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News Section
Grey Knights are out so I wish to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. Next one will be up shortly so look forwards to what GW might bring us next, is it Necrons, Sisters or Tau? In that order?

Here are two pictures from the GK codex of the Jokaero and Crowe.

Alessander brings us some interesting news.
3rd party Silver Compass Designs is coming out with a multiple sets of laser-engraved/cut tokens compatible for play with the new Grey Knights. Here's a preview of some of them:

(click here for a bigger pic with detail).

SCD has a patent-pending process of laser-engraving a 3D image into the back of a plexiglass token, so you can easily color/paint the engravings yourself to match your army color scheme. The 1" wide tokens are supplied with the engravings unpainted. SCD should have the tokens available on their website later this month.
Grey Knight pre-orders are up and can be found on GWs website
Grey Knight Codex : £17.50

Power Armoured Grey Knights : £20.50

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins : £27.70

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight : £33

Been a while since I posted some news so it feels good to finally get some :D
Was told the Black Boxes that are hitting GW stores this week should contain Codex, Plastic Terminators, Plastic PAGK (not sure about this one) and the Dread Knight.
The Grey Knight first wave should contain the following
The First wave has been confirmed!

Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP

Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set -£20.50 RRp

Can be built as;

* A Grey Knight Squad
* Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)
* Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.
* Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70

(Paladins are two wounded ws5 terminators with apothecaries)

Lord Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP

(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)

Castellan Crowe – £10.25

(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)

Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP

An awesome space monkey!
Here are some pictures of a built Stormraven, looks exactly like I was expecting it to do. I will be getting atleast 1.

Stormraven Sprue pics are out. As expected there are GK heraldry on it.

It seems we will be seeing the Grey Knights this April. You can find this article on GWs website right now.
If you dont want to register this is pretty much what it says
Games Workshop said:
This April Games Workshop releases Codex: Grey Knights, alongside a comprehensive range of fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures. Although details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, you can expect an exciting selection of plastic kits to enable you to build your own Grey Knights army.

Over the coming weeks we'll be releasing more details both here on the Games Workshop website and also in the pages of White Dwarf - to ensure you're the first to get the news, make sure you subscribe to the Games Workshop newsletter and keep an eye on the What's New Today blog.
Some news at last, its been 3 months since the last news post and this time its something very juicy. The Stormraven model infact! Earlier today the following text and picture could be found on GW's website but it was quickly pulled down. Im putting this in the news section because since it was on GW's website I cant really call it a rumour.
Anyways here is what was on GWs website. Ive marked an interesting bit in red, so if we get Skaven 2nd wave in Jan does this mean BA 2nd wave in Feb? or will we get it in Jan as well simply because the Feb WD will be released late Jan? Only time will tell I suppose, if GK were released in Feb as well then I guess the Stormraven could be a huge seller for them as well.

Over the next few pages, we will be taking a look at how to paint the Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship, including how to weather the vehicle and paint the interior detail. A great addition and centrepiece model for any Blood Angels army, this will be an invaluable guide to help you get the most from this fantastic kit.

Death from Above
The Stormraven Gunship is an incredibly versatile craft, able to fulfill the roll of orbital dropship, armoured transport and strike aircraft in a way that few, or indeed any, ships could hope to match. The Stormraven ensures that the Blood Angels remain undisputed masters of the skies, as dominant in the air as their troops are on the ground. Smaller and nimbler than the more cumbersome Thunderhawk Gunships, the Stormraven's compact hull and vectored thrusters enable it to operate at maximum efficiency in all but the densest terrain. A Stormraven can often be seen hurtling straight into the heart of the enemy forces, unleashing its considerable arsenal in a terrifying display of firepower, before disgorging a squad, Dreadnought, or even both, into the thick of the fighting.

On the tabletop
With its potent firepower, speed and transport capacity, the uses of a Stormraven on the battlefield are myriad, but its role of choice is as an unparalleled assault vehicle. With a huge variety of weapon options, and no less than four tank-busting Bloodstrike Missiles, both enemy infantry and vehicles alike fear drawing the attention of its guns. A transport capacity of 12 combined with the ability to safely carry a Dreadnought to battle as well certainly proves the Stormraven to be a transport vehicle of the very finest quality. This unique combination of speed, firepower and transport capacity means that a Stormraven can support any tactical preference, so there is always a place for it in any Blood Angels army.

Nick: A Stormraven will be the focal point of your army, so it's well worth giving it a lot of attention when painting it. These techniques can effectively be applied to any other vehicles in your Blood Angels army too, so keep this in mind and you will have a great looking fleet of vehicles in no time. I painted this Stormraven to match the battleforce that I painted for the Blood Angels army workshop in February 2011's White Dwarf; it's part of the 3rd Company, in keeping with the rest of the models. As a personal touch, I've weathered the model to appear heavily battle worn, but if you wish to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, skip page 6 and you'll have an immaculate vehicle, fresh as if at the beginning of a campaign.
Thanks to Tomalock for this juicy bit of information.

Just noticed that Arco Flagellants 6 unit box has been removed from GWs webshop, have no idea when this happened but it seems they have been reduced to blisters as well.

I will be going to Games Day UK this year. Im going to try and gather as much info Im able to about GK and SoB, Im sure the new DE models will be on display there as well so if possible I will be bringing you guys some pictures of them (if you are allowed to photograph).

I just got an adoptable as well. Allot of people have joined the forum trying to give me rep, this does not work because you need a certain amount of posts before you can give rep. So I decided to get an adoptable. If you like this thread just click it. Its called Gluttony and can be found in my signature.
I just saw a post about Stormtroopers gone missing on GWs website. I checked it and they have indeed been removed from the Troops section in the Daemonhunter army section. Only a Sergeant with Plasma pistol remains but Im sure he will get removed soon as well. They can now be found in the IG Elite section, not sure if they have always been there though.
I also noticed they were not in the WH troop section, I cant remember if they used to be there. I know they are a troop choice for Inquisitorial WH armies but dont remember if they were in the troop section on gws webpage. If you know please send me a pm.

This got me wondering. If they were in the Troops section of the WH but are now removed could this point towards a combined codex? Basically a GK and SoB combined codex?
GK in themselves is a very small army with very few choices but Im sure they could expand upon that but this has got me thinking that maybe the SoB will be in it as well since they are also not a very large army. If you remove all the Inquisitorial and Ecclesiarchy models from the WH codex you get very few choices indeed.
Top this of with the guy who said he thinks the GK will be getting a walker similar to the matrix APU which happens to look allot like the Ecclesiarchys Penitent Engine. Are we looking at a combined codex or am I simply rambling?

Let me know what you guys think :crazy:

The Witch Hunter codex and Daemonhunter codex are now available for download. Its the 3ed codicies with no updates as far as I can tell.
Daemonhunter Codex available here.
Witch Hunter Codex available here

It seems some of the Sisters of Battle blisters and boxes have gone up in price, even though they were excluded from the price increase list.
Does this mean new models are further away from completion that first speculated? Dont know if GK have had a price increase yet though.
Azezel said:
I have no idea what it means, but some Sisters of Battle models have had a price increase (which wasn't supposed to be the case according to the official list of prices hiked in the last... er, price hike).

The Three Sister Blister has gone from £9 to £10.50 and most Sisters superior have gone from £7 to £7.50.

The Exorcist has gone from £30 to £35 and heavy weapons have also gone up, but Special Weapons and the Immolator seem to have stayed the same price.
I just called GW and this is true, the codicies will be available for download from the GW website.
I tried to milk for rumours but he couldnt tell me anything. I guess this is bad news as it might mean we wont see GK this year.
Oh yeah, I did ask him if this meant that the armies were being abandoned and he said and I quote "We as a model company will never abandon an army range"...Im looking at you Squats, Im looking at you...
callred just posted some interesting news on this site.
callred said:
appologies if re-post but seen new white dwarf today in local GW and in the news section it states that the Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters codexs are going to be available in full in PDF format on the main GW site
not new codex but the old ones - so does this mean august as release time seems unlikely?
Is this good or bad news for the Forces of the Inquisition?
I have not received my copy of WD yet so I dont know if this is true but it has been mentioned on other sites that this might happen.
So what does this mean exactly? Im not sure tbh, they have discontinued some of the box sets (seraphim5, battlesister10, repentia10 etc) but it has been believed that this is due to the creation of new plastic models. Will the PDF codicies be straight up copies of the books or will there be slight tweaks in it? Like the Allies rule being removed for instance?
If this is done in preparation for the release of the new GK/Inquisition codex I could understand them putting up the WH codex as PDF with some slight tweaks to the rules as mentioned above.
So why are they putting up both codicies on the website? Does it mean the codicies are far from being completed and they want people to have access to the rules at least?

Wrote an "angry" email to GW about wanting my money back because WH and DH are being discontinued,
this of course was just a way to try and milk them for information and it worked :D
Games Workshop said:
Hi there

Daemonhunters and Witchhunters are not being discontinued. The codexes and a number of products have been removed from the range as we are looking to do a new Inquisitorial codex at some point in the near future.

I would recommend keeping an eye on the website and in White Dwarf for developments on this product.

I hope this helps.

5 PAGK Troop box no longer avaible on the EU sites, still avaible on Canadian, US and Oz sites.
It seems PAGK Justicar and Psycannon blisters are 10% off in Australia, I cant however confirm this because when I try it actually adds 10% to the price.

Called GW today to ask about the PAGK box getting taken off the site, got to speak to a person Ive been in contact with quite a fiew times earlier.

Q. What is up with the PAGK getting taken off the site?
A. The current range of models is being discontinued atm.
Q. Discontinued? Does that mean they are abandoning the armies or that new codicies are on the way?
A. I highly doubt they would discontinue the range and to the other answer I really cant answer.
Q. Because you dont know or because youre not allowed to tell?
A. Because Im not allowed to tell ;)
Q. Why were there no missions for either SoB or GK in the missions book?
A. Corporate Answer : Because at the end of the day its an awsome addition to the tabletop game and you can use the SM ones and IG ones for them with inducted units.
Personal Answer : I dont know, maby it would give away too much of what might be comming ;)
Q. Do you think they are redoing the range?
A. They very well might be, if you look at the advances in plastics they have come a long way compared to what they used to be like. Take a look at the new Venerable dread for instance, its very much what a GK dred would look like and it wouldnt take much conversion work to turn one into a GK dred.
It has taken GW a very long time to redo the ranges but what they have come out with has been really good. Allot of people have been waiting for a remake of the GK for a very long time and GW might very well be redoing the ranges. If you just wait a bit longer Im sure you will really happy within the year or next.

Wrote an email to GW about WH/DH, this is their response.

Games Workshop said:
We have removed a number of the Sisters of Battle models as there will
be a new Iquisitorial book coming out at some point in the future and we
need make sure that we remove some items well in advance in order to
satisfy our customers who won't want to buy existing models if new one's
are then brought out.

I hope this helps.
Start hearing rumours about a summer-autumn release for a new Sisters of Battle Codex

5x Seraphim Squad : Gone from GW webshops except US, Canadian and Australian
10x Sister Repentia : Gone from GW webshops except US, Canadian and Australian
Called GW : Was told they are now discontinued and they wont be restocking them.
10x Sisters of Battle box is gone from Australian webshop.
DH and WH codexes are gone from USA, Canada and Australian webshop.
10x Sister of Battle box was gone from the US webshop but is now back and on sale.

Deamon Hunter Codex : Gone from GW webshops except US, Canadian and Australian
Witch Hunter Codex : Gone from GW webshops except US, Canadian and Australian
10x Sisters of Battle box : Gone from GW webshops except US, Canadian and Australian

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Rumours Section

Rumours Section
Here is a compiled list of questions and things from the Grey Knight codex. Thanks to everyone who provided information, DakkaDakka, BOLS.

GK Compilation
Castellan Crowe
Is NOT an Independent Character

Can you put Psycannons on any type of Dreadnought?
No, but if you take an Assault Cannon and get psybolts it will have the exact same stats.

Do you need to field an Inquisitor to be able to field an Assassin? Can you field more than 1 Assassin?
No you do not need to field an Inquisitor and yes you can field more than 1 but just not of the same type.

Fast Attack
Is the Stormraven the only Fast Attack?
No, there are Interceptor squads.
Interceptors DO move as Jump Infantry

Psyk-out Grenades
Daemons and Psykers strike at I1

Rad Grenades
-1 Toughness, does affect victims instant death threshold

Blind Grenades
Defensive Grenades

Psychotroke Grenades
On the round that the model with the grenades assaults or is assaulted roll on some funky table:
1 - Nothing
2 - Enemies get only 1 Attack and are hit automatically.
3 - Re-roll misses in close combat.
4 - Enemy is at I1.
5 - Reduce Ld to 2.
6 - Each model in the unit makes an I test. If it fails, it attacks its own unit that round.

Ranged Weapons
Template, S6 AP4 Assault 1

Range 24" S4 AP- Heavy 6 Always wounds Daemons on 4+ unless it'd normally be better.

Range 24" S7 AP4 Heavy 4 Rending or Range 24" S7 AP4 Assault 2 Rending

Needle pistol
S3 wounds on 2+, AP2

36" s6 ap3 heavy 1 rending

Condemnor Boltgun
24" S5 Assault 1, any psyker hit suffers perils of the warp (it's the stake crossbow thing)

Close Combat
All Nemesis Weapons have Daemonbane
Any Psyker or Daemon that took an unsaved wound from a Nemesis Force Weapon (any kind) must take a Leadership test at the end of the Assault phase. If failed, the model is removed from play.

Nemesis Force Sword
Force Weapon, +1 Inv in Close Combat

Nemesis Force Haldberd
+2Initiative, Force Weapon

Pair of Nemesis Falchions
+1 Attack, Force Weapon

Nemesis Warding Stave
2+ Invulnerable in Close Combat, Force Weapon

Nemesis Daemonhammer
Thunder Hammer, Force Weapon

Scythian Venom Talon
+2 poison

Roll 2x2d6 at the start of the game and you gain both those powers if you get the same result you may pick any other power.

2-3: +3 to S
4: +3 attacks
5: No Armour Saves
6: Each time you cause a unsaved wound you gain one for your wounds back this can not go over the starting wounds
7: wounds daemon on a 2+ and daemons must reroll pass inv saves
8: Gains Furious Charge and Rage
9: Gains Feel no Pain and Eternal Warrior
10: Poison attacks 2+
11-12 Mastery level + 1 and the sword is now a Force Weapon

Null Rod
Power weapon that causes Instant Death to Psykers

Psybolt Ammunition
+1S to Storm bolters, Heavy bolters, Assault Cannons, Autocannons
Psyflame Ammunition
+1S to Flamers, Heavy Flamers, and Flamestorm Cannons

Brotherhood banner
All models in the unit gain +1 attack and count as passing their leadership test automaticaly to activate their nemesis force weapons. (this still counts towards your psycic power though, for instance if you use hammerhand you cant use force weapon)

Orbital Strike Relay
Can fire an orbital bombardment with one of the following profiles:
S6 AP4 Heavy 3 Large Blast Ordnance
S10 AP1 Heavy 1 Large Blast Ordnance. Entire template counts as the center hole.
S6 AP4 Heavy 1 Large Blast Ordnance. Causes immediate Perils of the Warp on psykers hit.

Empyrean Brain Mines
Chose one enemy in base contact, that model must pass an Initiative test. If failed they can not attack that assault phase.

