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Sado gamers

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Hello all, i have been wondering if anyone has wittnessed or heard of people playing against themselves, either in practise or just as somthing to do, i suppose i can be classed as a sado gamer as i do play against myself somtimes to kill the bordom, just the odd few models like 200pts worth or a IC against another IC. Somtime this helps me get rid of the bad dice if im rolling real crappy, i would appreicate your thoughts and oppinions on this, thanx.
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I do it a lot to be honest. when the redeemer first came out I proxied one and made a generic tournament army list with it vs. my tournament army list with a crusader to see which variant did better. it's a lot more effective than math hammering as that doesn't take into account range, cover, other units on the board etc. etc. if it makes me a "saddo" to practise my game before a big game then I'm sad. So is everyone who trains for sports by running or working out alone. same Principle....
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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