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Predictions Section

Rumoured Release Schedule
April 2013

General Codex Information
Author: Latest rumour says Vetock, earlier said Phil Kelly or Robin Cruddace
State: Everything is done

Nothing is troops until you unlock it with a HQ or character.
Commander in a crisis suit unlocks crisis suits as troops
Ethereal unlocks fire warriors
Shaper unlocks kroot
Demiurg commander

-Stealth armour option (XV22 as worn by Commander Shadowsun?)

Shield Generator
The shield generator functions exactly like the shadowfield for the dark eldar, 2+ until missed
Shield generator makes the model Eternal Warrior until he fails his save so ignores the first instant kill

-Increased BS
-Preferred Enemy
-Buffs to units they join

Demiurge Ancient

Kroot Master Shaper
-Minor psychic powers

XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit Team
-Completely redesigned (not just recut sprues and ankle tweaks), less boxy and including a 'morphic weapon'
-Mostly same stats but now 3 wounds
-Comes with every gun option and you can choose what weapon systems you fire every round
-Cost around 60pt per model
-Squad size max 5
-Hit and Run
-Pick 2 guns and a skill or 2 skills and a gun
-New models with interchangeable arms similar to Killa Kanz

Stealth Team
-Stealth suit mechanics may change
-Advanced scout unit similar to pathfinders

-Equal to Banshees without the scream

Fire Warrior Team
-BS increased to 4
-Firewarrior carbine to get a grenade launcher (either explosive or EMP)

Kroot Carnivore Squad
-Kroot fieldcraft rule - presumably switched to Stealth and Infiltrate USR
-Maybe minor psychic powers for Shapers or Shaper like character this is something Ghost has heard from other people and not stated directly
-Light armor saves (6+)
-Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.
-Kroot shaper might get minor psychic powers

-Equal to Banshees without the scream, might be Elite only

Dedicated Transport
Devilfish Troop Carrier
-Can no longer transport Kroot

-Can carry 15 models, 10 models and 2 battlesuits, or 5 battlesuits

Kroot specific transport

Fast Attack
Gun Drone Squadron

Pathfinder Team
-Will act as a type of Tau Commando infantry

Piranha Light Skimmer Team

Vespid Stingwings
-Assault unit

Heavy Support
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit Team
-Can take network markerlights instead of the missiles on their arms
-One markerlight can fire the seekers off one model

Sniper Drone Team

Hammerhead Gunship
-Railgun: Draws a line across the table hitting everything under it. Multiple penetration through vehicles, only stopped by a glancing hit.

Vespid Heavy unit
Heavy weapons of some sort

Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship
-Better choice of missiles
-Seeker missile S6 AP4 Blast
-Choose the missile type at the beginning of the game
-Despite the payload its main role will still be target marking.
-Seekers replenish and are no longer one use items
-Missiles always hit side armour
-Can only fire 1 seeker per round

Special Characters
Note: If rumour is true we should see the return of:
Aun'va - Master of the Undying Spirit
Aun'Shi - Blade Masters
O'Shovah - Commander Farsight
O'Shaserra - Commander Shadowsun

New Special Characters
-Demiurg Special Character

New Units
Heavy Support Platform
-Deep Striked
-Heavy Weapon and Crew
-Rail and Ion Cannon
-Missile Launcher

Kroot Transport

-Can carry 15 models, 10 models and 2 battlesuits, or 5 battlesuits

Assault Skimmer
-Size between Piranha and Hammerhead
-Open Topped (Assault Vehicle)
-Assault after Flat-Out
-Drop Troops along path (similar to Storm Raven)
-Dedicated Transport option for a new unit

Remora Drones

-Named after a snake (My bet is on Viper or Cobra)
-Has a networked marker light like item/weapon that can stack
-4 missiles
-Options for rail guns or gattling cannons
-No transport.


"Ubersuit" rumoured to be called Riptide
-Battletech/Mechwarrior sort of thing (probably Dreadknight sized), with a special 'ridiculous' ability that lets it rain down shooting if it stands still.
Looks a bit like one of the Battletech Mechs that is named after an ancient weapon.
-The Battletech Mech in question is the Warhammer IIC mech (no joke about the name.) one of the unseen mechs in the battletech universe. The suit itself is quite big, not quite dreadknight sized but it can "brace".....yes Matt Ward does play Spacemarine. The trouble is that it will be competing against Broadsides, Skyrays and Hammerheads, all of which have improved, a lot.

