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exactly 2k points. What I would be running if not for BA's.

HQ: 290

Vulkan He'Stan 190
Librarian Vy'se 100
w/ Avenger, Null Zone

Elites: 935

Venerable Dreadnought Ni'lhax 200
w/ Multi-Meta, Drop Pod
Assault Terminator Squad Lux 440
5 Assault Termi's w/ 3 Thunderhammer/stormshields, Laind Raider Crusader
Sternguard Veteran Squad Il'hen 295
9 Sterguards, w/ 2 Combi-Meltas, 2 Combi-Flamers, Drop Pod, Meltabombs

Troops: 700

Tactical Squad Xavnus 245
10 marines, w/ Flamer, Missile Launcher, Razorback w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon
Tactical Squad Al'vac 215
10 marines, w/ Meltagun, Multi-Meta, Rhino
Tactical Squad Pyrus 235
10 Marines, wil Meltagun, Multi-Meta, Power Fist, Drop Pod

Heavy Support: 85

1 Predator 'The Fireborn' 85
w/ Autocannon, Side sponsons w/ Heavy Bolter

Squad Xavnus will be combat squadded. Flamer Combat Squad goes in Razorback. Missile Launcher Combat Squad camps on objective. Xavnus goes with Razorback, and along with Squad Al'vac they will support 'The Fireborn' and run up the middle along with Vulkan, who is with Squad Lux in the LRR. Dreadnought Ni'lhax and Veteran Squad Il'nen (with Librarian) will Deep Strike via Drop Pod on first turn, and go for the big tanks/MC's/Hordes.

Comprehende? Fixes needed plz.

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Single Land raiders just piss me off, and it seems every Salamanders force feels they have to take them. It's 450 points that has little support from the rest of your army, is vulnerable to movement blocking and your opponent is more then happy to suicide melta against.

I think since so much of your armies threat comes in close with drop pods or land raiders the pods are pretty pointless. Sure you've stripped away a couple of transports turn 1 but your squads are right in the ideal range for most transported infantry. Since you have only a few light vehicles your opponent can pop them at long range since most lists are designed to deal with a lot more then 2 transports. Then all they have to deal with for turns 1-2 or 3 is the dreadnought the sternguard and the raider, and the raider can be delayed and then killed with focus fire, sternguard die just as easily as regular marines and footslogging tactical are hardly a threat.

What you need to do with a partial drop pod list is to kill the enemies transports and froce them to come to you in waves, but since you are bringing the majority of your threat to them anyway loss of mobility is not a devastating blow. Since the terminators can be stopped with a throwaway landspeeder or other skimmer they only have to deal with small portions of your army at a time with usually the whole of their force.

Now feeding your own army to your opponent piecemeal may delay them long enough that they don't get to your backfield tacticals swiftly enough to win may work against lowert end opponents a canny opponent will realize that after your initial drop you have very little anti tank, the dread should die and a few tactical squad MM cannot dealw ith massed mech. So they will preserve their transports during the mid game so they can eventually get to you. If the land raider is delayed this becomes even easier as they can meet that midfield and use only a fraction of their force to kill the vets and dreadnought.

So in short your list lacks synergy and doesn't work well together, throwing yourself at the enemy does not complement suicide melting and having the part of the list that is throwing itself at the enemy be the only part with real threat makes for very easy target priority and a force that is easily divided.
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