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I'm gonna do a sanguinius conversion. I'm usin the necron decievers body, lord of change wings but I don't know what to do for his spear, head, armour(if any) or hair please help and what colour should I paint him
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I converted Sanguinius myself ,

I used a nightbringer robes , a ravenwing sword , brenatonian pegasus wings , sanguinary guard armour and head . huron blackhearts halo thing. and a few wreathes from sm command unit

I used loads of greenstuff , greenstuffed his armour and his shoulder pads to look like the artwork in the collected visions artbook. I greenstuffed long flowing hair (becouse short hair looks wrong on sanguinius imo). I also greenstuffed fire unto his sword .

hurons halos spikes were bent at angles so it now ressembles a sun rather than a spiky rack.

Food for thought m8 gl with your conversion.
Farseer Dave
Could we possibly see this awesome sounding Sanguinius?
errm sure m8 ,

Im starting my painting blog next Friday when My m8 brings his camera to our club to take some pics , ill be sure to get some of sanguinus !

(sry to go off topic)

@ op Im not a fan of the spear becouse he didnt rly use it except according to those fail blood angel novels.. in the heresy artwork (which inspired me) he is always using a sword.

Farseer Dave
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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