Demiurg have 1 HQ, 1 troop and maybe 1 else. Presumably the Elite choice mentioned elsewhere
Demiurg ancients are a thing Probably HQ, but could also be the elite unit
Possible Demiurg elite choice

Demiurg Ancients: Think of them as cranky old wise men who saw the Imperium in its infancy. They have seen the Eldar come and go, and thought it was just another decadent empire, though they normally take hundreds of years to make a decision. The tau have something special the demiurg like.
Demiurg are "equal to banshees without the scream" so presumably anti-armour close combat, or at least have that as an option. This might also be elite unit rather than the troop one, or be a unit that does both - like a kit that would let you make Boyz and Ard Boyz (or Dwarfs and Longbeards). An elite unit, but being an upgrade to a troop slot to keep out the way of the battlesuits.

Demiurg are apparently a lot less Dwarfish than the initial concepts, instead being more like little stone golems (Ozruk from WoW was mentioned)
As a tongue in cheek nod to the fate of the squats, there is a named Demiurg (who may or may not make it as a SC) who survived fighting Tyranids and personally killed a large monster by drilling his way out after being "Swallowed up by the 'Nids"
This Demiurg is aware that the Ethereals have some kind of power over the Tau (maybe other races too) but not the Demiurg, who have presumably signed up for political reasons and of their own free will

Demiurg and one other new race join the army, the latter being something bizarre or at least something we've not seen before.

They get a heavy version (in addition to the assault unit) with some sort of heavy weapons.

Kroot get an additional unit
No Knarloc riders,though perhaps something big (new WFB monster-szied) for the Kroot

Model Releases
All current metal sets to be plastic (Pathfinders, Krootox, Vespids)
4 box sets, and 4 blisters in wave 1
Demiurg plastic box
Battlesuit plastic box (maybe including sniper and broadside)
Vespid plastic box (redesign that looks much cooler)
Assault transport(?)
Plastic Barracuda

Demiurg ancient blister
New Tau SC blister

No longer bought as wargear
They are bought as a unit and then divided as you see fit at the start of the match
You can mix your drones when bought for the point cost needed
This addresses the Drone Squadrons etc as an option.

Shield Generator
-Only team leaders can take a shield generator. Functions exactly like the DE Shadowfield, 2+ invulnerable save until the first failed save at which point it ceases to work.

One Markerlight can fire the seekers off one model

4E prototypes now standard equipment for all suits.

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Tau rumours are hard to come by at the moment so when scraping the barrel I saw this, not really a reliable rumour but it brings out an interesting point. Could we have some people going to their local GWs and simply ask if it'd be a good idea to order Farsight or if the employees would recommend waiting a few months?
Puscifer said:
Just went into my local store to order a Tau Commander and Commander Farsight.

Got "advised" to wait a couple of months instead of buying them today.

Now that to me suggests one of two things...

A) New sculpts for the new Codex.

B) They are going Finecast with them.

I can't see a reason why someone would advise anyone not to buy something, unless they knew a product was getting updated.

An interesting release schedule rumour popped up today, including some 6E starter box content rumours.

DrLove42 said:
OK so I went to a comp last weekend (yesterday in fact :p).
At this I had a chat with a guy who until recently used to be a GW manager. He talked with me a bit about upcoming stuff.

Now I know this seems like the least credible source in history (better than my brothers friends sister works at a printing company though) but other people from the club he'd come from say hes usually been right about his rumours;

Next wave Necrons. Also a suprise wave of fliers (the DE Voidraven, Necron Fliers, an Ork Fightabomba and a aircraft for regular marines. Maybe stuff for other races wasn't sure)at the end of the month, with rules in WD

Next Book.- Preorder at end of may for beginning on June release

6th Ed
End of June.

