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I'm gonna do a sanguinius conversion. I'm usin the necron decievers body, lord of change wings but I don't know what to do for his spear, head, armour(if any) or hair please help and what colour should I paint him
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Why a spear? that was only ever mentioned in the blood angels omnibus. I nevery bit of artwork I've seen he's had a sword not a spear. nightbringer is an easier body to use too. More flowing robe instead of naked legs style
ah fair enough. Sure it could be mega fancy armour :)
mephiston's sword is good and big for it. Also there are some very nice ones in the sanguinary guard box, the added size would fit well with a primarch
I have an unassembled deciever model right here( dunno why I have him to be perfectly honest haha) And holding up one sword, the one held in one hand swinging back, it goes from his neck the ball of his foot on his outstretched leg, So the sword is a decent length. IF you want even bigger you could check out the ogre kingdom models and inquisitor range of models. OR leave GW all together and search other places :)
his pointed out hand, modify it so it's holding a handle and have the sword pointing out??
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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