Servo Skulls
Deploy each Servo Skull before deploying the army. Skulls can't be deployed inside the enemy deployment zone.
Enemy units may not Infiltrate or Scout within 12" of a Skull.
Friendly units scatter D6" less when Deep Striking within 12" of a Skull.
Blast weapons that target an enemy unit within 12" of a skull scatter D6" less.
A Servo Skull can not be shot or assaulted, but if an enemy unit moves within 6" of them, it will retreat and is removed from the battlefield.
It can not move and is just a marker, no kill points are awarded for removing it from play.

Wearer and Unit gains Ballistic Skill 10 if shooting at a psyker or squad with psyker

Ulumeatni Plasma Syphonplasma
Models firing plasma weapons (plasma pistols, guns and cannons) within 12" use bs1

Vehicle Weapons
Heavy Incinerator
S6 AP 4 Heavy 1, Flamer*
*Fires like a Hellhound: up to 12 inches away.

Gatling Psilencer
Gattling Psilencer - Range 24" S5 AP- Heavy 12 Always wounds Daemons on a 4+ unless it'd normally be better

Heavy Psycannon
Range 24" S7 AP4 Heavy 1 Large Blast Rending

Psi-Strike Missiles
S4 AP5, Blast, Causes Perils of the Warp on any Psyker touched by template

Close Combat
Nemesis Daemon Hammer
Thunder Hammer, Force Weapon, strike at Initiative order

Nemesis Greatsword
Reroll 1 miss, wound and armour pen

Nemesis Doomfist
DCCW, Force Weapon

Vehicle Upgrades
Reinforced Aegis Armour
-4Ld for the purpose of enemy Psykic tests 12" around the dreadnought

Warp Stabilisation Field
Allows the Librarian to Summon the vehicle, counts as moving flat out

Truesilver armour
S6 hit on Daemons or psykers for each hit they make on the vehicle

Psykic Powers
Most have a 6" range
Same as in C:SM

Unit strikes at I10

The Shrouding
Unit gains Stealth

Units trying to assault treat all terrain as difficult and dangerous

Warp Rift
Template, Assault 1, take Initiative test, failed take a wound with no save. Vehicles take 1penetrating hit.

Might of Titan
+1S and +1D6 for vehicle pen

The Summoning
Same as C:SM

Vortex of Doom
12" S10 AP1, Heavy 1 Blast

Grey Knights
+1S in CC, applied before other modifiers so powerfists would be S10

Heroic Sacrifice
When killed make 1 CC attack, if it hits target is also removed from play.

Psychic Communion
+1 or -1 ti reserve rolls

Astral Aim
Can shoot units not in Line of Sight but they get 4+ cover save

Cleansing Flame
Enemy units locked in same combat takes a wound on 4+ with armour saves allowed

12" S5 AP-, Assault 1, Large Blast

Warp Quake
Deep Strike wargear that reduce scatter dont work within 12", if enemy unit deepstrikes within 12" they get Deep Strike mishap

Negates Shaken and Stunned results

Some more rumours from Blood of Kittens
Blood of Kittens said:
* Nemesis Ward Staff can be only bought for one Grey Knight per squad. So that means only one will be able to take one of those mean wounds.
* Unlike reported before by me and others GKT do not get Storms Shields (with very few exceptions). That means you are stuck with sucky +5 invul saves on termies. What you do get instead is all nemesis force weapons grant a +1 to all invul saves in assault. That means +4 saves in close combat.
* A full man unit of Paladins average around 600-800 for 10 of them. So don’t expect to spam many of them.
* Add to that the Paladin Captain that makes them troops is the most expensive model in the codex over the cost of a Land Raider.
* Sadly the Dread Knight MC thingy cannot be put in a Stormraven.
* The worst change that I hinted at back when I first reported the rumors last year. The whole Teleporting Grey Knight once per game thing is for the Grey Knight squads in the Fast Attack slot. That means those guys and the Stormraven are your only FA choices in the entire codex. Normal GKs will not be able to teleport in the game.
Here is a rumoured statline for the Nemesis Dread Knight, together with other info posted elsewhere we should now have a pretty complete look at it, still no idea what the weapon stats are though.
It's a Monstrous Creature with lots of wounds, high strength, high toughness and a 2+ save as well as a 4+ invulnerable save.

You can clearly see 3 weapon options:

Heavy Psycannon: Str 7 AP 4 36" Heavy 6?, Rending
Heavy Incinerator: Str 6 AP 4 Template, Rending, Fires Like Inferno Cannon
Nemesis Force Weapon: ?

Nemesis Dreadknight: 130 Points
WS 5 BS 4 S 7 T 7 W 4 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 2+/4++

Wargear: Heavy Psycannon, Heavy Incinerator, 2 close combat weapons.
Options: Personal Teleporter +75 Points (Unit can move as though they have a jump pack. Once per game, the unit may move 30", but may not assault afterwards.)
Special Rules: Monstrous Creature, Deepstrike, Psychic Mastery 1 (an use 1 psychic power per turn for each level)
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand (+1 strength in Close Combat), Holocaust (S5 AP - Large Blast 12")
From what has been posted elsewhere when judging the pictures these weapons have popped up:
Heavy Incinerators : 30pt
Gatling Psilencer
Heavy Psycannon : 40pt
Nemesis Daemon hammer
Nemesis greatsword
Personal Teleporter : 75pt

If anyone knows the stats and points costs of the missing ones please let me know, also anyone know what a Psilencer is? Something that makes psykers unable to cast spells? or wound them more easily?

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Rumours Section 2
More rumours abound :D
I. True Grit is NOT a rule. HOWEVER, if I remember, the armoury entry for GK armour and Stormbolters said that Stormbolters work as pistols for the purpose of calculating an extra CC attack. I'll check when I get a look at the wargear section again.

II. Daemonhosts:
-Stats: 3 3 4 4 1 3 1 8 -
-Fearsome Claws and Runic Chains (CC weapons)
-Warp Shield : 5+ Invul Save
-Daemonic Power: Roll a d6 on the start of each of YOUR turns, all Daemonhosts in your unit gain one of the following until your next turn unless otherwise stated:
-1: Re-Knit Host Form - Feel No Pain
-2 Warp Grasp: No Armour saves against Daemonhost's CC attacks
-3 Daemonic Speed: Fleet & I10
-4 Warp Strength: Strength 6
-5 Energy Torrent: Shooting attack: 24" S4 AP3 Assault 1, Blast
-6 Unholy Gaze: Shooting Attack: 24" S8 AP- Assault 1

III. Supreme Grandmaster Lord Kaldor Draigo (You will address him as such or no questions answered for you! tongue.gif)
-He's your GK Mephiston
-He has a Storm Shield and Storm Bolter, yes. And lots of other things.
I. Grand Master Mordrak
-6 6 4 4 4 5 4 10 2+
-He has the usual GM equipment plus a MC Daemonhammer (The bigger, nastier version)
-Usual GM rules
-First to the Fray: If he deploys via Deepstrike, he and his unit arrive first turn and does not scatter
-Ghostly Bodyguard: These be Ghost Knights. They count as Terminators (Regular, not Paladin) but have Stealth, one unit only. Mordrak acts as an upgrade character for them until such point as they are all dead. If Mordrak suffers an unsaved wound, at the end of the phase roll a d3. If the result is equal to or greater than his remaining wounds a Ghost Knight appears. You place it in coherent with him and it counts as part of his unit. Default wargear, no upgrades. Placed in B2B contact with the enemy unit Modrak is fighting or within 1" of him otherwise. If you don't have a GK on hand, or there's no room, they don't materialize. It's possible to materialize mid assault apparently, and if the GK does, he can make an attack if the wound was caused by an attack of I5 or higher. If not, he just appears. If Mordrak dies, the Ghost Knights go bye bye.

^ Long rule isn't it? And I left out all the fluff.

-Ghost Knights ARE 32 points per. And they can be upgraded.

-Did you mean Purgation or Purifier Squads Hero? Purgation = Artillery GKs, Purifiers = Vet GKs

-GKSS costs 100 points base, 20 points per GK, and comes with a Justicar.


Edit: Warp Stabilization Field negates Perils on Vehicles I believe. Like I said, when I get a look on the Wargear section i'll let you all know. Have Faith in your Commissar eh?
I. As far as I know, Nemesis Weapons ARE power weapons. Make of that what you will.
II. Psycannons are what you said, I believe, but I think its H3, not H4.
III. Marmande.. Lots of Questions.
-Thawn has a Halberd
-Purifiers are WS 4. The only difference between them and GKSS is that they have The Cleansing Flame, +1A, +1Ld and can take free Incinerators and Psilencers (Though GKSS can take Psilencers for free too) Oh and they get Halberds at +2 points instead of +5
-Purgation Squads are BS 4.
-Deathcult Assassins are WS5 I6 and are 15 points.
-Covered the Libby's stats already
-Inquisitors have LOTS of varied options, too many to list but i'll list some notables (THIS IS NOT ALL OF THEM, so don't get all worried if I don't mention a Nemesis weapon or such)
I. Malleus: Combi-Weapons, Hellrifles, Daemonblade, Artificer Armour, Termi Armour, Psyker upgrade
II. Hereticus: Combi-Weapons, Inferno Pistol, Condemner Bolt Gun, Null Rod, Arty Armour, Psyocculum, Psyker upgrade
III. Xenos: Combi-Weapons, Needle Pistol, Scythian Venom Talon, Ulumeathl Plasma Syphon, Rad & Psychostroke Nades, Psyker Upgrade, Arty Armour

-Coteaz is S4. Master Crafted Daemonhammer, and various special rules
-Crusaders do not have Power Armour. WS4 I3
-Eversor does not blow up anymore.
-Brotherhood Banner - Not sure as of now, i'll check
One other user asked:
Yes, Purifiers.

Here's a rundown of points I have collected so far (all from Rumors of course).
Confirmation on these will be awesome:

- 175 for GM, 150 for BC, 150 for Librarian Lv.2/200 for Lv.3, 100 for Champion
- 100 for 5x GKSS w/ Justicar, 20ppm for each one additional, 20pts for Psycannon and 10 for each Incinerator for every 5 guys in the squad.
- 100 for 5x Purgation Squad w/ Justicar that comes with Incinerators
- 275 for Supreme Grandmaster Lord Kaldor Draigo, 200 for Mardock, Stern's cost??, 200 for Castallen.
- Paladins are 55pts starting base, Terminators are 40pts base.
Where Ciaphar answered:
IV. Your points on the HQs are correct, Hero
-Swap the Psycannon and Incinerator costs on the GKSS though your right on that otherwise
-Purgation Squads: Yessir. Though technically they come armed as GKSS squads, but can take Incinerators for free.
-275 for the Supreme Grand Master, 200, for Mordrak, 200 for Stern, & 150 for Castellan Crowe
-Yes for Paladins. Also, the Apothecary is a 75 point UPGRADE, meaning you have to buy the Paladin THEN upgrade him
-Purifiers are 120 points base, 24 per new model.
-Yes, Terminators get access to all of that (incinerators and psycannons)
-Yes, Dreadknights are the only ones with teleporters outside of GKSS
-Techmarines, no other powers, but he does get some other fancy stuff: Conversion Beamer, Servo Skulls, Nemesis Weapons, Orbital Strike Relay, Psybolt ammo, fancy nades and more
-Brotherhood of Psykers: A Grey Knight unit can use one psychic power each turn. They count as a single psyker and follow all the normal rules as such with the following clarifications:
I. GK unit uses the leadership of the Justicar or Knight of Flame if he is alive, otherwise, uses the unit's LD. They may never use the LD of an Independent character for Psychic Tests
II. If the GK suffers a Perils of the Warp or any other attack that specifically targets psykers, it's resolved against the Justicar or Knight of Flame. If he's not alive, a random non-character model in the unit.
-That's all Mystics do i'm afraid. Though you don't scatter when you go within 6" of them
-Grand Master Mordrak's Fluff:
I. Only survivor of the Fortress world of Mortain after a Red Corsairs attack
II. Was traumatized and saw "visions" of his dead brothers
III. Under attack at Ralindri, he was left crippled and alone after a teleporter malfunction. Daemons attack "Chilling wall of Silvered Steel" appears around him and proceeds to beat Daemon face. He survives
IV. On the Bloodplains of Bellos III he saw the apparitions and discovered them to be his dead brothers from Mortain. They urge him to hunt down various Daemonic incursions
V. He feels the only way to free them is to kill Huron Blackheart who's apparently got a fleet and force to rival the Traitor Legions
VI. Mordrak's new mission is to shove his foot up Huron's arse.
Someone asked
Wait, so Psyannons are only 10 pts on GKSS and Incinerators are 20? Did I misread that? If that's the case then the free Incinerators on the Purgation squads would result in free Psycannons.
Great info on everything else.

I would assume all Terminators/Paladins/GKSS and Purifier squads follow the same weapon layout. This meaning: For every 5 models, take a special weapon such as Incinerator and Psycannon.
This would also mean that Paladins have access to 2 Warding Staves if you take a full unit of 10.

As for unit limits, I'm assuming 5-10 for GKSS and Purifier squads, 5-10 for Purgation squads, 1-10 for Paladins, 5-10 for Terminators. Confirm?
Take it with a grain of salt man, you don't have to believe me. Hell, I don't expect you too. I'm just trying to be as helpful as I can. I take everything with a grain of salt and i've seen the thing. No harm in doing that, I recommend it for any rumors you encounter, be they mine or someone else's.

-Yes Hero, Psycannons are 10 and Incinerators are 20. You still have to pay for the Psycannons on Purgation Squads though.
-Same Weapon layout yes. But Nemesis Weapons work different. They're not every 5 models, for them it's ANY model.
-Yes you are correct for the unit limits.
The Knight of Flame is the Purifier Justicar, yes. Purgation Squads don't get a cool leader name, i'm afraid.

-Angelust - I covered all of that already, i'm not sure if there's a round up for what i've said so far somewhere or anything. No harm in asking though, so don't let anyone brow beat ya.

-GK fluff. Yes I have a bit I can share. As for their Origins, well.. Let's just say that their geneseed is of a... Traitorous Fusion...? Hehehe. Suffice to say you're welcome to guess all of you, and if you get it, i'll confirm it. But this is just too good for me to outright say.. Heh.
-They seem to be the Guardians of a boatload of hidden Chaos stuff within Segmentum Solar and the Sol System. It almost seems like the Emperor is one of those guys you see on American Pickers but for Chaos junk, and he keeps it all on his front lawn. Poor Grey Knights have to keep it all locked up.

EDIT: Purgation Squads are +10 for Psilencers, +20 for Psycannons
-Paladins and Terminators are every 5 for the Incinerator, Psycannon, and Psilencer
-Warding Staves count as NEMESIS weapons and thus follow the "ANY model" heading.
-Daemonbane is some sorta super anti-Chaos upgrade. I want to say it lets you re-roll to hit and wound against daemons but let me check before you all run off screaming into the night.
Malleus inquisitors can take psycannons
-Mordrak and Draigo do have The Grand Strategy
-Psycannons and Incinerators do not ignore Invuls as far as I know. Psybolt ammo seems to, though.
-No vehicles/walkers have access to Psycannons, Incinerators, and their ilk, outside of the Dreadknight which is a Monstrous Creature anyways.
-Dreadknight Options: (135 pt Base)
-Heavy Psycannon - 40
-Gatling Psilencer - 35
-Heavy Incinerator - 30
-Nemesis Daemonhammer - 10
-Nemesis Greatsword - 25
-Personal Teleporter - 75
-Also, Dreadknight Armour: 2+/4++
-Dreads(115 pts)/Ven Dreads (175 pts): Weapons are the same as they've ever been for a Space Marine Dreadnought. Fancy GK vehicle upgrades including Psybolt and Psyflame ammo.