6th Ed starter box
Will not be released in the traditional pre-UK games day slot, and will likely be earlier (when he didn't say)

Chaos vs DA. DA includes 5 Ravenwing, 5 Deathwing, some Tac Marines and a Deathwing Commander.

Chaos includes some chosen, a sorceror and a boatload of cultists (He did say he didn't see a Dread - which is against every other rumour thus far I think - But he did admit only seeing some of the sprues- Sorceror also opens up possibilites of those plastic Plaguebearers we've heard about before)

Will be before the box set, supposedly preorders up at the end of July.


He claimed GW are trying to release 3 codexes and the main rule book this year, in addition to another fantasy book and the hobbit stuff, so releases may seem more closely packed than we're used to

As I said, credibiltiy seems laughable, but I believed him. Maybe that makes me an idiot. We'll just to wait and see.....
Finally some new rumours, after being dead for a while we finally get a small rumour
Harry said:
we get both Tau and Eldar next year and they both come with Flyers.
Straightsilver said:
I would say Tau early 2013, and Eldar late 2013, but every time I hear about Tau I add about a year on now
Some more from Jared Van Kell, not much new but at least it's something.
Jared Van Kell said:
The Tau codex belongs to Cruddace, lets get that fact straight. That is all I am going to say on that issue.

Black Templars on the other hand was always going to be Phil Kelly's pet project. The only way Ward or Cruddace would ever get the Black Templars codex off him would be to prise the rough drafts out from his cold...dead...hands.
Unless of course they offered him the Dwarf Army Book...............(whistles innocently).

Some of these rumours [WF- In regards to rumor sumary posted up on BOLS - most of which were taken from Warseer] are spot on others not so spot on. 4 generic HQs are the Tau Commander, Tau Ethereal, Kroot Master Shaper and Demiurg Ancient. Blisters are, as far as I am aware, a new Tau Ethereal, Demiurg Ancient and 2 special character blisters.

I've also heard that the Skyray will be getting a better choice of missiles in addition to the Seeker missile which is believed to be S6 AP4 Blast, however you have to choose the missile type at the beginning of the game so you cannot mix and match. Despite the payload ts main role will still be target marking.

The Demiurg Special character is apparently the one called Iceheart.

The Battletech Mech in question is the Warhammer IIC mech (no joke about the name.) one of the unseen mechs in the battletech universe. The suit itself is quite big, not quite dreadknight sized but it can "brace".....yes Matt Ward does play Spacemarine. The trouble is that it will be competing against Broadsides, Skyrays and Hammerheads, all of which have improved, a lot.

Regarding the "HQ unlocks troops" rumour - Well from what I can understand from the mechanic is this. A particular troop type is associated with a particular HQ but in doing so confers a special ability on those troop types.

Tau Ethereal - Unlocks Tau Firewarrior teams.
Tau Fire Commander - Unlocks Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit teams.
Kroot Shaper - Unlocks Kroot Carnivore squads.
Demiurg Ancient - Unlocks Demiurg Warrior squads.

I can understand the thought process behind the mechanic from what I know of the basic fluff regarding the Tau.

However I would have thought that Firewarriors would have always remained as basic troops and an Ethereal would have unlocked Honour Guard but it seems from the snippets of info I've been able to peice together that an Ethereal confers Preferred Enemy (Everything) and BS4 on those Firewarrior squads he leads making Honour Guard redundant.

All that I can say is known about the Demiurg is that they are the Tau's main anti-MEQ unit. How effective they are I cannot say.

Actually you might be surprised. My sources and the several other rumour mongers have started indicating that Templars might actually be next followed by Tau, this is normally a sign for me that what I am hearing is correct but with recent developments such things are by no means certain.

I have however recently discovered that the Tau are in the proofreading stage of development which means that the codex is written but it has not yet quite gone to the printers. Now this means that all GW have to do is give the nod and the codex can be printed in numbers pretty quickly. All they then have to do is ramp up the advertisement, distribution and product support and we have them ready to go for our very much enjoyment.
Finally some good rumours, it's been a while but we have some interesting stuff here
It looks like Tau are set to be released right before 6th edition hits. The Demiurg are in, as is yet another undisclosed ally. also thrown in there is a small space marine bit, Dark Angels are not in the 6th edition starter box.

