

I think either of them are different enough with their robes, furs, wolf tails,winged helmets and axes, but are keeping the familiar aesthetics and feel of SMs that you want.

Another option might be to keep adding to your current army, but painting up each new unit as a different chapter. A sort of Crusader force. I know a bloke who's 3000pt army doesn't contain any two units from the same chapter. It looks very cool on the table.
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