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Scouts + Shotguns?

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In real life, I enjoy shooting shotguns, I own three of them. But, in 40K they don't seem very good. I would like to equip some of my Space Marine Scouts with shotguns. Tell me, does anyone else give their scouts shotguns and if so how do you best use the shotgun scout unit?
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When will the new SM COdex come out?
When will the new SM COdex come out?
After 5th edition which will be either sometime this coming summer or a long time afterward.
I play Flesh tearers and i hardly ever use scouts but....
when i do use them 8 shot guns, a heavy bolter and a VS with power weapon.

I find this works really well v orks, IG, tau, nids. But as for fighting SM NEC or CSM sniper the little gits lol.

Just wait until the new Marine Codex. There's a trend in the Dark Angel and Blood Angel rules where shotgun Strength is going up by 1. They're far more useful at that point.

Katie D

Thanks for that info ..... I have scout figures with shotguns and was going to use them as S3 :fool:

I just hadn't noticed the change.:read::headbutt:

What else have I missed?.........

They are still, of very limited use , but the figures are kinda nice.
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shotguns are terrible
Welcome to the forums, Cap

Perhaps you could explain why shotguns are crap?
whats the strength of shotguns
Depends on the army.

Most armies it's S3, for Blood Angels and Dark Angels it's S4
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