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Scouts + Shotguns?

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In real life, I enjoy shooting shotguns, I own three of them. But, in 40K they don't seem very good. I would like to equip some of my Space Marine Scouts with shotguns. Tell me, does anyone else give their scouts shotguns and if so how do you best use the shotgun scout unit?
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Shotguns only really work when they have the same Strength as the models using them.

Guardsmen with S3 shotguns, or Marines with S4 (like BA and DA) are very effective in the first turn of an assault, even compared to pistol and CCW.

Pistol & CCW gets one attack that hits on a 3+, followed by 3 attacks that hit on a 4+ all of them have the same Str, and the AP value is usually low enough not to make much difference.

Shotgun gets two attacks that hit on a 3+, followed by 2 attacks that hit on a 4+ again, same strength but no AP.

The shotgun gives you more shooting attacks, attacks that are going to hit more often and (most importantly) get counted before any of the melee attacks, effectively giving you a temporary initiative boost for your first couple attacks.

This makes shotguns very effective in the first turn of the assault. But they become less effective in subsequent rounds because you're giving up the attack.

It all depends on the strength of the shotgun and the enemies you;re up against. S4 shotguns against models with a 4+ por greater armor save and/or an initiative higher than yours are a more desireable option, IMO...particularly if the target squad is small enough to take down in the first turn.

However, if you;re going against, say, orks or guard where there's going to e a lot of them, they swing after you and their armor is low enough that the BP can defeat it, then go for pistols.
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Well now you;re talking about two entirely different squads.

You should compare apples to apples. In this case, shotguns should be compared to pistol & CCW since they're both assault-oriented loadouts.

Snipers are fine and dandy, but you use them for entirely different purposes than shotguns or pistols. Nobody is suggesting using shotguns as a long range fire-team.
Because the game designers realized that s3 shotguns suck for SM *after* the 4th ed SM dex came out.

Wait til 5th, then they'll all be on the same page.
Welcome to the forums, Cap

Perhaps you could explain why shotguns are crap?
Depends on the army.

Most armies it's S3, for Blood Angels and Dark Angels it's S4
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