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Scorpion powerfist: str 6 right?

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Just so I can point somewhere besides the codex to show someone that the eldar striking scorpion strikes at str 6 because you can't use both the benefit of the chainsword with the powerfist. He argues that the chainsword is wargear and so adds to the fist. I explain that the sword is a weapon and thus doesn't stack just like it says on p. 46 in the second paragraph. Can anyone back me up?
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does this mean my rune priest with a frost blade and a force weapon doesn't get his s+1 on his force weapon :D dam
stupid question i know

but can i uses a weapon that gives +1 strength and attack with a power weapon ?
looking looking ...now im reading reading doesnt say anything about not gaining+1 strength for my attacks

only says i can use power fist or sword not both
damn i was hoping to wound easily with my force weapon and +1 strength frost blade nvm.
They also get one more attack and the ability to take an exarch that lets them infiltrate and move through cover. Their exarch also gets WS 5, very handy for fisting marines. They lack heavy/rapidfire weapons but they're usually moving every turn anyhow. Don't sell the little guys too short :grin:
scorpions ?
No, the other exarch that grants move through cover and infiltrate. Clearly.
lol i love that. sorry i wasn't paying attention it was a WHAT! scorpions same price of marines wtf i need more scorpions moment.

for example killing nurgles with pathfinders hitting on 2s rending on 5+
the opponent saying you need 6's.

Noooo they ignore everything.

This was previous eldar codex don't know if it stands now.
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