After last weeks bad set of rumors on Tau, I dug up what the rumor should of been. These rumors I dug up were conversations in the forums about a Tau release. These bits of rumors were all given to us Saturday and Sunday in response to the Tau are Imminent rumors. Thankfully something of substance was delivered.

So with these rumors, I can easily see that there is a codex between now and an early summer Tau release.

Please Remember that these are rumors, and to apply salt.

All the new Tau models are done; Dave Thomas worked on them for roughly 18 months and he's finished them all now.

They're just waiting for a releases slot, I don't now when that is but my guess it is has since been locked in since I found out this info.

via Harry
As you know I don't know much about 40K and so couldn't possibly shed any light on what it might be but ....
... amongst other things ... Dave has been working on something pretty big. (Helpful as always. )

Also Frgt/10 is correct in that Dave Thomas has been exclusiely on Tau for 18 months but he is not 100% correct. Whilst MOST of the models are done. My understanding is Dave Thomas still had some bits and bobs to do. (i am guessing finishing characters?)

But even so that means they could be in the next six months.
(But I am not expecting them quite this soon).

I have them for the early summer in my, constantly updated, release schedule as the release right before 6th Edition

Question asked by KarlPedder

Obviously you are free to not answer or may not know but there is only one thing I want to know how many new alien auxilaries and I don't mean new units of Vespid/Kroot I mean new species? Pretty please
OK, OK ... What I heard was ... 'The Empire is expanding to include More races' (Plural)

So that would suggest at least two "More".

Question asked by Schelle

I am not starting any rumours here, but aren't chaos coming out around the new 40k rule book, which is rumoured for release next summer.
I believe someone started a rumour a couple of months ago, cannot remember who, stating that chaos would be the first (hardback???) release for the new rulebook.
The starter set(s) are Chaos and Dark Angels.
Apparently Imperial Guard renegade armies will be a part of the Chaos release.
Once again, do not slaughter me for starting a false rumour, I am just quoting what someone else wrote a couple of months ago.
hate to burst your bubble but its not dark angels

Rogue Star said:
There were two four-armed creatures drawn up in concepts. I think the idea of a four-armed mercenary was however, nabbed for the Dark Eldar Sslyth.
More Tau rumours from Tabitha
Tabitha said:
Ethereal’s are still wet paper bags in combat BUT they are now a lot more useful. Think of the Ethereal like a Really Good Buff from a video game. It’s easily dispelled (by killing it) but until it dies it can (depending on a few things) make any number of various units better. It’s sort of like a guard CCS guy with orders, but with more flexibility. So while Ethereal’s wont be killing things, they will be making people who do kill things do it a lot better.

Fire warriors are still BS 3 yes, but there are ways to make that less sucky then it sounds. And considering your shooting a S5 rifle it really isn’t that bad anyway.

Also this: Some special characters let you take units from other FOC slots as troops. This applies mostly to elites/fast attack options which are basically infantry anyway. But you still have fire warriors and other troop options as normal.

So think of it like this: You take special alien guy Biff. Special alien guy Biffs normal alien guys are an elite option that wears heavy armor and doesn’t suck in melee. But you want to spend your elite slots on flowers. So with special alien guy biff, you can take his guys as troops. BUT if you don’t take special alien guy Biff then you can always take his guys as elites.

I wish I had more to share with all of you guys, but most of the stuff I heard about the Tau (a race I that I dislike almost everything about; Kroot however are awesome) came up in conversation whilst I was chatting with one of my friends across the pond about Sisters, an army I am actually interested in. When I speak with him again I will ask more about them, though to be honest I don’t really know anyone who really collects tau, nor do I collect tau myself, so I am not really sure what to ask.
Some more Tau rumours
akblu7p said:
Rumors of what I have been hearing are as follows (and i’ve heard it from multiple sources):

