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This is mainly a themed army with plenty of options for conversions. I wasn't sure where to put it, since it's not a competitive list and it's mainly a potential modeling project but also has a lot of fluff tied in. I did it here just to be safe, feel free to move it.

The Scythes of the Emperor were almost wiped out by the Tyranids but at least a company worth of Astartes survived. I really love the Scythes that Forgeworld have done for the Death Guard and it got me thinking, maybe they would be good for representing the Scythes of the Emperor chapter.

The more I looked into the Death Guard list the more it made sense, they had the scythes but also deadly flamer weapons, and the general rules like Remorseless and Sons of Barbarus fit in with fighting Tyranids. So having read a lot of the background via lexicanum etc I started piecing together a themed list that will give also give lot of options in regards to conversions.

I figured since the Scythes have resorted to scavenging what they can from the hive ships they encounter, as well as space hulks etc, that they may have some archaic weaponry like graviton guns. I also thought they'd end up using a lot of flamers to deal with all the various tyranid creatures and perhaps came up with their own mixture of fuel, which would account for the chem munition Death Guard can use for free. I know that there's only a single actual scythe in the background of the Emperor's scythes but purely for modeling reasons I decided to give the sergeants of the squads scythes as well (they have a nasty attack which would be awesome against Tyranids) I also thought the salvation teams would be quite cool with boarding shields since they tend to board a lot of hive ships to kill them from the inside as per their fluff.

Anyway this is what I've come up with and I was wondering what you thought. It's quite a small army, but since it's mainly for conversions, the smaller the better I guess.


Chapter Master Thracian (Praetor) - Emperor's Scythe (Master Crafted Paragon Blade), Combi Flamer, Iron Halo - Melta Bomb - Digital Laser = 195

Brother Hadrios ( Master of Signal) = 85


Veteran Squad Remas - Chapter Banner (Legion Vexilla), Power Scythe, Combi Flamer with Chem Munition, Artificer Armour, x2 Heavy Flamers with Chem Munition, Outflank = 275
Rhino - Heavy Flamer with Chem Munition = 50

Brother Domitios (Apothecary) - Artificer Armour, Augury Scanner = 60
Brother Karro (Apothecary) - Artificer Armour = 55

Brother Tiresias (Dreadnought) - Flamestorm Cannon with Chem Munition - x2 Hunter Killer Missiles - Graviton Gun, Frag Assault Launchers = 190


11th Salvation Team (Breacher Squad) - Artificer Armour, Power Scythe, Vox, Graviton gun, Flamer with Chem Munition, Breaching charge = 295

8th Salvation Team (Breacher Squad) - Artificer Armour, Power Scythe, Vox, Graviton Gun, Flamer with Chem Munition, Breaching charge = 295

Total -1500
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