Now even a Commissar must slumber. Think upon what I have told you, my brothers, and come with new questions. Oh and by the way Lord Karamazov I Got A Fancy High Chair is in, in case you were wondering.

QUOTE (Commissar Ciaphas Cain @ Feb 13 2011, 11:48 AM) *
-No vehicles/walkers have access to Psycannons, Incinerators, and their ilk, outside of the Dreadknight which is a Monstrous Creature anyways.

I. Yes, the Weaponsmiths are the Jokaero. Keep in mind they're in the Inquisitor's Warband and nowhere in their entry does it mention that they work with the Grey Knights themselves. I think it's a nod at the Ordo Xenos inclusion. You should hear their rules though, hoo boy!

II. I've seen some none blurred pictures, yeah. Some of that new artwork is impressive! And the Dreadknight box art is sweeeeet. You guys will really like it, it's the most bad ass Exo-Suit this side of Terra.

III. I'll get back to you guys on the Wargear stuff the next time I take a look. Orbital Strike Relay calls down a single Orbital Bombardment, I believe.

IV. Sadly, yes, the GM, BC, and Libby come with a 5++ Invul as is Terminator Standard. They can take Warding Staves though. The GM and BC have Psychic Communion and Hammerhands, and no, they can't customize their powers.

V. They come with Nemesis Force Swords as standard. If you want the Halberd and so on, you's got to pay up!

VI. Also, the Brotherhood Champion is an HQ too that no one seems to care about. Poor guys. I still love you and Castellan Crowe too!

VII. The Turbo-Penetrator acts exactly how it sounds like with Sniper. Scary, innit?

VIII. Warding Staves are a generic 2++ as far as I know. And no, outside of the Crusader type Henchman, there be no Storm Shields. Guess they wanted to leave that to the regular SMs.

IX. I'm actually kind of confused what the purpose of a Brother Captain is to be honest. He's only 25 points cheaper than the Grand Master and he doesn't even have the awesomeness that's The Grand Strategy that the GMs have.

X. Purifier Squads, I know no one asked, but they're so boss. My standard troop type thanks to His Awesomeness Castellan Crowe.

XI. Costs: GM = 175. BC = 150. Libby = 150. Brotherhood Champ = 100 (For Arty Armour and weapons of awesome!)

-Paladin Terminators are basically super elite badasses. When a GK thinks he can be a bad ass, he embarks on an eight step quest to become a Paladin, involving spending a day and night in some super evil cavern in Mount Anarch, go test his will against some super evil book, kill a Herald of each of the four Chaos Gods, kick the ass of one of the 666 super daemons and more. Then he goes and joins the Paladins in the Hall of Champions and bodyguards the Grandmasters and Apothecaries.
-GKs are organized into various Brotherhoods, each with a BC and his bodyguard called the Brotherhood Champion. I can't be sure until I get another look at it, but it almost seems as if the GKs can be called in if any of the Ordos are having too many problems. SEEMS though, I have to check.
-It seems to be a mix of pick and called. The GKs can go drop the hammer wherever they think they need to, but if the Inquisition calls, they've gotta go be Bros and back em up.
-Jokaeros and Daemonhosts work with INQUISITORS not necessarily the GKs. I guess if they have to work with them they view it as a necessary evil?

XII. And yes, the Cullexus lost the aura and the ability.

EDIT: Also, as scary as Paladins are, they do cost an arm and a leg. And a kidney. Basically you become Iron-Hand Straken if you want an army of them.

Castellan Garran Crowe
-Head and Brotherhood Champion of the Purifier Order
-Wielder of The Blade of Antwyr, a super daemon sword that not only attracts heretics and daemons like flies, but tries to corrupt and possess the wielder, thus it was entrusted to the Purifiers to keep safe. Crowe is the only one with the fortitude to keep it under control.
-Stats: 8 4 4 4 2 6 * 10 2+
-150 pts
-The reason for the * on his A slot is because he has the same "The Perfect Warrior" ability that Brotherhood Champs have
-Artificer Armour; Frak, Krak, and Psyk-Out Nades, Storm Bolter; Iron Halo
-The Blade of Antwyr: Close Combat Weapon, but the turn his unit GETS assaulted they gain Furious Charge and re-roll all failed to hit rolls for that Assault Phase
-Master Swordsman: His CC attacks are Rending and Rend on a 4+
-All the rules a regular Broterhood Champ has
-Purifiers are TROOPS with Castellan Crowe

Purifiers are awesome because for +4 points over a PAGK they gain an extra attack and LD point. And access to The Cleansing Flame psychic power. Oh and Incinerators are free for them.

The Grand Strategy is the ability of the Grand Master to give one of four special rules to D3 units (Infantry, Jump Infantry, MCs, or Walkers, NOT Inquis. Warbands, ICs, or Modrak's Ghost Knights). The rules are:
-Hammer of Righteousness: Nominated unit re-rolls to wound rolls of 1 for the duration of the game
-Shield of Blades: Target unit gets Counter Attack
-Spear of Light: Target unit gets Scouts
-Unyielding Anvil: Target unit gains Scoring

Brother-Captain Stern
-Stern is NOT a Mephiston like beast. The idea makes me chuckle. He is good though.
-Standard Brother Captain Statline & Equipment
-Strands of Fate: Stern can reroll one to hit, to wound, or saving throw die PER PHASE. However, for every one you chose to roll, your enemy can reroll one of his own later in the game.
-Zone of Banishment: Psychic Power used in the assault phase in place of his CC attacks. ALL models within 6" (Friendly and enemy, and himself!) must take a Strength test. Those that fail are dragged into the Warp AKA removed from play. Daemons must reroll successful saves.

More and more rumours each day now, it seems we are entering that sweet spot just before a new codex release when people are slowly starting to share what they know. At the end of this month or start of the next we should have hearing from the first people with the actual codex in hand.
Until there here is a little bit of info from Bolter and Chainsword

Nemesis Weapons, as far as I know are Force Weapons. HOWEVER, because of how Brotherhood of Psykers works (A unit casts a psychic power as a singular entity) I believe this means that only one weapon can become a Force Weapon per turn (If you so choose to use it over Hammerhands), and the rest are power weapons. Still, nothing to sneeze at.

-Nemesis Halberd: +1 Initiative
-Nemesis Daemonhammer: +1 Strength
-Nemesis Falchions: Force Lightning Claws
-Nemesis Warding Stave: Power weapon that conveys a 2++ Invulnerable save. (I know. Madness.) They\'re 25-20 points per depending on the squad.
-Daemonhammer - This entry confuses me. There\'s both a Nemesis Daemonhammer and a regular Daemonhammer, but as far as I know, this one is a Thunderhammer with Daemonbane.

Psyk-Out grenades reduce morale of the unit they attack, I believe, but that one is the one i\'m the most unsure on.
Commissar Ciaphas Cain at B&C ended up answering a whole bunch of my questions, clearing up a lot of little details that were vague.
Commissar Ciaphas Cain said:
-Dreadknight comes with (And this is how you know Ward did it) two Nemesis Doomfists as default.

-Grey Knight Strike Squad Options:
-For every five:
-Psilencer (Free!)

-All the Nemesis weapons (Any model!)
-Various point costs

-Psybolt Ammo
-Personal Teleporters
-Justicar can MC any of his weapons

-Henchmen, upon further examination don't take up a FoC slot but you MUST have an Inquisitor to get a Warband (One warband for each Inquisitor you have). And there's no limitations, so yes you might see Daemonhost, an Arco, and a Mystic in one group.

-Assassins DO take up an Elite slot.

-Librarian can take all of the powers and can be upgraded to Mastery Level 3 allowing him to cast 3 per turn. Also, he comes default in Terminator Armour. AND can take all of the various Nemesis weapons.

-Thawn, no, but he is Mastery Level 2. Not sure why, as Hammerhands is the only power outside of I Shall Not Yield that he has.

Also, before I list this, if I'm over the line at all, PLEASE tell me so I can remove what's necessary not to get my butt kicked.

-Valeria has a LOOOOOT of equipment. Here it is:
-She's an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
-Also, Stubborn
-Stats: 4 4 3 3 3 4 3(5) 10 3+
-Power Armour; Frag, Krak, & Psyk-Out Nades; Laspistol
-Graviton Pistol: Range: 12" Strength: 10 AP: 1 Type: Pistol, One Shot
-Jacked it from an Alien Weaponsmith in the Ultima Segmentum apparently.
-Runes of Destiny: ALL (Armour or invul) Successful saves against her shooting or CC attacks must be rerolled.
-Eldar Runes she's taken over her career, but she ain't got no wraithbone batteries to make em work at full power
-Dagger of Midnight: Grants +2A (Included in profile) that MUST be rolled with different colored dice (Or separate I suppose) because if she rolls doubles with them, the attacks hit her instead.
-Stole this from an Eldar Pirate's corpse. Apparently the dagger is "controlled by a rebellious and bloodthirsty intelligence". Please perform an "Oogedy boogedy boo" after reading that.
-Hyperstone Maze: Can be used once per game in lieu of her CC attacks. Must be directed towards a character or MC in B2B contact. Target must roll a d6 and roll equal to or below their remaining wounds or be "trapped in the maze forever" AKA removed from play.
-Multi-faceted emerald that leads to a spooky sub-dimension, apparently
-Forceshield: 4+ Invul save
-Hand-mounted forcefield thingy.

Also, randomly enough, they can take Ordo Xenos inquisitors. Weird.

-And yes, VenDreads are the only ones with Reinforced Aegis

Edit: Justicars are in. True Grit is out as far as RULE goes, but I think Stormbolters count as pistols for them anyway.
Commissar Ciaphas Cain said:
Vindicare Info:

-Move Through Cover, Fleet, Infiltrate, Fearless, Uncanny Reflexes (4+ Invul)
-Deadshot: In Soviet Russia, Vindicare shoots you. Kidding, the Vindicare's player picks who he hits, not the opposing player.
-Blind Grenades
-Exitus Pistol: 12" S: X AP:1 Pistol, Sniper
-Exitus Rifle: 36" S:X AP: 1 Sniper, Heavy 1
-Rounds: Must Declare which round before rolling to hit
-Hellfire: 2+ to wound
-Shieldbreaker: Takes no damage, but PERMANENTLY removes Invul saves granted by items or wargeat
-Turbo-Penetrator: Inflicts 2 wounds on any non-vehicle model wounded. Has penetration of 4D6 against vehicles!
Commissar Ciaphas Cain' said:
I Shall Not Yield! only works on Thawn, sorry.

As for the other assassins:

-Neuro Gauntlet: Counts as Lightning Claw
-Frenzon: Gain d6 attacks on the turn they charge instead of 1
-Furious Charge
-Executioner Pistol: 12" S4 AP2 Pistol, Poisoned (2+)

-C'Tan Phase Blade: Power Weapon. Instant Death against unsaved wounds regardless of Toughness
-Neural Shredder: Template S8 AP 1 Pistol Hits are resolved against Leadership not Toughness. Can't hurt vehicles.
-Polymorphine: When the assassin arrives from reserve, choose an enemy unit. Chosen unit immediately takes D6 S4 AP 2 hits. Then the assassin is placed anywhere within 3" using Deepstrike rules but does not scatter.
-Hit and Run & Stealth

-Psyk-Out Nades, Psyocculum (<- Not actually sure what that does)
-Animus Speculum: 12" S5 AP1 Assault 2. For every psyker within 12" of the assassin, add 2+ to the Speculum's assault value
-Etherium: Any unit wishing to shoot or use a psychic power on the Cullexus must pass an LD test on 3d6 (Vehicles count as LD10). If the test is failed they can't target the assassin but can target others.
Commissar Ciaphas said:
-Jaon on Dakka Dakka: Assassins can be taken in any of the 3 elite slots, but each is UNIQUE thus only one per TYPE of assassin.

Grandmaster: 6 6 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+

Brother Captain is the same minus a BS point.

Libbies, see GM stat line -1 WS -2 BS -1W -1I -1A

What, no one cares about the Brotherhood Champion? For shame!

BC and GM can take Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls (Up to 3), Blind Grenades, meltabombs, digi weapons, psybolt ammo, empyraen brain mines, psychostroke or rad grenades, and an Orbital Strike Relay. Oh and MC weapons. And all three are alll in Termi armour.

EDIT: Fluff questions! You're my hero. I'll answer the Dreadknight one for Brevity's sake, I'll answer the others later, if you guys come up with a list.

No one knows where they come from, be it Xenos or Dark Age of Technology stuff. The GKs basically refuse to say and tell everyone to F off who asks where they came from. They're basically used as Jes said on Warseer, to go toe to toe with big nasties like Daemon Princes and such. And apparently this thing is super hard to master so that's why we don't see more.
Blood of Kittens has come out with a rumour today, who the fabled writer of codex Grey Knight is.
TastyTaste from Blood of Kittens said:
Yeah I know it has been hinted elsewhere, but just want to throw a confirmation to what many of you already know.

As always just give credit where credit comes. Magic Marker and have fun!
Matt Ward
We have the worlds first pictures of the new Grey Knights as well as the much talked about Dreadknight, all thank's to our local gamer girl Katie Drake.
Give her some rep for these awesome pics, a little blurry but they are good enough to give a general impression imo.

Okay everybody, sorry for the rather significant delay. Won't go into details as I'm sure nobody cares anyway.

Now before anyone bitches about quality, realize that these photos were taken by a webcam... of images on an iPad or something. So yes, they're blurry. Yes, they're the only ones available so deal with it.


Hope everyone enjoys. :)

Oh and to all the people who said I was making it up and lying... go fuck yourselves. :)
More rumours abound today, some compiled by BOLS and some from the podcast The Overlords featuring our very own Dagmire, enjoy.

The Overlords podcast, Episode 34 has the GK rumours
They mention:
Inquisitorial Henchmen consists of
Death Cult Assassin
Inquisitorial Servitor
Jokaero Weaponsmith
Warrior Acolyte
Squats (most likely a joke)

It seems the Warrior Acolytes can be customized with allot of different gear, everything from bolters, lasguns (hot-shot perhaps?) to plasma weapons and the like.

BigRed at Bell of Lost Souls said:
Unit Breakdown
Special Characters:
Lord "Draigo" LR cost.
Grand Master "Mordrack" Storm Raven Cost
Brother Captain Stern
Castellan Crowe

Inquisitor Corteaz
Inquisitor Karamazov
Inquisitor Valeria

Grand Master
Brother Captain
Brotherhood Champion
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Purifier Squad
Venerable Dreadnought
Paladin Squad
Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband

Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn
Grey Knights Strike Squad (the regular GK's)



Heavy Support
Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight (MC)
Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)

Unit Notes
Grand Master Rumors
Pick D3 units during deployment and giving them a special rule:
Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
Makes them have counter attack USR.
Makes them Scout
All these units are affected by the one choice.

No Drop Pods
But GK strike squads are supposed to be able to take personal teleporters. This makes them jump infantry. And once per game it is rumored to allow them to make a 30" move, just move... not a on table deep strike. they Can shoot when they do this, but not charge.

