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So be it.
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Hello heresy! I saw a post by frontline gaming about scouts, and it got me thinking. I have 40 scouts, 15 from when they were good, 10 because I liked the new sets, and 15 from a cheap buy at an auction (I love the poses on these boys, they're from the LS storm kit). I figured that I should use them, since they apparently don't suck like I thought, but I'm not sure about a few things. First of all, here's the list.


85 - Libby - Bike (pick discipline)

335 - 10x Sternguard - 3x Combi-Melta, 3x Combi-Flamer, Drop Pod

165 - 10x Tactical Marines - Melta, Missile Launcher
123 - 10x Scouts - Bolters, MB, HB
118 - 10x Scouts - Bolters, HB
115 - 10x Scouts - CC, MB
80 - 5x Scouts - Snipers, Cloaks, ML
63 - 5x Scouts - Bolters, HB

135 - 5x Bikers - 2x Grav

231 - Storm Raven - MM/AC/HB, SL
200 - 10x Devestators - 4x ML

100 - Aegis Defense Line

I definitely want to keep all 40 scouts (it's only 504 points after all), and I would prefer to keep the bikers too, but other than that I'm pretty flexible.

First of all, psychic discipline? I am used to have divination as BA, but smurfs don't, so... I don't really have any experience with those other ones (biomancy, telekenesis, telepathy, pyromancy).

Secondly, chapter tactics? I like Reecius' idea of using the sentinels of terra tactics, in which case the devestators are fantastic (tank hunters and a mostly uses +1 against buildings) and alpha striking may be the way to go, so maybe sternguard. I threw in the raven and the aegis for anti-air, and I'll probably split the devs in half and have half of them on the aegis. Or I might throw my sniper scouts over there, idk.

Finally, I hate to have so many points wrapped up in one unit (the sternguard), but I was planning on combat squadding them (one half uses flamers to kill infantry, the other takes out a tank or MC). Still, is that unit worth it? Or is it way too many points? Should I drop ~3 of them and the flamers to fit something else in?

I did consider Coteaz too, but I don't have a suitable model so I'm not bothering. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this viable?

Cheers :drinks:

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Instead of Coteaz, you can take a pair of OM Inquisitors with Lv 1 Divination, and then throw down a few Servo Skulls, which suits the 'scout' feel of the army by having little cyber familiars flitting around.

Drop your Librarian to a captain on a bike so your other squad scores with him. Give him Primarch's Wrath and he's firing a LOT of shots from his relentless platform.

Unless it's due to models you own, I'd drop the Storm Raven in favor of two Stormtalons. Much better 'scout' feel to have the smaller gunships, and they'll do you better for shooting things down, since none of your army really needs redeployment. Run some Skyhammers for long range dogfighting. You can still put the Devestators on the Aegis, or run the Sniper squad with Telion, or put one of the Inquisitors there.

So be it.
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I like the inquisitor idea, if I find some suitable models I'll probably do that.

The reason I don't want the libby to be a captain is I already have six troops... I could combine them a bit but then I don't have the option of a 10 man CC scout squad. Also it's a tad more expensive. It's a good idea though, I might try to fit it in...

Well I have 3 storm ravens and 0 talons so I guess I have to stick with these... I normally play blood angels, and am only playing Smurfs for cheaper scouts.

Thanks for the tips though! I'll look into some of this
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