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Scorpion powerfist: str 6 right?

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Just so I can point somewhere besides the codex to show someone that the eldar striking scorpion strikes at str 6 because you can't use both the benefit of the chainsword with the powerfist. He argues that the chainsword is wargear and so adds to the fist. I explain that the sword is a weapon and thus doesn't stack just like it says on p. 46 in the second paragraph. Can anyone back me up?
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Culler under my current understanding of the rules all the chainsword would do is grant an extra 1 attack with the str 6 power fist or vice versus. You can not stack two weapons benefits unless it specifically states so and I don't think there are weapons out there that allow it currently.
I don't know about you guys but things like said response would be justification of finding out what your opponents ld was via Tank shock in the parking lot ;)
It was a jest to bring humor around not threaten. Because lets face it you're just not worth the jail time :) That and I'd rather not have a 400 lb friend named bubba for whatever allotment of time the judge gave me!
When it comes down to it stuff like this is like the last ARd'Boyz tournament when a person staggered two marine squads just enough that you can't EVER charge unless you do something to knock them out of cohesive units (the judge called over laughed at the hard interpretation of the rules and allowed my friend to charge), causing them not to be within one inch of each other. All I know is I'd take it to a tournament and let someone higher up make the deciding rule on such a case.
If someone did it to me, i'd be bringing 20 unit strong sisters and making a staggering line is where I'd go with it because that is in fact a "HARD" interpretation of the rules. It would be a game that reeked of very narrow readings of the rules which tend to blow the most.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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