Paladins: 2 wounded terminators (they can have an apothecary in the squad)

Purifiers: Grey Knights that have a lot of anti horde options, they are the ones with the power that will do a wound on every engaged enemy model in cc on 4+.

Terminators equipped with frag and krak grenades.

Psychic Powers
Hammer Hand: +1 strength in Close Combat
Warp Quake: Any deepstriking unit that lands within 12" suffers automatic mishap.
Holocaust: S5 AP - Large Blast 12"
Quicksilver: Unit becomes Initiative 10
Warp-Rift: Template that auto removes models from play
The Summoning: A single friendly unit that is anywhere on the table is placed within 6" of the librarian and counts as deepstriking.
Smite: As C:SM
Might of Titan: Beginning of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand.
The Shrouding: Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" gain stealth (minimum 5+ cover in the open).
Mind Blades: Start of any assault phase. One enemy unit within 6" loses 1 toughness for the rest of the assault phase.
Vortex of Doom: As C:SM
Sanctury: Enemy assault phase. Enemy units wishing to assault any Grey Knight within 12" of librarian must make a difficult AND dangerous terrain test.
Psychic Communion (Grandmaster and Captain only): Take a psychic test. If passed, you may modify any reserve rolls by + or -1.
Heroic Sacrafice (Champion only): During any assault phase and when the "chaplain" dies. If the psychic test is passed, make one attack against any one model that is in base to base with the champion. If the attack hits, the model is removed as a casualty with no saves. If it misses, there is no effect.
Cleansing Flame (Purifiers only): Start of any assault phase. All enemy models that are part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck with saving throws allowed. Casualties count towards combat resolution.
Astral Aim (Purgation Squad only): Shooting Phase. Unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range and regardless of line of sight. Target automatically gets a 4+ cover save that cannot be modified.
Reconstruction (techmarines only): Beginning of techmarine's movement. Re-roll any repair roll.
Fortitude (Vehicle only): At the start of Grey Knight player's turn, removes any shaken or stunned results.
Zone of Banishment(Captain Stern only): During Stern's assault phase. All models (friend and foe, but NOT stern) within 6" make a strength test or are removed from play. Demons must re-roll successful tests.
More rumours from our very own Dagmire
Dagmire said:
Librarian psychic powers
Warp Rift
Might of titan
The Shrouding
Mind blades
Vortex of doom
The Summoning

Has master crafted MM an MC Powersword. Frag/krack/psyk-out and Rad nades + orbital strike relay

4 4 5 5 4 4 3 10 2+

Dread Reputation: units within 12' re-roll moral and pinning tests
By any means necessary: you can choose to play the blast over a friendly model. If you do so the shot does not scatter

Jokaero Weaponsmith
4 3 2 3 1 3 * 8 -
War gear: Digital wpn
Defence orb: 5++

Jokaero ingienuity:Digi wpns can fire as either LC, MM or HF. all models in the unit must fire the same (think chaos oblits)

If a unit contains 1 or more then you roll on chart and can get teh following

wpn max range increased by 12'
+1 to armour
all shots are rending
5++ to all in unit

Assassins are fleet now

Grand Master Mordrack
200 points
6 6 4 4 4 5 4 10 2+
this is the guy that comes with ghosts as his body guard.
Deep stikes like drop pods do, first turn landings ect
and give teh D3 dice rolls to improve units
Marshal Augustine said:
Brotherhood Champion:
74441*10 2+
Infantry, Character
Artificer, Frag, Krack, Iron Halo, storm bolter
Anointed Blade: Nemesis Force Sword, re roll failed wounds.

Titans Herald: AKA Litanies of Hate.

* The perfect Warrior (instead of an attack value, makes special cc attack ability):
Sword Storm: Makes one A on each model in B2B.
Blade Shield: Does not attack, but re roll failed saves.
Rapier Strike: Makes D3 Attacks (+1 if charged) at I10 but must be against an IC or MC.

Heroic Sacrifice

100pts Base
Digital Weapons 5pts
Empyriean Mines 10pts
Psybolt ammo 5pts

Regarding Dagmires post about Grand Master Mordrack
him and his squad will DS with NO scatter.
Stats are accurate.

Stealth for the Ghost Knights. (one wounded terminators)

Roll D3 for each unsaved wound he suffers. If = or greater than his remaining wounds, another knight shows up and joins the unit.
32pts per ghost minimum of 1 and max 10

Can have Nemesis Force Halberds for free, or nemesis deamon hammers for free.
Falchions for +5 per model.
Nemesis Warding Stave.
Psybolt ammo
Any model may make any weapon Master Crafted at +10.
Brotherhood banner +25.

Castellan Crowe makes purifier squads troops.

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Rumours Section 3
Seems the rumour mill has really started pouring out stuff :D
Warrior acolyte:

replace laspistol and chainsword with one of...
bolt gun
storm bolter
hot shot lasgun
combi weapon
power sword/or plasma pistol
storm shield
power fist

Any can have....
power armor
It's rumour time!
Marshal Augustine said:
Ok where to start?

I have not heard or seen anything relating to weapons/wargear yet. So no dice on that one.

The assassins have one singular "fluff" entry, that states their generic rules... 6+ FNP, Dodge Save etc... and then one page with the rules for each one (i think) stating wargear and rules. I do not believe they take up a slot.

Inquisitors are about the cost of a current GK.

Nemesis force weapons ( I have no idea)... units are armed with nemesis swords. And units can upgrade any models to have force halberds at xpoints. the Halberd I believe adds 1 Initiative.

No libby dread. But all GK vehicles are phykers... their go to power is to "cure" shaken or stunned at the start of a GK turn.

t7 w4 2+sv/ 4+inv with lots of weapon upgrades including the heavy psycannon and super incinerator.
Dreadknight cost of vendetta:
MC, Dreadknight armour as armour (deepstrike 2+sv/4++) So im assuming he is a buffed up terminator Mephyston style. Can be given a personal teleporter (making him jump infantry and move up to 30" once per game for about the cost of a Dark Angel Land Speeder Typhoon)..
S7 WS 5
3A and 2 CC.

No restrictions of that nature when it comes to the henchmen.

The unit is 3-12 and does not take up an elite.
ArcoFlagelant - FNP, CCwpn
Banisher- Can take eviscerator, units of deamons within 6" of him re roll succesful inv saves (ala nullzone)
Crusader- PW, SShield
Deamonhost- Lots of crazy stuff. No time to elaborate now.
DeathcultAssassin- 5+ invul, 2 PW.
Servitor- cheap, come with HB or MMelta for free. Can upgrade to PC (up to 3) will mindlock if no inquisitor is present.
WeaponSmith- Mini obliterator ( can pick, lascannon, mmelta, hflamer) Also adds bonus to the unit roll d6 add +1 for each after first.
1- no effect
2- +12" to the range of all guns
3- armoursaves improved by one
4- all shooting weapons are rending.
5- all models gain 5+ invul
6- "the works" roll twice on the table, apply both results. No result can be taken twice.
Mystic- basically a living teleport homer.
Psyker- power is the blast weapon power form the IG PBS.
WarriorAcolyte- guardsman grunt.

The inquisitors are one statline. The different options are just wargear and upgrades that fit their role.

No wargear rules.

Special rules

Combat Squads
Aegis (units targeted by powers, enemy psyker at -1ld for test) Units within 12" of a GK dreadnought targetted by powers psyker is at -4 "reinforced aegis"

44441418 3+ at 1/5 of 100pts each.
44441429 terminator armour. 200pts for 5...
Paladins are Ws5
No shrouding. As far as I know... but now GK's can have rhinos and razorbacks.
No stormtroopers as far as I know.
Well for the base cost of 100pts you get 4 GK and a justicar. 2A and Ld9.
Basic Power is Hammerhand (+1 str in cc)
Also have warp quake. Any deepstriking unit that ends up within 12" of any GK strike unit will mishap. Also makes enemy teleport homers and beacons stop working.
Paladins 55pts
apoth + 75. min squad size of 1.
GhostKnights are also in. (terminators with stealth that are upgrade retinue for one of the special characters, his rules are fun, for every wound he takes another terminator is added to the squad to "protect" him hehe.
IMO a 20pts space marine with a storm bolter (and whatever the force weapon is) is aweseome! and a lot cheaper than they used to be...
Perils of the Warp : The GK psyker rule states that the justicar is the one to take the hit. If not then one randomly determined member does. anything that targets psykers specifically.
1. Any army-wide GK special rules?
2. What's the stat-line of an inquisitor?
3. How is the anti-tank looking in this codex?
- Combat Squads
- The Aegis
- Psyker Pilots
- Brotherhood of psykers
- Psyker Mastery Levels
- Preferred Enemy Deamons
2. 443334310 4+ Stubborn, IC. (25pts)
3. So far i don't know... other than the inquisitorial henchmen mobs, and the dreadnoughts/landraiders/stormravens. Squad based AT seems limited.

Yes, paladins are indeed 2 wounded terminator armour greyknights. With allocation (thanks to wargear) they will be a tough unit... and for +15 points over a regular terminator! yes please... and the grand master can make them scoring oh yes!.
No gizmos to re roll saves... although there are these "brotherhood banners" for units.. so who knows maybe a re roll all ones a la spacewolf?
Paladin Options:
Force Halberds
Nemesis Deamon Hammers
Pair of Nemesis Falcions
Nemesis Warding Stave
Banner of Brotherhood
Entire unit can have psybolt ammunition
Any model can make any weapon Master Crafted at +5 pts per weapon.

Ok time for more:
GK psypowers:
Smite- See C:SM

Quicksilver- Begining of own movement. Unit within 6" gains I 10 till end of turn.

Warp-Rift- Flamer Template JOTWW

Might of Titan- Beggining of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand (yes, that means that S6 2D6 armour pen GK's is a go!..)

The Shrouding- Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" benefit from stealth. And have 6+ cover even if in the open (so 5+ in the open and 3+ in most other cases)

Mind Blades- Start of any assault phase. Pick enemy unit within 6", they loose 1 toughness for the remainder of the assault.

Vortex of Doom- see C:SM

Sanctuary- Any enemy assault phase. Enemy units assaulting any GK unit within 12" of the librarian treat all terrain (including open ground) and difficult and dangerous terrain.

The Summoning- Librarian movement. Pick a friendly non vehicle unit. Place them within 6" of the librarian using the DS rules.

oh wait, more you say!:

Librarian (mastery level 2) 150pts Can upgrade to level 3 for +50: each level is number of powers you can use per turn.
Each purchased power is +5 pts, but he comes with hammerhand for free.

GK Grand Master Powers (level1)
Psychic communion - take test, if successfull GK player can modify reserve rolls by +1 or -1 and you can choose to modify after each roll.

Brother Captain (level 1)

Brotherhood Champion (level 1)
Heroic Sacrifice- during either players assault phase, when the "chaplain" is taken off as a casualty. Is passed, make one attack against any one model that he was in B2B with. If the attack hits, the model is also removed as a casualty with no saves... if the attack misses then no effect. Remember he is WS 7...


Strike Squads-
Warp Quake- Start of GK movement phase, lasts till GK start of next movement. All enemy teleport homers stop working, any enemy unit that deep strikes within 12" of the strike squad will suffer a mishap.

Purgation Squads-
Astral Aim- Shooting Phase, unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range regardless of LOS. Target automatically gains 4+ cover that can't be modified.

Holocaust- 12" Str5 Ap- Large Blast

Purifier Squad:
Cleansing Flame- Start of the assault in any player turn. All enemy -models- that are a part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck. Casualties count towards combat resolution.

Techmarine (mastery 1)
Reconstruction- Start of TM movement, may re roll any repair roll.

Fortitude- if passed (at start of GK turn) Nullifies any shaken stunned results.


Fortitude (see rhino)

Land Raiders-
Fortitude (ibid)

Storm Raven same...

Brother Captain Stern Level 2:
Zone of Banishment: During his assault phase. All models friend and foe, within D6" (not stern), must take a strength test or be dragged into the warp... deamons re roll successful tests. These casualties do not count towards combat.

Castellan Crowe Level 1:
Heroic Sacrifice
Cleansing Flame

Inquisitors are not psykers.

Inquisitor Corteaz (100pts) Mastery 2:
Mind Blades

There, thats all I have.

What happens when a vehicle gets peril? : glancing hit.
As far as I know no bonuses. But there might be some crazy wargear... then again I dont have any info on the gear.
No storm shields that I know of.

Holocaust. And hammerhand (holocaust is s5 large blast at 12" weapon).

also, almost entire army has preferred enemy "deamons"

Storm Raven is 5pts more than BA counterpart. But has psy power that allows it to ignore shaken and stunned.

also a lot of units can be upgraded with psybolt ammunition. Whatever that is... 20pts for the entire unit of GK's

Purgation Squads are HS... their special psypower is being able to shoot at units out of LOS.

:D And they have a lot of guns.

The terminator upgrade character special rule "i shall not yield" basically a 4+ WWB for the character.

purgation... same as before... 4 weapons, 20pt psycannon, free incinerators, and psilencers (whatever those are)
Cost of GK unit as they are GK's, just with weapons.

The GK psyker rule states that the justicar is the one to take the hit. If not then one randomly determined member does. anything that targets psykers specifically.

callidus- 145
eversor- 130
vindicare- 145

Genral GK rules:
- Combat Squads
- The Aegis
- Psyker Pilots
- Brotherhood of psykers
- Psyker Mastery Levels
- Preferred Enemy Deamons

Draigo is a GK Grandmaster and is very nasty. (Eternal, t5, 5 attacks, psyker mastery 2, strength 10 sword vs daemons/psykers
Psychic power?

-Squad granted initiative 10
-Jaws like power which removes models from play without any save. template vs line, but no MC modifier for initiative
-selected (friendly?) unit is grabbed and brought near libby with deep strike rules
-Power which makes units within certain range take difficult/dangerous terrain test.
Dagmire said:
3 named inquisitors Valeria,coteaz and karamazov. Coteaz is a daemon hunter inq, kara is the witch hunter and val is the xenos inq. They are armed acordingly.
Deamon hosts are in as henchmen as are death cult assassins and psykers.
An inquisitor (not sure if its named or not) takes 3-12 henchmen

8 8 4 4 2 7 4 10 4+ Assassin stat line.

1 fast attack option. the storm raven. cost 205 points ???? not sure why.

Only 2 troop choices and they are not IST

Lord Kaldor Draigo 275 points
7 6 5 5 4 5 4 10 2+
Lord of titan: Pladin squads are troops
armed with the titan sword and SS as well as SB
Frag, krak and psyk-out nades
3 psykic powers, Hamerhand, psyckic comunion and sactified flame

Was it mentioned that GK have PE against Deamons??

Storm raven has shadow skies: same and the blood angles one but squads with personal homes dont scatter

Dred info:
115 points
comes with MM and nemisis doomfist+ SB
smk launchers

psychic pilot
the aegis
reinforced aegis
PE- daeoms

Psy power: fortitude (belive it ignors shaken and stunned)

replace MM for twin linked, HF,HB,AC or plasma cannon/assult cannon or TL LC
replace Doomfist with: TL AC or ML

serch light
psybolt ammo
psyflame ammo
warp stablisation field
true silver armour
extra armour

No true grit, they have:
and they shall know no fear
brotherhood of psykers
the aegis
combat squad

power armour
nemisis force sword
frag/krak,psyc-out nades

psy powers:
hammer hand (+1 s)
warp quake
4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+ normal guys sgt has plus 1 attack and LD
add upto 5 more guys for 20 points per model
A nice little rumour has popped up, it seems interesting to say the least
Marshal Augustine said:
Grand Master rumoured to pick D3 units during deployment and giving them a special rule:
Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
Makes them have counter attack USR.
Makes them Scout
All these units are affected by the one choice.

