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Title says it all I guess.

Could anyone please list how they go about painting their scythes of the emperor army, I'm wanting to start an army of theirs and I'm wondering if I already have the colors and washes best suited for their color heraldry.

And does anybody know where I can get some scythes to suit out my terminators?? I'm thinking I might customize some deathshroud scythes but if anyone knows of anything better please let me know.

Helps appreciated

The emperor protects.

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My friend Andrew painted his like this (I do not have a true colour conversion chart to hand so not sure how it would work with new paints):


(1) Basecoat in Tausept Ochre
(2) Layer Iyandun Darksun onto raised areas
(3) Wash recesses with thinned Dark Flesh
(4) Tidy up Ochre/Darksun
(5) Glaze with Golden Yellow
(6) Highlight less prominent edges with Golden Yellow
(7) Highlight prominent edges with Sunburst Yellow

(1) Black basecoat
(2) wide highlight with 3:1 Shadow Grey:Chaos Black
(3) Blend highlight into basecoat using thinned Chaos Black
(4) Thinly Highlight prominent edges with pure Shadow Grey

If you were looking for something quick then possibly:

(1) Basecoat Iyanden Darksun
(2) Wash with Gryphonne Sepia
(3) Edge Highlight with Golden Yellow

(1) Basecoat Black
(2) Edge Highlight with Shadow Grey
(3) Wash with Badab Black
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