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I've just written 3 2500pts army lists and I dont think they are to bad for a first (3) tries. (I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes)

This one is just for the hell of it and for some fun.


Forgefather Vulkan He'stan


10 Terminator Assault
Thunder Hammer and Storm Sheild

Fast Attack

10 Vanguard Vets
Jump Packs
S Thunder Hammer
10 Storm Sheilds
9 Thunder Hammers

5 Scouts
4 Sniper
1 Missile

Heavy Support

Dozer Blade


And thats all of it

as i said its only supposed to be for fun but i think it might just be workable... What do you guys think? any major flaws and how would you use/ change it?

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30 termies is disgusting. just hope you actually have almost that many after trudging across the board.

your Vanguard Vet unit much too expensive, and your Troops choices can be easily killed.

i'd reconsider taking those section of your list.

good hunting.

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Right, firstly, Vulkan is sound but Assault Terminators need a transport. If you teleport them in they'll get shot. You walk them they get shot. You need Land Raiders for them. Also Vulkan twin-links flamers and melta which you, well, have none of. So you're not using Vulkan well at all.

I suggest ditch the Scouts and Pred and get in plenty of meltas, hammers & flamers to use Vulkan to his potential. If you don't want to do that then drop Vulkan and take a normal Captain.
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