Terminators equipped with frag and krack grenades.
A supposed army list has been posted, it seem we are finally getting some rumours more regularly. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a more in depth newsletter from GW in a week or two.
Marshal Augustine said:
Special Characters:
Lord "Draigo" LR cost.
Grand Master "Mordrack" Storm Raven Cost
Brother Captain Stern
Castellan Crowe

Grand Master
Brother Captain
Brotherhood Champion
Inquisitor Corteaz
Inquisitor Karamazov
Inquisitor Valeria
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Purifier Squad
Venerable Dreadnought
Paladin Squad
Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband

Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn
Grey Knights Strike Squad (the regular GK's)



Heavy Support/
Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight (MC)
Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)
Some information has been posted about the Sisters of Battle audio drama and the book scheduled for September
James Swallow said:
So we were in the recording studio yesterday ((January 28th - Azezel)) putting together our first ever all-girl Warhammer 40,000 audio drama - Red & Black, featuring the Sisters of Battle - and it was a pretty good day. Although I think I may have broken the voices of our actresses with all the shouting and snarling...

This audio story features the talent of the brilliant Beth Chalmers (previously heard in Black Library's Throne of Lies and Aenarion audios), who brought the character of Sister Miriya from my novel Faith & Fire to life. Joining Beth was the equally excellent Lisa Bowerman, better known as the titular heroine of the Bernice Summerfield audio series from Big Finish Productions. Lisa swapped acting and directing duties with the venerable Toby Longworth this time around.

Red & Black will be out later in the year; it's a prequel to Faith & Fire (which will also get a reprint soon) and be followed by the next adventure of the Sisters, Hammer & Anvil.
Finally some new rumours, again from Blood of Kittens. I was hoping for some more rumours but I guess it's better than nothing.
This does look allot like a new version of Sanctuary to me, there is no way the old one would remain (Daemons can't come within 3" of caster) so something like this would make allot of sense.
More rumours should start popping up soon as we near release. We should at least get the first pictures in February.
Blood of Kittens said:
"The Grey Knights are getting a new unit or they are getting an upgrade that causes an automatic hit to any enemy model in base-to-base with them. This hit wounds on a 4+ regardless of enemies toughness with normal saves allowed and occurs before ALL attacks (think old mandiblasters), but still adds to combat resolution at the end of combat.
Fritz has posted a youtube video about the GKs, 2 new and rather interesting things in it. Callidus C-Tan blade reduced to a lousy power weapon and Grey Knight Obliterators as a Heavy Support Choice.
Stickmonkey has posted 7 points of interest, pretty much what has been said before.
Stickmonkey said:
1. Expect a new codex which expands the fluff greatly.
2. Expect plastic Terminator GKs, in scale and compatiable with current plastic Teminators
3. Expect plastic power armor sized GKs, whether this armor is actually aegis, annointer, artificer, etc is a mute point, they will be in scale and compatible with all other standard sized marines
4. Expect new sculpts of existing metal character minis
5. Expect a few "new" plastic kits and metal blisters (for the specific rumored kits see the numerous other threads, I'm not going to reveal anything specific here)
6. This will be a wave release, not all of the units of the codex will be represented by models in the release or current ranges
7. IMHO, the models are some of the best sculpts I've ever seen out of GW.
Some more rumours from Blood of Kittens, it's good to read Penitent Engines are no longer in the codex as they are Ecclesiarchy units, wonder if Arco-Flagellants will still be in it though?
Blood of Kittens said:
As BoLS and Blood of Kittens reported before about the MC GK has taken the slot away from what was originally given to Penitent Engines. The MC will be an Elite slot that is already becoming quite crowded with units. GK will be the Special Characters codex look for over 10 new special characters to play with at least 1/4 being inquisitorial in nature.

Assume any special powers (not USRs) are psychic powers instead. As an example, if you have Land Raider and it is immune to something it will be a psychic power (not wargear) same goes for Special Character powers. The ability to raise AV is almost certainly out of the codex or at the very least regulated to transports only. The Stormraven is currently still the only Fast Attack unit in the codex. The ability for GKs to teleport once per game is for basic GKs only not for terminators. Don’t believe any stats for the incinerator it is the one major piece of wargear that is still being debated. The special character that makes terminators cheaper can only make one squad cheaper think Tau honor guard.
Some new Sisters of Battle rumours from Stickmonkey, sounds awesome but also a very long way off :(
Stickmonkey said:
I'm posting this in the rumor section on purpose, but it's more of a review.

I got to get a good look at a new protoype basic sister, and I'm hoping one of our other sources can sneak a picture out once they see it. The reason is, this sister has a "veil". Words cannot describe...the detailing is phenomenal. The veil is a separate piece, but it looks gorgeous. If they can get this right in molding the sisters wave will be beautiful models. If you've seen this one, you know what I mean... I begged to take a photo for here, but no luck.

The model maintains the existing armor styling, but with more filigree. Little details like lace boot tops, small details in the armor. Look at the evolution of daemonettes to wyches, and think what the next step would be.

The bolters however are now streamlined, they are not the marine bolter we've known and loved, but still recognizable. Feminine.
I know I'm getting folks worked up, but sisters are still a long way off, it will be a long wait. So temper any enthusiasm.

I've had a chance to gather notes and thoughts a bit more now that I've completed my work today and had time to get a pint and a bite...
So to clarify a few bits.
The lace, is not laces, its lace around the top of the boot. at the knee. the model has like a pirate style boot and the lace is around the top edge..or thats my take away of what it was.
The bolter is still most certainly a bolter, but look at the existing line, the bolters are disproportioned...especially the bolt pistols...to the models. the new ones are much more like the AoBR SM bolters. With straps, etc. and are separate pieces from arms. they "look" slighty thinner than a SM bolter and have a different shape to the over all gun, but they are not "Girly" i did not have a SM handy to compare directly, so it could just be impression. Also, they have abandoned the banana clip completely it seems.
the veil covered the whole head, its an alternate to the helmet, the face piece is just separate. think cobra commander vs vera wang wedding.
the torso has small details in the corset, i think skulls.
the tabard between the legs had flur de lis details.
there are "sleeves" similar to the image on 19 of the current WH book. similar, but not identical.
I'll reiterate this is a prototype though, not what has necessarily been approved. But as a beta stage model, i really like it, and I think a teaser of it would really build up excitement...hint hint GW overlords... Maybe wait til closer to release...

Overall when i see the current sisters their are very "bulky" these new ones are very graceful, but in a brutal way. the poses are much more dynamic and agressive. not everyone has their feet planted shoulder width apart torso straight on to their opponents....
I was told there will be numerous head options for the sisters, in the way theyve been doing all releases, but the "bob cut" is the preferred hairstyle.
I'm also told sisters repentia, priests, celestians, and seraphim will get new models with seraphim likely to adopt jump packs similar to the sanguinary guard...though I saw no evidence of this. No word on arco flaggelants.
Penitent engine is getting reworked as well.
And of course you saw my Jan rumor post. To provide a clue, Dominion squads.
Inq forces should all be updated by the GK release, so no news there for SoB, but they are expected to be present in the codex.
I also know of a few more "new" units that are being developed.
Some new stuff from BOLS
Grenades - ALL Grey Knights (even the Termys) are said to have frag & krag, as well as the return of some old chestnuts from the days of yore such as blind and psych-out options ~no idea on what those would do.

Eversor Assassin - This guy is said to get +d6 attacks on the charge, and comes equipped with 2+ poison equipment. ~YIKES, I hope he still blows up when he dies.

GK Librarians - Here is where it gets good. We've heard that a wider array of Librarian Ranks are available, some allowing over 2 powers per turn to be used ~Eat your heart out Eldrad! Some of the reported powers included crazy stuff like:
-the lowering of a target unit's toughness! ~Think of what that means for the T:3 races!
-a "Stealth Kustom Force Field" that hands out the USR to all nearby friendlies.
-an "Inverse Gate" to yank a friendly unit from wherever, to right near the libby.

Some rumours from our local member Katie Drake :D
I got a bit of info today from someone who gets to playtest the rules before they're released. I get the impression that everything is finalized and there there won't be any more alterations made to the rules side of the Codex, so that means the book (Codex: Grey Knights) should be out soon.

I was allowed to ask three questions about the Codex.

Q1: How many points are the "standard" Grey Knights in the Codex?
A: Five points more than a Grey Hunter, but this person expects that people will mostly be using the Terminators as Troops who cost as much as a vanilla Terminator.
Q2: What are the possible Troops choices in the Codex?
A: Power Armored Grey Knights and the aforementioned Terminators.
I didn't get the impression that there was any FoC switchery available which would be strange but not impossible.
Q3: How does the Stormraven differ from the one in Codex: Blood Angels?
A: It's a Fast Attack choice, has a different weapon upgrade and the pilots are psykers (which I took to mean that the Stormraven could either cast or benefit from psychic powers).

A lot of this is just confirmation of what we've already heard, but hopefully it's still useful. I haven't read this thread to make sure that all of this hasn't been repeated, so feel free to delete if it's just mindless repetition.
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas (if you celebrate that). Insanity Claus is here for the Christmas update. Sorry I have not updated in a while, been busy with Cataclysm though Im getting kinda bored with it already.
Anyways it's rumours time, there has been allot going on these past few days and I also found this awesome picture of the last faction in DoW 2 Retribution when I was looking at my wishlist on steam.
I wish you all a great holiday with lots of 40k related stuff, I will most likely have to wait until next year before my orders arrive but I'm in no rush since I have boxes upon boxes with unopened stuff in the dark corners of my cell...

First off the picture I found on Steam, most of us discussing it has come to the conclusion that it is a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor which could mean we will be seeing the Sisters of Battle in Retribution. I would personally love to see them but as nothing is confirmed yet we could as well see Inquisitorial Guard or a servitor freak army. You can check out the discussion here.

A Black Library book is scheduled for release around September next year, it's called Hammer and Anvil and will feature the Sisters of Battle trying to retake Sanctuary 101 where the Imperium of Man first encountered the Necrons. I have said it before and will say it again, if we see a Necron codex during the summer it would make perfect sense to see a Sisters of Battle codex in September to tie in with the books release and it would also make perfect sense if they made a starter set featuring the Sisters of Battle vs Necrons.
With the book they would have the perfect back story for the set, call it The Purging of Sanctuary 101 or something like that. It would be a perfect opportunity to get people hooked on 2 newly updated armies that aren't as popular as others. If this turns out to be true I will buy at least 5 sets.
Here is the cover picture for the book Hammer and Anvil

Some Vindicare rumours from BOLS.
Exitus weapons are said to be AP:1
Both a rifle (sniper) and pistol come as standard equipment
Weapon ranges are said to be unchanged
Unlimited special Exitus ammo types are now available: ~Apparently the Imperium sends Vindicares into the field with ammo clips now!
-Hellfire (wounds on a 2+)
-Turbo Penetrator (doubles wounds, 4d6 penetration)
-Shield Breaker (victim loses invulnerables for the rest of the game)

"The GK codex has been finalized and is currently at the printers.

There is a unit in the codex called a "Dreadknight" which is basically a psychically-infused super-terminator that counts as a monstrous creature. It looks sort of like a penitent engine but better. It has a Dreadnought CCW, lots of wounds and 2+ save.

The codex looks like it's pretty sick and will be on par with the Space Wolves for overall power. Terminators can be made troops by a special character. GKs lose fearless and gain ATSKNF. Power Armor Grey Knights get squad-based psychic powers, including a power that is like Hammerhands. There is also a squad-based psychic power that increase the strength of their storm bolters to 5.

Terminators have 2 wounds and come with a 4+ invulnerable save."
~We hear those 2-wound termys are a seperate unit from the standard 1-wound ones.
stinger989 started off slowly but has been releasing Grey Knight rumours left and right these past 2 weeks, he/she/it claims to have access to the play test version.
Some of this stuff seems really outlandish but if true it could really shake up a thing or two.

stinger989 said:
The dreadnoughts that you are refering to are called drednights kinda like a pentenant engine but with a grey knight in it instead and its a MC not armored. little more cost then a dreadnought but have some nasty upgrades. cant really say much more then that. There is no armor increase power either so no armor shenanegans.....
stinger989 said:
Lungboy said:
It seems to me that anyone claiming GK get Penitent Engines but with GK "drivers" have no idea what Penitent Engines actually are, and how utterly implausible such a suggestion is.
Well im only saying that they are similay model wise. nothing to do with the rules or the fluff.
as for a release the launch is going to be April 2nd
stinger989 said:
They will not get bogged down and there is two versions of the dredknight as i have read the first option will run ya 130pts with a gatling psycannon (heavy 12), and a heavy incinerator gun (fires like a hellhound) and its armed with two dred cca. the second is a dred same as above but also armed with a jump jet which will run 205pts and can move 12" then once per game it can boost to move 30" but may not assault afterwards.

as reguarding the rumors with upping the armor value that is not going to happen although there is a power that allows the vehicle to negate crew stunned and crew shaken.
stinger989 said:
henchman squad is maxed out at 12
stinger989 said:
yep cortez can make henchmen troops, so you can get stormtroopers but they are now bs3 and not nearly as good. crusaders with a marine cost and coming with a pw and ss is much more attractive.
the other real winner for henchmen are the humans that come with bolters for 5pts or storm bolters for 7pts at bs 3
other troops are the palidan termies with 2 wounds and a 5++ and can get fnp with the apothicary
pergitor squads with all the extra special weapons can become troops too.

vindicar assassin is 0-3 and have the special rounds that are quite nasty
4d6+rend vs. armor
wound on a 2+
take inv save away for the rest of the game
loses his night fight rule but still has stealth.

psy cannons are str 7 with rending
drednight with gattiling psy cannon is only str 5 but 12 shots.
stinger989 said:
the palidan termies do not have EW.
havent read into the special chars much yet as i havent had time. but ill have a chance after x-mas.
some weapons that are new for the gk
sword that grants +2 str
halbriad that grants +2 int
one more but don't remember.
playtesting the gk the army with full squads of crusader humans and assassins in a crusader will wipe most things in one assault phase, which i can see lots of people taking. I can also see lots of people running the bolter/SB spam since they are dirt cheep.
the basic grey knights top out at 20 pts little more for the justicar.
stinger989 said:
there are transports for the henchmen granted you can fit them in.
gk army has access to landraiders, rhinos, stormravens, and the chimera.
stern- beleive has a ss but have not read to him yet.
the callidus assassin got better as when she/he appears it does d6 wounds to the unit that is ap 1/2 dont remember, then can shoot the flamer then assault as normal.
normal gk dont have access to meltas. meltas are a rare occurence in the codex.
cortez-the inquisitor if my memory serves me right has a power that makes all henchmen units get a power that makes all deamons re-roll inv saves if within 6" of the unit so deamons are gonna have a very tough time vs gk
stinger989 said:
well the vindicar did go to bs 8 so there is gonna be little missing there
next time i get a look i can get some more info on the henchmen
reguarding the upgraded weapons in the codex, not sure on what type they are just know that one upps the str and one upps the int.
i know there are assassins, crusaders, stormtroopers and past that i wasent able to read, next time though.
stinger989 said:
basic grey knights have force weapons and can be modeled how you want but are only str 4 now.
ill try and get a couple pics of the drednight if possible but wont be tell after x-mas tell i get a chance to read through the codex again.
after that ill try and elaborate more.
and as always take what i say as you want im only trying to spread some knowledge as it comes to me.
This is it for now, take with the usual unhealthy dose of salt. April 2nd does seem plausible for GKs though, guess we will find out at the end of the year or early next year in a GW newsletter

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Rumours Section 4
Ahhh, friday atlast. Im hoping for a GW newsletter today revealing what's to come in March but I'm not holding my breath for it.
Blood of Kittens promised an "uber" rumour today and that rumour is now out. It is indeed pretty juicy I must say, though I wonder what the points cost will be for these guys.
Grey Knights will be see the return of the 2 wound terminator. These new elite terminators will have 2 wounds and FNP and access to all the upgrades and options of all GKT in the codex. To make things more interesting one special character can make these terminators troop choices. What remains to be seen is if they will get Eternal Warrior…
He said terminators were similar in points cost to Vanilla terms, so around 45pt, but 45pt for 2wound, FNP and Eternal Warrior? Ouch, those are some movie marines right there. Juice them up with SS for some real nasties and each one of them carrying Force Weapons and possibly Rending Storm Bolters? That's some nasty shit right there!