1) Kroot HQ is in the works!
2) Kroot to get own transport (devilfish will no longer beable to transport Kroot)
3) Kroot will get light armor saves (6+)
4) Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.
5) Firewarrior carbine to get a grenade launcher (either explosive or EMP)
6) Vespids to get reworked
7) Vespids to get a Heavy unit
8) Firewarrior BS changed to 4
9) Crisis suits will get “hit and run” ability
10) Various changes to Firewarrior equipment
11) Various changes to Crisis suit equipment
12) New Prototypes
13) 4th edition prototypes will be changed to “standard” equipment for all suits
14) All HQ’s can act as a commander
15) New type of “Heavy” battlesuit (new prototype of the broadside)
16) Stealth suits will be changed to a advanced scout unit similar to pathfinders
17) Pathfinders will be changed to act as a type of Tau Commando infantry
Small compilation of the most recent rumours regarding the Tau
Stinger989 said:
Some new info about the upcoming tau, again this is just rumours so take as you will.

HQ choices are used to unlock units for troops, so a commander in a crisis suit unlocks crisis suits as troops, an etheral unlocks fire warriors, shaper unlocks kroot, demiurg commander for demiurg as troops.

crisis suits-
mostly same stats but now 3 wounds
come with every gun option and you can choose what weapon systems you fire every round. cost (land speeder + extra HB) per model, squad size max 5

can take network markerlights instead of the missiles on their arms
more later.

Via Ghosts of War
I can vouche for Stinger as we were at Adepticon this weekend together.

Also a few things it looks like he missed.

Only the commander can take a shield generator. The shield generator functions exactly like the shadowfield for the dark eldar. 2+ until missed

Drones are no longer bought as wargear. They are bought as a unit and then divided as you see fit that the start of the match. You can mix your drones when bought for the point cost needed. This addresses the Drone Squadrens etc as an option.

So you could see who your playing and decided if your shield drones are needed more on the crisis or the broadsides.

One markerlight can fire the seekers off one model. Seekers replentish and are no longer one use items. = Skyrays will be the new WIN (only able to fire one model a round.. so no chain firing tons of missiles off a skyray)

He is right, nothing is troops until you unlock it with a HQ or character.

I was a bit stunned to hear the above, and if it wasnt from the same source as the Grey Knight rumors that Stinger had.. I would have called BS. But I would bank on it.

Tau = the death of MECH
Stinger989 said:
Lol thanks gow I was gonna slowly release more but that works too. Another small part added to the shield generator is it makes the model eternal warrior until he fails his save so ignores the first instant kill. Only the team leader can take it though

Yes skyrays will be the new god tank as missiles always hit side armor so mech will be a very hard army to fight with against tau.

More to come as I get some games in against the new book.

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Updated with all the new stuff I could find, if I missed something please let me know.
Send me a pm with a link to the missing information.

Ranty ranter!
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Demiurg were refuted by several of the more reliable rumormongers since last fall, I'd have expected you to migrate them out by now. They are certainly one of the oldest rumours, but only recently have they been dismissed.

Additional rumors: Remora Drone codex entry. (I do not personally believe this as I am sure we're only getting 1 flyer and that is the Barracuda - however, I could imagine GW writing the Remora into the codex and not release a plastic kit, leaving 2 fliers in the book but just 1 kit.)

EDIT: And I find it impossible that they would release a stand-alone Krootox kit. Unless they made Krootox very powerful they wouldn't shift them on their lives. If they do make Krootox in plastic, they are making a completely re-worked Kroot box altogether, complete with hounds and krootox. And no, they'd never make Krootox finecast short of a stopgap solution just because of the amount of material bulk that goes into one.

Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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EDIT: And I find it impossible that they would release a stand-alone Krootox kit. Unless they made Krootox very powerful they wouldn't shift them on their lives. If they do make Krootox in plastic, they are making a completely re-worked Kroot box altogether, complete with hounds and krootox. And no, they'd never make Krootox finecast short of a stopgap solution just because of the amount of material bulk that goes into one.
Whats the amount of materials used to produce a kit got to do with anything? GW has put large models into Finecast before:






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Hence, I said: "as anything but a stopgap". That means "temporary solution".

Everything you linked is either a stop gap (great unclean one) a very niche specialty item (Bjorn, Canis) or not as big as a Krootox (Grotesque and Fiend)

Nobody would ever pay 380 NOK for a Krootox (the price point of Canis and Bjorn) hence my point. A Krootox is not a special character, and costs a whopping 50-60 points. My guess is a refurbished Kroot kit with 1 Krootox per 15 Kroot and 2 Hounds. That would be a neat little wonderbox.

