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Scouts + Shotguns?

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In real life, I enjoy shooting shotguns, I own three of them. But, in 40K they don't seem very good. I would like to equip some of my Space Marine Scouts with shotguns. Tell me, does anyone else give their scouts shotguns and if so how do you best use the shotgun scout unit?
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Hmm if I were to try to alter the rules for shotguns so they were worth playing I think I would have shotguns always hit on 2+ when firing buckshot, or they could choose to fire anti-armor slugs, which would be AP 3. The short range would still be bad, but I think they'd be playable.
Shotguns in general are specialized weapon. They are best at close range They only have a Effective Range of 75 meters. If you take a M16 they have the range of 500 meters. I think 40k Has done a good job in limiting the shot gun although I think it should have some more knock down power.
Yes they did an awesome job. I think I will write them a letter of thanks for not making M-16s feel inadequate and slighted.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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