Blood of Kittens has posted some GK rumours, most of it old stuff but tons of new stuff as well. Some of it however seems EXTREMELY unplausible, especially point 2. Penitent Engines, Arco Flagellants and Priests, these are Ecclesiarchy units, they are not related to the GKs in any way. There has been a rumour that the codex will feature all the ordos and I've read about Inquisitors having Arco Flagellants in their retinues but Penitent Engines I can find no plausible reason for being in the codex.
More rumours are to come from BoK so stay tuned, if the rest is anything like the first batch we have some shocking stuff to be revealed to us later today.
Here is some clarification of the big rumors that have been floated around the Internet concerning the GK codex.

1. GK codex WILL NOT have inducted units. Allies are effectively gone!
2. If it has boobies it will not be in the GK codex if has man parts it will be in this dex. That means Penitent Engines, Argo flagellants, Priests are in.
3. GK and GKT have plastic kits and will be troop choices.
4. Release Date is March-May window.
5. The Stormraven is in (duh) and along with Penitent Engines are currently the only two Fast Attacks slots in the dex.
6. Look for HQs changing the FoC around
7. GW will not take away your toys meaning if you bought 50 Imperial Storm Troopers they will have a place in the GK codex
8. Assassins are in as an Elite slot and any type of GK army can take them.

Let us start with the mundane stuff
GKs are Space Marines they do not have Fearless or Stubborn they have Combat Tactics and They Shall Know No Fear
GKs only vehicles options are Land Raiders, Razorbacks, Rhinos, Chimera and Stormraven. All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned. Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport.
GKs do not get Bikes, Jump Packs, or Chaplains
All GKs are psyker and their powers act very much in the same way as Psyker Battle Squad.
GKs will not have access to most Vanilla Marine Gear especially Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons (No Melta Spamming)

Let us get down to some specifics
Brother-Captain Stern has Eternal Warrior and his attacks can remove models from play.
The Grand Master gives out special abilities to GK units (Not USRs) We are talking weapon upgrades and minor wargear bonuses.
All GKs cause Deep Striking units to mishap if placed within 6 inches of any Grey Knight unit.
All GKs Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Str 6.
Unlike the Archon’s court from the Dark Eldar Codex Henchman + Witchhunter rejects are Elite slots. These Squads can be mixed and have many options. For instance the Warrior can get Storm Shields and power weapon. Henchman act more like Beast Master Squads than the Archon’s Court.
Henchman include everything Daemonhosts, Death-Cult Assassins, Argo flagellants, Priests, Stormtroopers, Warriors
Holocaust is now 12 inch large blast
Mystic is now only a teleport homer
All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned (Sacred Hull). Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport. All GK vehicles are psykers with LD 10
Blessed is now a vehicle psychic power that picks one facing and raises the AV by 2 to a max of 14
GKs have access to GK Command Squads giving them access to Apothecaries (FNP)
Vindicare has unlimited ammo for all special shots.

Part 2 of the BoK rumours
GKs have access to many weapon upgrades.
GKs can pay for + str or rending for their storm bolters
Grand Masters give D3 special powers to Grey Knight units. Things like Digital Weapons, Master Crafted weapons, Wolf Standard, but with GK names.
Psycannon is Str 7 rending ap 4 either can fire 2 shots moving or 4 shots standing still.
Incenerator Str 5 ap 4 rending
Callidus Assassin = Long Fangs and Lootas no more. Works like Lictors/Marbo drops a str 4 ap 2 large blast when enters play and can still use the Neural Shredder which is now Str 8 ap 2.
The other Assassin are just updated versions of their old selves with the Culexus especially devastating to Psykers.
Their are three special character Inquisitors at least one will make Henchman Troop choices.
One GKs Special character will make Purgation Squads Troops (yes you heard that right) you can spam psycannons all you want.
One GK Special Character can take cheap termies talking Chaos Space Marine Terminator Cheap.
Grey Knights are “around” Plague Marine Cost
GKT are “around” vanilla marine termy cost.
Nemesis Force Weapons can be upgrade as well (increase initiative is one option).
Grey Knights do get a MC a cross between a Talos and Karamazov Elite choice. The plastic kit is done on this one so expect it with GK launch.
Dreadnoughts are Heavy Support.
GKT can mix and match Nemeis Force Weapons and TT/SS and get psy weapons as well.
Any GK unit can once per game gate of infinity with no deviation in the movement face and can shoot, but not assault. This could still be changed to become the new Grey Knight Teleport Attack and moved to Fast Attack slot.
Fluff– All GKs are subservient to the Inquisition beck and call. The drivers of GK vehicles are the Psykers not the vehicles themselves.

Finally some new rumours about the GKs have surfaced. Looks interesting though if they focus on all the Ordos does that mean the SoB codex wont have any Inquisitors but be SoB and Ecclesiarchy based as was rumoured a few months ago? Still schedules for March? I doubt this with BA 2nd Wave in Feb but we should know soon enough, maybe with the next newsletter.
Bigred said:
Hi there folks, its time for yet another roundup of what's been floating around out there regarding the upcoming Grey Knights. Here's what we have heard:
1) Further reinforcement of this being a Grey Knight/Inquisition book. Almost all the chatter has died down regarding inducted IG, and allied Space Marines. This is fundamentally said to be an Astartes book with some flavoring added in.

2) Lots of talk of the book containing all Grey Knights units with only Imperial Assassins and Inquisitors w/retinues as choices not hailing from Titan.

3)Speaking of Inquisitors, they are said to reflect the entirety of the Inquisition (whatever that means), as opposed to the previous codex's "Daemonhunters" focus.

4) As you would imagine from #2 above a lot of units from the current Daemonhunters codex are missing. Daemonhosts, DeathCult Assassins, Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are all supposedly being wrapped into the Inquisitor's retinue options along with all the old favorites. These retinue units have many, many, exotic options (said to easily outstrip the Dark Eldar Archon's retinue options).

5) Lots of all new psychic powers all around, including Grey Knight Vehicles who are said to be difficult to stop.

6) Stormraven is a GO! It is also said to fulfill a critical role in the codex with the Grey Knight infantry having little access to "traditional" heavy and special weapons found in other Marine books.

7) LOTS of new independent characters, and tons of new Grey Knight fluff.

8) Continued chatter of both GK Terminators and powered armored versions as troops.

9) Talk places this codex at the new extreme of "elite" armies, in the 40k metagame diametrically opposed to horde type play.

10) Talk still points to March 2011 for this one.
Some Sisters rumours for you guys to dig into, it's not the best of news but we might have to wait until 2012 before we see some new Sisters and then 6E is rumoured to be released in the same year. It does fit GWs earlier release schedule for the Sisters, always releasing them just at the end of an edition rendering half of their rules obsolete.
Kettu posted a link to what seems to be some pages from the Blood of Martyrs book about the Sisters Hospitaller. Interesting fluff read I must say, might see some of them in the Sisters codex handing out FNP in an Aura similar to BA.
Hey, just found this neat little teaser from lurking in the FFG forums.
Azezel said:
StraightSilver has posted some more from talking with Jes Goodwin.

StraightSilver said:
Yes the problem with the Sisters of Battle has been the cloth robe sleeves on the under side of their arms, their hair and also the script work on their shoulders.

The problem with the robes on their arms is that it can only be sculpted flowing in one direction, which means posing can be a problem.

This isn't such an issue with Sisters armed with Bolt Guns as the pose will be pretty much set, but when you get things like Seraphim or models armed with close combat weapons you would get a very limited number of poses. This is because if you had the arm held up high the robes may stick out in a gravity defying way, which would look very unnatural.

The hair is essentially the same thing. They want the new models to be much more dynamic, which would mean their hair would not be as static as the previous Sisters of Battle miniatures. This poses problems with posing as the hair and robes need to flow in the same direction, which again limits the amount of poses possible (sorry for the over use of the word pose there - couldn't think of another on! ).

The bit I didn't quite get the gist of was the shoulder plates. He said they wanted embossed and rolling scriptwork on the shoulder plates, and the way it was curving around the plates was presenting problems. I'm not sure in all honesty what that meant but it may be similar to the problems mentioned above or it might be the way the model is cast. It might be the fact that you are very limited in undercuts on a tool when producing plastic miniatures ( by tool I mean mold, but plastic molds are known as tools).

He did stress that they really wanted to crack on with Sisters, but that they had been causing them technical difficulties for quite some time.

However he said that the process of creating the Dark Eldar has really pushed the limits of what they can do in plastic, and has taught them a huge amount.

Many of the problems mentioned above (hair, robes etc) were the same for the Dark Eldar, but they learnt how to manage it and would now like to take those lessons back to the Sisters.

Something else that was interesting was that he said the way he has always worked up until now was to alternate between Space Marines and something else.

For example Space Marines, Tyranids, Space Marines, Eldar, Space Marines, Dark Eldar etc.

However he said quite explicitly that he wouldn't be working on Space Marines after Dark Eldar. This was because he feels he has handed them on to other sculptors now and wanted to do something else, but of course it depended on what GW wanted him to do next.

He also categorically stated that he wouldn't be working on any Warhammer models from now on, although admittedly he hasn't done so for a long time.

So this is pure speculation on my part (so please don't take it as read as I am just thinking aloud - nothing was confirmed), but if he isn't working on Fantasy next then he will be working on something 40K.

It won't be Marines and Tyranids have been updated recently.

Speculatively that only really leaves CraftWorld Eldar or Sisters next.

He did say that working on Dark Eldar had reignited his enthusiasm for Craft World Eldar, and that he wanted to revisit the range so he could implement a lot of the lessons they learned with Dark Eldar and we know that he sculpted the Craft World Eldar Jetbikes and the Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes simultaneously so Eldar is a possibility.

But if his normal working process is Power Armour, Xenos, Power Armour, something else etc and he has just released Dark Eldar then it follows that Sisters ought to be next.

Now for the bad news. He told me that after working on Dark Eldar solidly for more than 4 years (as well as other projects) he was already exhausted. However there was still more work to do on the Dark Eldar Range and he would be working on them until June 2011 so that 90% of the range could be released by then.

He then said that he would be taking a long rest before starting any other projects. I am not sure how long a rest that would be but I would suspect at least a couple of months.

Jes isn't just a sculptor, he is also the head of the GW plastics department, and is involved in the training of staff and development of new tecnology.

It may be that when he takes a break from sculpting he concentrates on this area of his job.

Either way this means that he wouldn't be starting a new project until at the earliest July/August 2011.

It sounds like R and D has already begun on the Sisters, and if they have learnt a great deal during the Dark Eldar development and can put this into practice then they shouldn't take too long, but I would guess that we wouldn't see them at the very earliest until Quarter 1 2012, but more realistically later that year.

Again this is just my speculation based on the conversation I had with Jes.

They are most definitely working on Sisters, but it may be a while before we see them.
StraightSilver said:
Well he told me that he would be working solidly on Dark Eldar until June 2011.

They have 4 plastic kits to release for Dark Eldar next year, as well as metal figures and then possibly some of the character models.

Obviously he won't be doing all the work on his own as Juan Diaz is also doing some of the models.

He did say that they are on the final push but still have a lot of things to do.

One of which was the Haemonculi passengers for the raider. The Wyches will be included with the Venom and can be used on the raider, but they didn't know yet how to do the Haemonculi. It wasn't so much a problem of creating them, just what to release them with. My guess would be with the Talos.

However he was confident he could take a break from June 2011 onwards as this is when they plan to stop work on the Dark Eldar.

The Sisters of battle have been in "design hell" since before the dark Eldar, so at least 4-5 years.

They have started the initial planning but it was the aspects mentioned earlier that had caused them to be put on hold.

The implication was that these problems may have now been resolved with the dark Eldar Wyches, as a lot of these problems were exactly the same for them.

However with next year's 40K schedule already full up and with Jes wanting a break from a new range I would say thay are at least a year off.

If rumours are correct we have Grey Knights Quarter 1, Flyers expansion Quarter 2 and Tau/Necrons (my money is on Tau as I know they have already completed many of the new plastics and that Necrons are getting the Dark Eldar treatment. In other words a rewrite which will take a while) in Quarter 4.

This doesn't rule out another 40K release next year, I just got the impression that it wouldn't be Sisters.

Small rumours bit. Aaron Dembski-Bowden was interviewed and revealed a tiny bit of GK news. Its not much but I think we are in for another rumours drought until December-Jan.
This is the interview, just past 6min mark he mentions he will be writing a series on the Grey Knights.

Basically what he says is his next book will be the sequel to Soul Hunter and it will be called Blood Reaver, after this he is going to be doing a series on the Grey Knights.
Does this mean more than one book? A 3 book series BL likes to do?

Some sad rumours to post. It seems we will not be seeing Sisters of Battle next year.
StraightSilver said:
Not sure if this is the best place to post but the Dark Eldar rumours thread was closed and this seemed the next best place.

I had a chance to have a chat with Jes Goodwin today and got some more info regarding DE release schedule.

He said that they will have 90% of the Dark Eldar models in the Codex released by June next year, so no more than 7 months.

Basically people have waited so long for this release and as it looks set to be so popular he wanted to get everything out quickly.

There are 4 new plastic kits coming next year, he wouldn't say exactly what they were but that the Venom is definitely coming soon and they have models for both flyers listed in the Dex on ready to go (but he wouldn't confirm if these were part of the 90%).

He said that the models which would take longer were the special characters, so these may form the missing 10% which means we have a lot of new models coming soon.

He is still working on a few bits, something he wants to do is have Haemonculi passengers/hangers on the Raider but isn't sure how best to do that.

The Wych passengers/hangers on for the Raider will be included in the plastic Venom kit, but there isn't another suitabe release to make up Haemonculi equivalents.

He also said that now that rapid prototyping and CAD technology has progressed the design team can use 2 ups instead of 3 ups which means that making larger apocolypse style kits (Stompa and Baneblade) in plastic is now more possible.

This means that they are currently working on one of these types of kits as the sales for the Stompa etc were very good, but wouldn't say whether they had decided on what this would be, although I got the impression he wanted it to be Eldar.

