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Scouts + Shotguns?

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In real life, I enjoy shooting shotguns, I own three of them. But, in 40K they don't seem very good. I would like to equip some of my Space Marine Scouts with shotguns. Tell me, does anyone else give their scouts shotguns and if so how do you best use the shotgun scout unit?
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Yeah In the blood angel codex it says strength 4 in the summary... A unit of 10 scouts assaulting in the first turn all with S4 two times before combat would be nice.
Also with shotguns if the enemy has a very mobile force and they speed away from you, the 12'' range of the shotgun is all for nothing and youve wasted units that could have been used for a sniper. A balanced scout force mainly on assault would be 7or8 shotguns and 2or3 snipers. this is an evenly balanced unit costing a cheap X amount of points that can really confuse opponents. If they run bam! sniper fire. if they stay they get a facefull of shotgun shells.
Well now you;re talking about two entirely different squads.

You should compare apples to apples. In this case, shotguns should be compared to pistol & CCW since they're both assault-oriented loadouts.

Snipers are fine and dandy, but you use them for entirely different purposes than shotguns or pistols. Nobody is suggesting using shotguns as a long range fire-team.
I guess you're right.... If you have a squad you use them for one purpose and not multi-tasking...
But this is exactly right. Guardsman can parachute down and shoot the hell put of ppl with the guns and scouts are there from turn one.

What i dont understand is why the DA and BA shotguns have S4 and Ultramines and friends have only S3.:(
When will the new SM COdex come out?
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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