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Would like to extend a warm hello to the Heresy Online community!

I've poked around the site a few times accidentally while researching various topics for several mini-novels I've written (usually between 10-13,000 words). Since I've been able to access topics that provided me with information and features such as the Space Marine name generator (which alone saved me countless hours conjuring names). I was all too happy to finally register along side to those far more enriched with lore than myself.

Over the past several months I've created three stories around Imperial Guard. Now, I've transitioned into Inquisitors to expand my hobby further.

Since my knee-high days I've collected a Necron army of over 2,100 points. Space Marines of (I believe) 1,500-1,600 points. Daemon Hunters of 1,500 to work my Space Marines into. Along with a 2,000+ Imperial Guard army. Though, they mainly spend their days collecting dust, I still purchase specific 40k units to better understand the smallest details for my writing.


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Hello calon and welcome to Heresy Online!

There are a lot of writers here on Heresy and I'm sure you'll fit right in :) We also have a fiction competition running at the moment that you may be interested in.

Enjoy your stay.
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