Talking of Eldar he said that producing the Dark Eldar had fired up his enthusiasm for a new Craftworld Eldar Codex and models, and he has lots of ideas for this. However this hasn't even started yet so a new Eldar Codex is a long way off.

He is still trying to work out how best to tackle plastic Sisters of Battle but they are still being problematic.

He also mentioned that he would love to produce an Ad Mech Codex but said it would be very unlikely for GW to produce it as there isn't room in the range for them at the moment. However he said it was possible that Forge World would do them at some point, and his take on the concept was "Vampire Counts in space". In other words Necromancers and zombies, which sounds cool.

Anyway, that's pretty much it, also wanted to say that Jes was a lovely guy, very approachable and it was nice to see how passionate he was about everything he does.

Azezel said:
ArmouredWing of the Bolter & Chainsword claims to have had informal chats with Phil Kelly and Jes Goodwin. He relates the details thus:

ArmouredWing said:
Because the weekend was the grand release of the DE they'd got a bit of an event on at Warhammer World store both Sat & Sun. Saturday saw a meet and greet appearance from Jes Goodwin himself and Phoenix Knight and myself had a wander down to the store to get PK's new C:DE signed as well as me getting my C:WH signed as well.

It was a good chat, mainly focussed on the DE stuff but I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some digging on if there was any sisters stuff in the pipeline and perhaps some plastic sisters. Jes' response that the biggest problem that they faced with transfering sisters to plastic was maintaining the level of detail that the metals currently have (something we knew generally to be the case) but with the new technology it may finally be possible. That said there's 12-18 months work that needs to be done to make this happen and currently they aren't even in the process of this happening. So the long and short there? at least 2012 by the looks of things.

He also made a comment in relation to the amount of DE stuff being released over the next 6 months. the plan is that by halfway through next year 90% of the DE codex will be available to buy. With that in mind I'm more convinced now that if GK are next (which I'll come onto in a moment) then it's going to be late spring at the earliest.

So, that was the Saturday. Sunday also saw a special guest in WW. Mr Phil 'the Power' Kelly was present in store to do a bit less of a formal meet and greet and so in PK's absence I went in to get our codecies signed and also take advantage of having a bit of a chat (he was sat painting in store and I don't think many people picked up on who he was). So, having chatted a bit about DE I passed him my C:WH to sign and we had a brief chat again about sisters and his comments pretty much matched what Jes had said the day before although he was a lot more ceratin that we would eventually see plastic sisters...just not yet. He did say though that some work had started on sisters and there is something in the pipeline but it's going to be a while before we see anything come to the surface.

I then asked him how the GK was going. Again he said that there was some work underway but that's about as much as he could say (although this was also accompanied by a crafty grin which indicated that there was more he'd like to say but couldn't).

So there you go, not much to go on but at least it appears that we haven't been forsaken altogether.
Nothing we didn't know before, but it appears to back up what StraightSilver said.

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Rumours Section 5
This rumours drought is really boring, with the release of the DE tomorrow we might start seeing some solid rumours soon. It shouldnt be long before GW announces whats to come in February. Basically not much has happened on the rumours front, its been said there are no IG or IST in the GK codex at all but that doesnt make much sense if there are Inquisitors.
That you will be able to take assassins in larger groups but I believe this is just a misunderstanding between Imperial Assassins and Death Cult Assassins.
As for release it seems like Feb might be a pretty solid month, with Skaven in Jan and Ork & Goblins in March (rumoured) that could place the GKs in Feb.
Here is a nice picture for you to look at while we wait for some solid rumours
DonFer said:
Just found this in a Spanish forum somewhere around the web.

What do I think? It's fake. What does the forum says? It's coming to a store near you.

Since there haven't been any rumours around, I just thought a little spice wouldn't hurt anyone... so enjoy.

Stickmonkey has posted a mock up of what the GK codex may contain.
Stickmonkey said:
From what I've been able to gather, the codex has the following counts...caveats apply:

Including SCs, not including variant units ex. exterminator/demolished

Hq: 8-9 entries
El: 6-7 entries
Tr: 6 entries
Fa: 7 entries
He: 8 Entries
Dt: 4 entries

Ive heard the Army list section is between 12-14 pages.

If true, then you've got a lot of gaps to fill.
Finally some GK rumours, some of it does sound weird though like the Hellhound and Deathstrike missile but I guess they felt they´d have to flesh out the IG part of the codex, if this turns out to be true I really hope they dont go down the same path with Sisters of Battle
Stickmonkey said:
I'm back, recovered from my jellyfish stings, and with some new rumors. These come from a new source for me, but my regular sources did not call bs. So as always, nothing is set in stone...I'm recounting exactly as I was told, so if it doesn't make sense to you, it didn't to me either. I will come out and say some of this directly conflicts other information I have, but I have my reasons to share

So this actually addresses much of the inquisition in gk questions:

Inq lords are hq and unlock ISTs as troops
ISTs are elite otherwise
ISTs can take chimera or valkerie as dt
Inq lord retinue looks more like ig command characters with some seritors thrown in
Temple Assassins one entry in elite, one stat line, options allow for customization into temple variants...but the actual temples are only mentioned in fluff, so some special rules look lost
Demonhosts look to be out
In troops we have ig conscripts...like an ig platoon, but conscripts only
Death cult assassins still elite, larger unit sizes, though
Penal legion squad in troops, different than ig codex entry
chimeras or valks as dt only, and only ig
Valk only dt, no vendetta option
Hellhounds in fast, same as ig, but not variants (Ed: ???)
Deathstrike launchers in heavy, same as ig...replacing orbital strike

Also, some weird dynamics in the ruleset if you have both inq and gk hq present. But details were not given.

(Ed: so from this batch it looks like inq is going to be viable, but I question really this more from a why standpoint. If gw did this, only the hq really separates it much from ig, but handicapped ig. Hope to see more soon once the nov nastiness ends. Damn de are blocking all my insight into the future...)


Edit: penal legion troops are the fodder unit I was mentioning in the past, cause I know someone will ask.
Stickmonkey said:
With regard to the "fodder" units. Dont mistake my use of the term for them being worthless or untrained. But compared to a GK...yes they would be fodder.

I did not have the CSM book near me, but I thought summoned daemons in CSM did still have an instability rule? Regardless this Purge weapon has a special ability to cause it.
The infestation rule as described depended on some form of instability for certain daemonic units. I dont have any other info on it. Like I said, the rules info I have is subject to change.

Another bit I missed is chaos icons do not function within X" of GK units...this is GK only units not other units included in the army list. So GK in TA, AA, or PA. Not sure of GK vehicles or walkers. I think this is tied to the hoods.

Of note compared to prior posts, gone are any references to or imagery of Jetbike riding GK. I'm disappointed by this, as I think a unit of GK on jetbikes would have been pretty cool. Expecially since they were supposed to be optionally fast attack or could take a unit upgrade to an elites slot.


PS: Am aware of the Codices correct usage. but add a p and an e and you've got a bit of armor... Codii is not a word at all, but if the meaning is conveyed in context, does it make much more of an issue than lol or OMG? :p
Stickmonkey has made a reply about the Annointed Armour rumour, seems allot less OP with this.
Stickmonkey said:
Small bit.

The rumor I had earlier about "Annointed armor" got some additional legs with a small twist. Looks like this could be granted to a unit containing a Gk chaplain. Much like other chaplains elsewhere grant re-rolls on charges, the gk chaplains are rumored to grant counter attack and re-rolls of armor saves...caveat being the reroll is only 1st round of cc...

It's a complex confirmation, and taken alone I'd pour salt on it, but given I've heard of the anointed armor prior and recent codexes have some charge related chaplain ability...I thought I'd go ahead and post it. It's definitely taking more realistic tones...

Something to chew on at least.
Dice Like Thunder has their episode 102 out. At 45:55 they talk about what codicies needs updates, yet again they mention that Sisters of Battle should get their update a few months after Codex: Grey Knights as a White Dwarf update. I hope this is not true but Ive heard this rumour before.
Dice Like Thunder URL

Here are my videos from Games Day UK 2010 :D

Stickmonkey brings us some new tasty rumours about the GKs
Stickmonkey said:
Some new bits.

according to a tiny bit I got overnight, GK TAs will have access to the standard marine upgrades, plus NFW, incinerators, psycannons, etc., of course. But he is saying the cyclone launcher for them will be arm mounted like their SBs. I'm very skeptical of this, but this source is close enough to know, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Supposed options for all will be on sprue. Plus NFW will NOT all be halberds. But the exact nature of them was not revealed to me.

If this pans out we could see a lot of weapon options in the sprue...a lot more than would be used. Assault Cannon, PsyCannon, Incinerator, SS, TH, NFWs, Cyclone launchers...seems like a lot to jam in, but if we look at SW and BA boxes those were loaded with bits.

since this is not confirmed anyhow, this is what I've been able to gather from various sources for the GK TA sprues:

5 legs
6 torsos
8 heads
6 nfw
5 SB
unknown # Special Weapons (includeing SS), but if above holds it could be 6+
GK TA back banner
6-8 shoulder shields
12 shoulder pads
~12 upgrade bits (books, scrolls, crux terminus, etc.)
8 arm sets (sounds like the arms have no hands, similar to sanguinary guard)
4 hands (right/left?)
Interesting post by Kettu about Sisters of Battle, some of it does make sense, at least on a timescale.
My personal release schedule would be DE, GK, Necrons and then Sisters of Battle. If we have crons early summer we could then have sisters in the autumn.
Take with the regular dose of salt but could this mean a new starter box with say Necrons vs Sisters of Battle? It would make sense if Necrons and Sisters were released back to back and Black Library released the Sisters vs Necron book that is being written by James Swallow. Interesting indeed....
Don't mind me, just passing through...

But clue me in, what's so bad about JJ?
I do feel I'm missing out on some perfectly good bitching material here.

Oh, and by the by, was talking to an new guy at my local yesterday and it turns out he's from Scotland (The accent kinda gave it away) and, ready your Sodium and Chlorine compounds everyone, he 'knows' one of the design staff and he said the Sisters are planned for September 2011 to coincide with the BL release of the Sister of Battle Snuff-Ficlet Assuredly Brilliant Novel. :)sarcastichand:)
He also went on to say that there would be a squad of Mistresses and that Repentia were being axed (He went on to describe a few other things but I’ve forgotten most but I do remember something about the land-raider super-flamer would be appearing throughout the army).

Other then the Codex rumoured for roughly the same time frame as the proposed release date for the Sanctuary 101 novel, I personally doubt everything he said but none the less, just throwing it out there and if anyone who is in the know wants to elaborate then go for it.

[EDIT] Hmm, just noticed the blurb changed from during-S101 to post-S101 where they send a 1000pt army of girls to investigate.
Wait, a SoB shrine is utterly wiped out to a woman and so to investigate they send little more than 1000pts equivalent force? You'd send a full army, not just a few squads.
I don't know if this is better or worse than before.
A new post from Stickmonkey, Im really looking forwards to seeing the new models.
Stickmonkey said:
I'm about to get in trouble...in all likelihood...for stating this...so I'm going to try to be as plain but non-specific as I can...

To respond to the flood of requests for how well the plastics will mesh with the old metals...

The biggest issue you'll find with the TAs is scale. The new plastics are in scale with the other TA models. The metals are old scale sized. Its a noticable difference.

But even the AA marines look "bigger", though not to such a great extent, to me.

Once painted, the new models have better depth of detail IMO. And more small details not present in the metals. This is in both TA and AA. The best examples to look at are the Blood Angel plastics to understand how much detail can be crammed onto a figure, but still look good.

Hope that helps...
Stickmonkey popped in and left this comment, gives some hope to people who enjoy the Inquisition part more than the GK one.
Stickmonkey said:
Just poking my head in.

It was apparent from my last contact Inq forces were still present...incl storm troopers...but there are other new units there as well. From everything I've been told/heard the focus has definately shifted to GK. Not as many options for Inq, Assassins combined to a single unit with wargear to dictate functional role, Inq retinue changes that will effectively kill the tried and true power tactic of shooting everything in sight as it DSs in. The utter removal of use of allies from other codex books, or inclusion of units from this book with other armies (Self contained...no surprises there.) This has all been mentioned before...

Overall I always felt the prior incarnation was inquisition with a dash of GK. The feel I have now is reverse of that...but there will still be very effective Inq builds to be had...so far as I know.
Some new Imperial Assassin rumours have surfaced, its the new general statline for them. It does make allot more sense than their current statline and together with wargear bonuses (Exodus Sniper rifle brining BS to 10) might end up really nasty indeed. Its still rumours though so treat them as such.
Bigred said:
So this statline has been floating about, and said to be baseline stats for Imperial Assassins.

I would assume they would be arriving with the Q1 Grey Knight codex.

WS:8 BS:8 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:7 A:4 Ld:10 SV:4+/4+i

Move thru cover

Thats quite the upgrade from what we have now, and is taking into account the new high BS rules from the 5th rulebook. I would assume that once dressed up with the various Assassin Clade special rules and equipment these folks would be quite nasty.
Harry had a few things to say about plastic Sisters and how GW work in general. From what I read GW will be using a new release model sometime in the future where they release new kits as they are made rather than waiting years to have many new releases and releasing them all at the same time. As a gamer Id like this system allot more, there could always be the chance of something new to buy each month rather than once every few months/years depending on what army you play.
Harry said:
Let me see if I can help a bit.

Sisters of Battle are being done. (Including plastic sisters .... obviously!)
I first heard the project was started over 12 months ago.
If that is correct they are more than 12 months into the project.
Given lead times of 18 months on the plastics by now most of the sculpting for the plastics should be done (not just the sisters) and the first kits will already be finished.
When they make plastics they make a few which come back to the sculptors to be 'checked' and given the OK before they start making gazillions (I can't think exactly what they call this off the top of my head). But they are looking for any little bits and bobs that need sharpening up, stuff they are not happy with or didn't come out exactly as they should have ... so they can go back and fiddle things a bit. (to ensure we get the best possible final version).
So this has almost certainly happened with some of the plastics for sisters by now.
But the existence (or not) of a little something the sculptor wants to change or tidy up a bit is not a problem. it is just a normal part of the design process. (a normal part of producing the world best toy soldiers).
It is no more an issue than correcting a spelling mistake or changing a word to increase clarity when proof reading a book.

"Delays" are often NOT delays. Things get made then sit around the studio for months sometimes years. (If you look back at the rumours articles in the Watchman from a couple of years ago I was talking about the completed Clan rats that have only recently seen release). Stuff is not delayed it is waiting. Waiting for more stuff to be made to go with them to make a decent release, sometimes waiting for a release window when they will not be competing for sales with too much other stuff. So not delayed just not released yet.

The point is that just because something exists and isn't released (sometimes for a while) does not mean there is a problem with it.

Hope that helps a bit.
New post by Stickmonkey, detailing what the Stormraven may or may not look like.
Karhedron said:
Within the bounds of the above, can you give an impression of the SR? Are we thinking "baby thunderhawk", is it something sleeker or is it totally new? Any hints very welcome.
Good luck with that. You will be missed.
I draw parallels to something between a "Aliens" drop ship and a imperial lightning. But it's definately got the style of the astartes/imperium. "baby thunderhawk?" Maybe if you squint at it in a dark room...

Harry's probably right, I and treading close to some lines lately.

