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Hey Heresy people :3
this is my first attempt at a home brew... ive kinda been juggling with the idea over the past few days in my head so i figured... eh why not? how bad could it be?

anyway... lets get this started

The Concept:
is hes a low cost Sargent upgarde for imperial guard (Vets or Guardsmen)

The Fluff:
At an Early age, Grake Knew he would be taken into the ranks of the Imperial Guard, his Older brother Eddy offen told him of his Service in the Guard on his trips home, and would offen teach Grake the way around his lasgun while he was at it, one day while Eddy was working on cleaning his Lasgun, a sudden idea sprung to his mind and he started to work on changing things about his be-loved Lasgun, which he had name "Bloody Mary" as he changed more he started to put foward ideas to the Guard HQ, and was addopted as an Engineer. after this day Grake never really saw his brother again, but he left him one thing to rememebr him by "Bloody Mary". as Grake started his Conscript Training his Skill and Expertise began to shine through, he had his brother, and Bloody mary to thank, Grake Quickly moved through the ranks of the Guard, but as he did he relized the disreguard for human life that Commisars would show, this Disgusted Grake to the point were he Vowed Revenge for his Fallen "Brothers"

Alright... didnt really think the Fluff through before i started... but i think it kinda makes scence :3

The Stats:
WS: 3
BS: 4*
S: 3
T: 3
W: 1
I: 3
A: 1
LD: 9*
Sv: 5+

The Special Rules:
"Bloody Mary"
This Lasgun is an advanced version which by modifying the Power of the Cell may fire with any of the Following Profiles

Profile 1:
Armor Percing
Range 12" Str 3 AP 3 Assult 2 Ignores Cover

Profile 2:
Beast Slayer
Range 24" Str 5 AP - Assult 1 Rending

Profile 3:
Horde Sweeper
Range 18" Str 3 AP - Assult 5 4 TwinLinked

Lucky Rabbits Foot
Another Momento given to him by his brother This small Cham Bestows a one time use 6+ invunrible save

If for any reason a Commisar in the same unit as Grake issues a "Summery Execution" Grake will instanly kill that Commisar, the unit Grake is in may now Reroll failed Moral tests if they wish to (inculding the failed test that caused "Summery Execution"

Watched by Unrelenting eyes
When in the same unit as a Commisar, Grakes BS counts as 3 and his Ld counts as 8, also any army that contails the special Character "Commisar Yarrick" may never include Grake Ironsight

The Point Cost:
though its probably broken i was thinking 23 points to upgrade a Vet Squad sargent, and 25 points to upgrade a Guardsment Sargent
im really open to opinions here but more then anything else i want him to be cheap :3

Anyway guys... here he is... i hope i didnt fail to badly at writing D: and any feedback (good or bad) would be appreciated :3

EDIT 1: Changed Bloody Marys Profile 3 to 4 shots only, and added titles to each profile

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i guess i could put the shots down...

still a S3 AP- 5 shot TWL gun isnt very strong... it would only really see action against eldar nids and stuff with weak toughnesses

i guess i could put it down to 4 shots >.<
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