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Hi, long time no see Heretics :victory:

So soon*tm* I'm starting an Elysian Imperial Guard army, likely just an allied force to my Flesh Tears at first, then growing into a force in it's own right over time.
But the question is which rules are the best to use?
In the spirit of Elysians I see my self largely using aircraft with veteran squads in.
I've decided for fluff reasons nothing 'heavier' than a Chimera will be allowed (I'm using my artistic licence to say a Sky Talon can carry one), that also means Bane Wolves & Co are allowed imo.

Astra Militarum; has the benefit of the most options, their demo charges also seem a lot more powerful the IA2's, so a more powerful alpha strike. However they don't get Vultures or dedicated transport Valkyries, not a huge issue if just allies though. The books also smaller and more convenient.

IA2 Taros Campaign; Includes Vultures, Avengers (which seem pretty good as well) and dedicated Valkyrie transports. However the options are very limited. As well as being slightly older.

IA3 Anphelion Project; D99 seems a lot flashier than Elysians, with boosted stat lines, Vultures and their fancy decimation and what-have-you squads. However their standard veteran squads seem rather light on the special weapons. Although I don't think they get Vendetta's, which would leave me rather strapped for anti-tank power.

Or Codex: Militarum Tempestus; Would be more just as temporary for the allies 'phase' but they'd make a nasty unit dropping down next to some MeQs. However I highly doubt they make a decent full army given the options at their disposal.

Writing this out it sounds like Astra Militarum is the better choice, But most of the options just wouldn't cut it, and Vultures seem really good :/.

Thanks for any advice.
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