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So be it.
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Hello heresy! I saw a post by frontline gaming about scouts, and it got me thinking. I have 40 scouts, 15 from when they were good, 10 because I liked the new sets, and 15 from a cheap buy at an auction (I love the poses on these boys, they're from the LS storm kit). I figured that I should use them, since they apparently don't suck like I thought, but I'm not sure about a few things. First of all, here's the list.


85 - Libby - Bike (pick discipline)

335 - 10x Sternguard - 3x Combi-Melta, 3x Combi-Flamer, Drop Pod

165 - 10x Tactical Marines - Melta, Missile Launcher
123 - 10x Scouts - Bolters, MB, HB
118 - 10x Scouts - Bolters, HB
115 - 10x Scouts - CC, MB
80 - 5x Scouts - Snipers, Cloaks, ML
63 - 5x Scouts - Bolters, HB

135 - 5x Bikers - 2x Grav

231 - Storm Raven - MM/AC/HB, SL
200 - 10x Devestators - 4x ML

100 - Aegis Defense Line

I definitely want to keep all 40 scouts (it's only 504 points after all), and I would prefer to keep the bikers too, but other than that I'm pretty flexible.

First of all, psychic discipline? I am used to have divination as BA, but smurfs don't, so... I don't really have any experience with those other ones (biomancy, telekenesis, telepathy, pyromancy).

Secondly, chapter tactics? I like Reecius' idea of using the sentinels of terra tactics, in which case the devestators are fantastic (tank hunters and a mostly uses +1 against buildings) and alpha striking may be the way to go, so maybe sternguard. I threw in the raven and the aegis for anti-air, and I'll probably split the devs in half and have half of them on the aegis. Or I might throw my sniper scouts over there, idk.

Finally, I hate to have so many points wrapped up in one unit (the sternguard), but I was planning on combat squadding them (one half uses flamers to kill infantry, the other takes out a tank or MC). Still, is that unit worth it? Or is it way too many points? Should I drop ~3 of them and the flamers to fit something else in?

I did consider Coteaz too, but I don't have a suitable model so I'm not bothering. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this viable?

Cheers :drinks:

So be it.
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I like the inquisitor idea, if I find some suitable models I'll probably do that.

The reason I don't want the libby to be a captain is I already have six troops... I could combine them a bit but then I don't have the option of a 10 man CC scout squad. Also it's a tad more expensive. It's a good idea though, I might try to fit it in...

Well I have 3 storm ravens and 0 talons so I guess I have to stick with these... I normally play blood angels, and am only playing Smurfs for cheaper scouts.

Thanks for the tips though! I'll look into some of this
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