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Sado gamers

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Hello all, i have been wondering if anyone has wittnessed or heard of people playing against themselves, either in practise or just as somthing to do, i suppose i can be classed as a sado gamer as i do play against myself somtimes to kill the bordom, just the odd few models like 200pts worth or a IC against another IC. Somtime this helps me get rid of the bad dice if im rolling real crappy, i would appreicate your thoughts and oppinions on this, thanx.
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how would playing against yourself make you a sado?, unless the whole time your doing it your wearing leather or PVC and whipping yourself while calling yourself a dirty little bitch
hahaha, genius
I have been known to play with myself on occassion. :so_happy:
tried that, but ened up haveing to many fights when i accused myself of cheating..............lol
heh beat me to it so I'll have to go with

"Used to do that but got fed up coz I kept beating myself :p"
I have been known to play with myself on occassion. :so_happy:
TMI buddy Too Much Information JK :grin:

i think ive gone aginst myself once but im considering it now since i got more serious in my hobby and whould like perfect some of my tactics
I have been known to play with myself on occassion. :so_happy:
This appears to be something we are not surprised by :laugh:

I cant say I have played against myself before, only in my head.
I have been known to play with myself on occassion. :so_happy:
last time you did that though didn't you get a court order not to come within 6 miles of any schools?, or was it homes for elderly?.....or was it both?
this has been misinterpreted in most of the possilbe ways it can be misinterpreted, and as such is very entertaining.
You could try becoming schizophrenic, then you'd never be short of opponents.
You'd be better off with Acute Multiple Personality Disorder* - which is not the same as schizophrenia. Have had friends with both (unfortunately, both are also dead now - suicides).

*Not that Schizophrenia or AMPD are joking matters.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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