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The overall conversion/scratchbuild is pretty well done. Couple area that probably could have been touched up or details added to spice it up a bit but nothing huge. Now I am going to talk about the paint.

1st Only primer after you have finished everything, makes your life hard trying to glue to primer.

2nd Only primer when it is dry and shake well. I am guessing the rough texture is from the primer, you might have to spray a bit closer to the model as well.

3rd Thin your paints out. You can tell when paint is thick after it dries. Several thin coats are much better then 1 thick coat.

4th Invest in some fine (2000 grit) sandpaper, it can help smooth rough primer, remove small hairs in paint, and allow you to go over an area again with thinner coats to help smooth things out. Sandpaper is one of my most used tools in my kit.

Looking forward to seeing this done and your next project.
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