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I think you are wrong.

It is a given fact that GW are slowly going through every line for the armies of their core games and transferring every pewter model into finecast. Since it is easier and cheaper for them I expect this to happen over the next few years. Whether this applies to the specialist games I don't know however.

Heck I reckon in 5 years time we might be in the minority since we could remember a time when we used pewter models. Man that makes me feel old thinking about it.

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Hence, I said: "as anything but a stopgap". That means "temporary solution".
I have to agree with Stephen and Jacobite on this one. GW have made some strange decisions in their time, but finecast krootox would barely register on the "bad idea" radar.

I do agree however, that a complete kroot box-set would be an excellent idea. Cant see it happening though, as it would reduce profit potential - sell one product at an increased price, or split it to sell two for a higher total cost, but apparent cheapness individually.

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Gotta say that for the most part I like what I'm hearing. Certainly having more of the Elite, Fast and Heavy units in plastic would be good to see. Though I have to admit I'm a little torn on new Battlesuits models. On the one hand the Suits were ugly and at times a pain to assemble, especially if they're your first army but at the same time they're so iconic for the Tau. I remember the first time I saw a Tau Battlesuit, it was the moment I knew that would be my first 40k army.

But the Special Issue gear and the XV22 Suit becoming mainstays is good to see. It rightfully shows that the Tau have been perfecting their technologies.

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I hope the broadside is a plastic kit, because the railguns in the finecast upgrade are always bent. They are a pain to get staight and make them match.

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Well time for some updates! Tau playtest rumours from Faeit212:

The Latest in Tau Rumors: Kroot Monsters and Walkers

I received this late last night, and it gives us some insight on Tau playtesting that is going on at the moment. Everything from a Tau Dreadknight type walker to a new Kroot Huge Monster is here.

Please remember that these are playtest rumors.

via the Faeit 212 inbox
I have been seeing a lot of play testing for the tau empire and have seen some new models as well. They look so new and epic it makes me really excited. Now I did my hands on some rules and names for units, If you are to pass these on then PLEASE send it to only reliable rumour sites.

I will start with the new sky ray orbital blast ability. From what I can remember on top of my head is that the sky ray has to forgo his full turn of shooting for a single unlimited range blast that is:

strength X AP 3 (wound on 2+,plasma corrosion, blast)
plasma corrosion - any enemy model hit under the blast rolls a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game on a roll of 1-3 the unit or model suffers d6 strength 4 AP5 hits. On a roll of 4-5 the unit suffers 2d6 strength 5 AP 4 hits. On a roll of a 6 the unit is hit with 2d6 strength 6 AP 2 hits with the blind special rule. (these are test rules and subject to change)

Tau fire warriors will have the OPTION to upgrade their tau fire warriors to bs 4 (I put option in bold to show it is an option for all those fluffy players)
I believe the upgrade at the moment is being called 'advance training'

battle suits are getting/got new models but have the same profile as now with the inclusion of an option to make them toughness 5 (cost or name is unknown)

The kroot is getting a HUGE monster that looks like something from fantasy. It has kroot riding it but is under going constant rule changes due to either dying to quickly or for lack of usage. From what I remember seeing it has 5 wounds but only a 5+ save and was over priced IMO.

kroot gain furious charge and move through cover and start with a 6+ save that can be upgraded to 5+ with shaper for an additional 2pts per model (making them 8pts per model) - remember this could change!

finally their is options to make all your battle suits have 2+ saves for 20pts per model - all war gear that is in the current codex has been reduced slightly.

the tau dread knight walker rumours you have read are 100% TRUE - I have seen the concept art/profile and from the top of my memory it is something like this.

4 4 6 8 4 2 4 8 2+/4+

I will not share rules because they were on the next page of document of which I did not see. I did see the points which were : 210pts

note the points were highlighted in red marker which means they are subject to change at next play testing.

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T8? Ya, I'm calling BS on that. More then half of Faeit rumors are wrong, espically when it comes to stats and rules.

