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This is a little bit of fluff that I wrote for a scenario published online for Games Workshops Specialist Games specifically for Necromunda. You can find it on their website under the title 'Chaos Gate' I don't think there is a copyright problem as I'm the author, but if there is Mods, delete it and let me know.


Paolo and Reeve staggered down the street below the dim glow of the scattered glow-globes, which threw their
shadows across the pale, plasteel pavement beneath their feet. A cold wind from the gigantic air conditioning fans
high up in the roofs of the dome blew litter around their ankles in a spiraling, random dance.
Dellers Dump was not the nicest of areas, but both Paolo and Reeve knew the walkways and buildings like the back
of there hands, since they had dodged and dived through them since they had been young. Normally, they wouldn’t
have minded walking through the area on their own, but recent events and local gossip had un-nerved them, so that
they had decided to walk home together from Delia’s Place after a night on the Wild Snake.
“Ya’ know, I ‘eard that there was nothing left of old Ridkin except a smear on the alley floor, and a smell of ozone
after that scream was heard,” Reeve said quietly to Paolo beside him, “and Higris and Spall got there in seconds
and they swear they didn’t see nothin’.”
“Yeah, its bloody weird mate, I tell ya’.” Paolo answered, looking nervously over his shoulder towards the dark
shadows behind them.
The friends carried on down the walkway, turning the corner on to Adalane Road. They immediately stopped, as
ahead of them was pitch darkness. There were no glow-globes illuminating the area; no lights spilling out of
windows or doorways to guide their footsteps. The darkness seemed physical, almost as if it was a viscous liquid
enveloping all. Paolo looked at Reeve and Reeve looked back at Paolo;
“Bugger this,” said Reeve, “Let’s cut back through Hellsump Avenue.”
The pals turned around, and walked back the way they had just come. As they approached the entrance to Hellsump
Avenue, an undulating, unearthly shriek echoed around the walls and buildings around them. Both men pressed
themselves against the nearest wall and pulled guns from their holsters.
“What the Feth was that?” said Paolo, glancing up and down the walkway, scanning and scrutinizing every dark,
shadowed niche, nervously fiddling with the handle of his autopistol.
“You don’t think it’s…like…you know…that thing that got Rid….” Reeve suddenly paused in the middle of his
reply as a scrabbling noise above them suddenly broke the quiet, whispered conversation. Both the friends looked
upwards, slowly and measured. As they examined the rooftops above them, a shadow broke away from the overall
background darkness and skittered directly towards them.
“Run!” Reeve screamed, “For Feth’s sake, run.”
Both fighters scrabbled away and ran for their lives. Looking straight ahead, fearing to look behind them for fear of
what they might see, Reeve, followed by Paolo, ran as fast as they could. They could hear the pounding of feet
behind them, interspersed with the sound of long, sharp claws scrabbling for purchase against the plasteel walkway.
Reeve suddenly turned right into an alleyway and scrambled over the rim of a dumpster.
“Come on Paolo, get in,” Reeve called to Paolo, “It’s almost on us.”
Paolo leapt up and Reeve grabbed his hand to pull him in. Suddenly, the creature that had been chasing them
rounded the corner of the alley. Reeve and Paolo looked at the creature, both frozen in fear and terror. The creature
slowly came into the small circle of light from a glow-globe above the alley. The creature was truly horrific. It
looked like some sort of terrifying hound, but this was one was not covered in cuddly fur. This one was covered in
some form of red, armoured scales; around its head was some sort of fan, tipped with vicious spines and spikes. Its
tail was tipped with what looked like a scorpion’s tail, with liquid dripping and oozing from its tip. But these were
not the most horrific attributes of the creature that the friends were noticing. What entranced them were the green,
glowing eyes and the long, brutal teeth in the creatures’ mouth.
Slowly and menacingly, it crept towards them, a deep and guttural growl coming from its throat. It did not take its
eyes from them for a moment, and the friends did not break the gaze either. It stopped about 10 feet from them,
growling and moving its tail back and forth in a hypnotic manner. Paolo and Reeve were transfixed by it, Paolo half
out of the dumpster and Reeve holding on to his arm.
Suddenly it leapt forward and Reeve let go of Paolo’s arm with a scream. The creature landed on Paolo’s’ back, and
dragged him down from the edge of the dumpster’s side. The crash of the hound into the dumpster knocked it back a
couple of feet and the raised lid fell down, putting Reeve into utter darkness.
“Aaragh…no…no…oh my God…no…ah…urgh…argh…please…no…no…please…..” came the pleading from
beyond the protective metal sides of the dumpster.
Wrapping his arms around his legs, Reeve curled up into a foetal position and sobbed and whimpered as he listened
to the events outside. Eventually the sounds died down. But Reeve did not move; he couldn’t. The sounds of his
friend and colleague being torn to pieces just a few inches from his place of sanctuary had broken his mind and he
remained there, simpering and crying until others heard the sounds and found him several hours later…

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