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Yeah, call me cynical but I dismissed this rumour when I read ' seeing a lot of play testing'....:grin:

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T8? Ya, I'm calling BS on that. More then half of Faeit rumors are wrong, espically when it comes to stats and rules.
Faeit is just a rumour-mongerer like me, only with people who send stuff into him (I have to scrounge instead), so it's less that he's wrong and more that the information he's coming across or is being given is wrong. It's no more off then when I repost stuff that's wrong.

Anyhoo, more stuff from Faeit212:

More Tau Rules: Wargear and the Krootox Giant

Even more Tau playtest rumors have come across my desk late in the night, and I thought I would get these out right away. There is a small line or two that I removed, and it seemed to indicate that a deadline of sorts was very near or already had arrived for playtesting material.

Please remember that these are playtesting rumors. Playtesting gives us insight to what is being worked on, but not exact details in how things will look in the codex once released.

via the Faeit 212 inbox
War gear:
Gatling ion blaster: 30'' S:6 AP:3 Assault:3
plasma storm blaster: 40'' S:9 AP:1 Assault:1 (lance,system failure,implosion)

lance: rulebook

system failure: If you score a glancing or a penetrating hit on a roll of a 6 you cause a system failure in the enemy tank/flyer. The tank/flyer cannot move or shoot for the remainder of the turn. The tank/flyer controlling player must roll a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game, on a roll of 1 the tank/flyer has a system failure again and may not shoot or move again.

implosion: if you score a explosion on a tank/flyer then it explodes 2d6 inches instead of the normal d6.

The new big kroot model is actually the krootox giant, from what I have been told fluff points to the tau making the krootox genetics being advance and in doing this increasing the size, strength and toughness.

the krootox giant has the following rules and stats - these I believe will change as we have had much discussions upon this unit and cannot be certain if it is powerful enough for a competitive environment.

Krootox Giant: WS BS S T W I A LD SV
6 3 8 6 4 1 5 7 4+

Special rules: Smash, monstrous creature, rage,mental without control, move through cover,fleet

mental without control: If your krootox giant loses his krootox rider then the Giant must pass a leadership test every turn otherwise will attack the closest enemy unit. If the Giant cannot reach a target then it misses it next turn while it cools down.

this unit at the moment costs : 200pts & can upgrade it's armour save to 3+ with a piece of war gear from the kroot armoury

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No one calling BS on way way OP sky ray, and I'm a blood angels player so something must be dodgy if I call it op, and 210 pts for dreadknighty thing? Unless it can bitchslap literally everything in game I won't be taking that

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Just popped up today over on Bell of Lost Souls....the orbital bombardment gets mentioned again to boot!

40K RUMORS: Tau Empire

Word is the blue fishmen are inching closer to completion. Here's the latest set of whispered rules.

via Stickmonkey

Caveat: Many of these are said to be "in process". Don't look for *exact match* rules to survive to the printed codex.


Crisis Suits: Look for more posable new models. Unit keeps its high level of customization, with several upgrades to stat lines possible. New flakk missile pods. New combi-kit includes Broadside parts.

Stealth Suits: Models unchanged. Have stealth, (obviously), plus optional drone granting shrouding.

Sky Ray: Last edition's trainwreck gets a new lease on life. Flakk missiles, plus has orbital bombardment (much like SM version, but with a lingering effect).

Fire Warriors: Same nasty gun. Still BS:3, but with a Shas'O can upgrade unit to BS:4.

Drones: Any drone can be used for Look Out Sir rolls for any model in the unit they are attached to.

Markerlights: A single hit increases BS of all other units targeting the victim by +1. Multiple markerlights have no additional effects. OUCH - look out for possible BS:5, Fire Warrior volleys now! Markerlights improve snapfire against marked flyers to 5+ instead of 6, but must first hit the flyer with a 6 themselves.

Networked Markerlights: A longer range twin linked version. Vehicles only.

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Am I the only one who thought "King Kong" at the Krootox Giant?

I must say, some of these rumours sound improbable, but others sound quite legit. Either way, only time will tell...

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sounds nice, except for stealth suits and markerlights.
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