As far as that vehicle upgrade sprue someone else mentioned? I had pretty consistent word of mouth there was a GK tank vehicle coming, as mentioned page 1. I would not count it out, but I wouldn't bet on it being a standalone upgrade sprue ala the ork deffrolla.

Wheres my coffee? And my dramamine...
Here are some pictures for you to reference

Stickmonkey has posted some more rumours, it also seems we wont be hearing much more from him for a while. Sad but he has given us some great rumours.
Harry replied to his post and it seems the GK models will be ornate :)
Stickmonkey said:
Just to throw some spice in...

The gk models are ornate.

I've had personal conversations with direct individuals, which would surprise me if the SR model was not a keystone of this release.

I've personally seen a few mockups of the SR from the modelling teams, many more from the art team. I know what the final selected design is. It looks better than I imagined.

Earliest we will have release confirmation for a Jan release will be November. But it could be early dec for the "official" notice.

I am bound by NDA not to reveal hard facts from any upcoming codex now. So I can give impressions, discuss rumors from elsewhere, or talk about pt information, so long as I don't just come out and say, such and such is definitely in the book...to simplify my restriction dramatically. I've also been given false information in the past specifically for the purpose of keeping truthseekers guessing. Although I was not aware of it at the time. I've said as much in numerous past posts, but I'm repeating all this here for the newcomers to my rumors.

Also, as I'm working on a new project for a new client now, I won't have much insight to provide for the remainder of the year beyond maybe info from a chat here or there. Which given my new timezone, I don't expect much of...

So the short of it is, you're pretty much on your own thru the end of the year unless the closer to production players start getting their info to you. Which I myself am looking forward to...I love seeing how the secret game changes.

Cheers mates!
Harry said:
I think you might have inadvertently come out and said the the SR model is definitely in the book there.

I think the GK models could reasonably be described as VERY ornate.
Short note, I was permabanned from Warseer for posting this link :
I dont know whats wrong with the mods over at Warseer but they claim this link has "Offensive Images", seems someone there has a personal vendetta against me or something.
Dont worry though, I have created 7 new accounts on there using different computers around town here so I will always be able to log on and ask questions, so news and rumours wont be affected at all :D
Enjoy the latest from Stickmonkey.

Stickmonkey has some new posts over at Warseer.
Stickmonkey said:
Combat squads were an option I know was ptd.

Since I'm only going by memory now and have no new contact, please treat this info appropriately...

Also, I under stand there to be a standard 1 special weapon per 5 man squad, plus special options for the upgraded leader.

Yes, beyond psycannon and incinerator, there are 2 other special gk weapons I know were ptd...but these I can't go into detail on at this time. I'll say one had pretty poor response from the pt group, but there could be some nice tactics developed to make it effective if it did move forward.

I got my IoB box yesterday too, it was a nice consolation after avoiding a chomping. I'll post more thoughts on that in the wfb section.

I need to sleep...I have to be on a boat in a bout an hour and it looks like were getting rain soon...sigh
Stickmonkey said:
Ok. Answering some Qs briefly.

For those asking me about the walker...see the first post. The image I posted was tongue in cheek...please don't be taking it seriously.

The gk jet bike sketches did not look at all like sammaels...no plasma gun. Knights on them has nfw in lance style. Very bullet bike rider stance...ie leaning forward over bike, not upright like marine bikes. Had the swept front faring, but not wing motifs. Looked like tl storm bolters under slung beneath handles. Very aggressive looking. Too bad they got 86d.

Oh, and I almost got eaten by a crocodile yesterday. They are fast... What fun.
Stickmonkey posted an interesting picture of the new GK walker :p
Stickmonkey said:
Made it to the Daintree. Man it's beautiful. Have internet. Woo hoo.

To respond to the WL of justicars being treated similar to WG, don't place bets on that.

As far as TAGK as troops? I havent seen anything indicating this. However, I do recall a discussion of TAGK filling roles in two slots though, possible H and E.

And finally, Found a preview of the walker. It's even painted inquisition red. ;P
lordjerry777 pointed me towards a FW poster I have not seen before, I dont know how new this picture is but it could be a few years or so. Look at URL for the original poster, I resized it to make it easier to see.

So Games Day US came and went with not much to show for in my opinion. From what I have seen so far only 3 things have come out of it, a DE picture drawn by Blanche at the event, a FW necron mini thats not codex related and a small note that FW may or may not make some Inquisition/Sisters of Battle models late next year.
From the rumours going around the net and what I have gathered I think the 40k release schedule will look something like this:
Dark Eldar
Grey Knights
Sisters of Battle
So necrons next summer and Sisters next autumn or winter. Im sure GW would want to hammer on some Spheez Mahreenz on there somewhere though...

Stickmonkey is at it again, this time posting a list of things that the GK codex could contain. He is not saying these are in the codex. He is telling people, who thinks that GKs are too small an army to get their own codex, that this is what GW could base the book around.
Stickmonkey said:
Inquisitor lord
Chapter master
Chapter deacon
Master of the library
Veteran gk
Super elite retinue gk
Gk greater daemon specialists
Fast attack gk
Support gk
Gk support vehicles
Gk insertion vehicles
Gk scouters
Gk dreads

You really believe they cannot build a fully fleshed out army from just this list, with unique and distinct choices? No this is not rumor, but just off the top of my head it's pretty easy to see where they could go.

However, this thread is leaning heavily towards wl and not rumor discussion now. Get back on track soon or they will close it.

So here's my latest bit:

Chaos icons work to oppose Gk units teleport ability. A unit with a chaos icon will block the ability of Gk to teleport into battle within the icons area of influence. I'm hearing that there may also be other items that hinder this deployment tactic from other armies as well.
Stickmonkey made a comment about the new fluff in the GK codex for those interested.
With "roles" he might mean librarians, chaplains and other titles not currently in the DH codex.
Stickmonkey said:
The organization of GKs chapter being fleshed out has opened a number of new "roles"

The relation of Ordos Malleus to the Inquisition is also expanded upon

Officio Assassinorum also has an interesting fluff piece...albeit very short
It seems the APU walker rumours are true, Stickmonkey just confirmed it pretty much.
If you dont know the Avatar stats you can look at this link
Valerian said:

I received a similar note concerning this purported Walker via PM from someone that I trust. He said this "exo-armour" had stats/abities reminiscent of an Avatar.
Stickmonkey has posted some corrections to his Psycannon stats, its starting to look really good. I do however think GKs might be stealin a bit of Sisters Ignore Cover abilities, then again I guess the GK will need it since they will be such a low modelcount army.
Wait what? Do you guys hear that? I think its the Daemon players crying about Anointed Armor, TA getting to reroll failed armor and inv saves is just nasty. Give them SS and TH and most people will be crying when they teleport around the board and assault.
Stickmonkey said:
Corrected Psycannon profile (updated with new info):
24" A3 AP3 S6, no invul saves, pinning test for units or models with psykers.
or 36" H1 AP4 S5 5" blast, no invul saves, no cover saves. (does not cause psyker pinning)

Incinerator, no profile changes noted: S5 AP4 A1 template, no invul or cover saves.

GK Annointed Armor: All GKs (TA, PA, AA, etc.) wear ornate armor which has been blessed and annointed to provide additional protection both physically and spiritually. Any GK may always Re-roll any failed armor, invul, or cover saves.

Disclaimer: Please remember these are PT notes. These may not be in the final codex.
Stickmonkey said:
Some bits:

Annointed Armor is not wargear. Has point cost. Works w/ SS. Not as good at might seem...(aka something else to this rule I dont know yet)

'Out the Heretic' is well received by PT

'Shrouding' basically unchanged...aka nightfighting...one source suggests possible grant 6+ cover save (commentary: does this work with Annointed armor? IDK)

'Rites of Exorcism' daemon units charging as if into diff terrain.

'Aegis' enemy Psykers w/i 12" take psychic tests with +1d6
Dice Like Thunder has a new podcast out, ep 97, they decided to do a UStream cast this time. Its a very long episode with allot of random stuff and some really interesting rumours for DE, GK and WH.
Dice Like Thunder said:
80% chance of Jan release, will be codex GK, maybe Necrons in April, Witch Hunters will be a White Dwarf update a few months later (WTF?!).
Release items : PAGK 10man plastic kits, TAGK 5man plastic kit, some GK walker; think best items from SW and BA for dread, stormraven, GK upgrade kits for Rhinos and less likely Razorbacks, no allies, IG like fodder units.
Dread upgrades : Librarian, psycannon, purge weapon large pie plate.
Special Rules : Can cause instability tests in daemons and pinning for everyone else.
Justicar IC with some Mephiston Abilities.
Some Paladin upgrades.
New Inquisitor
New Stern
Nemesis Force Weapon Standardized : PA=PW, wounds daemons on 2+ TA=Force Weapon, wounds daemons on 2+, most squads have anti psyker powers, heavy on the disabling side.
S6 Rending, Psycannon 24" S6 Ap3 anti daemon psyker ability, Shrouding = Night Fight, some benefits against daemons
They basically list the things Stickmonkey said but there are some new and interesting stuff in there, well one thing that really got to me.
Will WH be a White Dwarf update? That would suck as some tournaments and shops only allow armies with an actual army book. Does this also mean no new models or plastic sisters? I dont know how they did with the BA PDF, did they release new models or plastic kits back then?
This is some sad rumours if it turns out to be true.

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Rumours Section 6
Stickmonkey over at Warseer posted a PT (Play Test) list of GKs vs an Ork army. It does seem GK will be the most expensive army in the game to field (points wise, lets hope GW dont ask for silly money for the models since you cant field too many of them).
As I suspected GKs will be getting Razorbacks and I think its safe to say the Storm Raven is now confirmed, then again this should be taken as rumours and its from PT so anything can change.
The 10man + chimera points towards IST still being in the codex.
Stickmonkey said:
GK 2000pt AL from PT:

GM w Retinue
Named character

5-man TAGK squad + 2 spec weapons
Dread - unknown configuration

2x 5-man PAGK squad + 1 spec weapon + razorback
10-man ????? squad + chimera

Storm Raven

No Heavies

All I've got for now, but this give an idea of how expensive GKs will be points wise. That is not much on the board for 2k, less than 30 models...
Some interesting stuff here, the TAGK TelePorted in turn 4, since they were already on the board. So it seems TAGK can teleport around the battlefield and assault in the turn they do so. Then again "later" could have meant turn 5. GK does seem like a real powerhouse at this point. Cry some more Daemon players....cry some more....
The PT list posted was played against 2k of Orks including nobs, mek with kff, lots of boys in trukks, a BW and dread mob. It was C&C with DoW.

GKs held most in reserve.
PAGKS in RB came in turn 2 and moved to boys flank. 1 squad got tarpitted with boys, the other fought thru boys to take objective 1.
unknown unit had HQ attached, spent game trading shots with dread mob until TAGKS arrived to help.
TAGKs TP in turn 4 and later assaulted Dread mob. 4 standing at end of game.
The SR took out one trukk turn 3 and the bw turn 5. Dread and HQ w retinue arrived in it and assaulted Nob mob. wiping it out in 1 round. then started after other boys.

It was reported as a pretty one sided battle. GKs nearly unassailable. GK win with 1 objective and second contested in turn 6. supposedly orks were close to 4:1 outnumbering GKs

That all I got on followup. enjoy.
Fine line between WL and rumor discussion, and I think you've crossed it. Please stay on topic.

Interesting bit here. Got to see some layout work on the new codex. I'll confirm the rumors of a fleshed out chapter org chart, but it's not your typical SM structure of 10 companies of 100 marines for sure.

I came across this today, its some sort of fanmade campaign codex and it has some interesting stuff in it.
I read that these guys have been pretty accurate with their fandexes (fandicies?) before.
I found the GK section pretty lacking but I do suggest you take a look at Page 18. It has the Assasinorum entries and it is actually quite good.
Is this what we will be seeing in the GK dex? Are there even assassins in the dex?
Either way its a good read if you are starved for rumours :D

More rumours from the thread over at Warseer.
Stickmonkey said:
I've seen "other" sites reporting I said nfw gave wound daemons on 2+. I never said that. Not sure where that is coming from.

From what I know right now nfw will be +2S across the board as now, but pagks will all count as pw, and tagks will all count as fw. Then on top of that, all nfw gain additional capabilities vs daemons. Plus unit leaders may have master crafted nfw...not sure if it's upgrade or standard.

It was mentioned that GK will have SM Sergeants stats, for those that dont know them you can take a look at this link to GWs homepage.

Some interesting posts in the thread over at Warseer. I hope we will see some more juicy bits coming from that thread.
Harry said:
Stickmonkey said:
Heavy rumors of Jan release. I cannot deny this possibility, but I might be personally inclined to say March, only because some items I expect to be released arent far enough to see how they could be done for Jan release.

Release items:

Codex: there is much less focus on Inquisition aspects, and no SoB. No Allies. A GK army.
There you go.
(I have tried to put you straight on this one ever since you started posting).

I have had them coming in March for a while now (since I got Dark Eldar solid in the Autumn) but I have recently heard from a couple of places January being suggested. Like you, I wouldn't like to say for sure just yet.

Great rumours but there is a fair mix of stuff in your first post. (Some is accurate some misses by a mile).
Can you identify the bits that are based on first hand info, collected rumours from the mintynet and the guesswork.
Maybe some sort of colour coding.

Irbian said:
Anything about artificer armour?
The one thing I have posted about Grey Knights is they all wear artificer armour.

MadCowCrazy said:
Have you heard anything about Sisters of Battle? Any hints at all which army might be after GKs?

All of the DH and WH units have been reduced to blisters so this should mean Sisters should be soon after GK. Any info on maybe a Sisters or Inquisition ally codex?
The Sisters of battle project was started a fairly soon after the Grey Knights.
Not right after .... a little while after.

Ominous Anonymous said:
Stickmonkey, in addition to the jetbike rumor we also heard (from Harry) something like PA GK having a 2+ save.....
No ... all I have said is they wear artificer armour.
So Sisters were started "fairly soon" after GK, not sure exactly what that means but I think its fair to say we will see them sometime next year. Maybe not the codex after GK but soon after that.

More stuff from Stickmonkey.
Harry is absolutely right.
I have tried very hard to make sure everyone is aware my sources are not 100% solid. I am privy to "some" early design side info, and "some" PT notes or 2nd hand accounts. Occasionally I will be told information that is "permissible" to publish but always with the caveat that I may be fed misinformation. From what I've said in the past I think a few people here may know exactly what I do. But I still have to write a disclaimer up each time I post.

Back to info:
The basic GK marine profile looks very similar to a SM sergeant.

The box sets should all be plastic.

I've seen other people posting rumors of a penitent engine style walker, with a PAGK driver...I have absolutely no confirmation of such a beast. However, if GW wanted to avoid the cries of "GK dont have Dreads, it isnt fluffy" that could be a way...

While External Allies rules are gone by all accounts, it does not mean allies in the codex are gone. Inquisition forces ARE present, just not as dominant. And you will recognize others.

A conversation earlier centered around an ability named "Out the Heretic" which could be used against non-daemon forces causing one unit to "count as" daemons.

Some models "may" be on display at GDUK.
While the discussion was about units...the rule name was "Out the Heretic" not Heretics...so that could be telling...or not. ;)

Personally, I expect this rule, if it makes the codex to be more similar to the "Sarge is acting strange" rule.

Yay, update time. There has been nothing to report on for almost 4 weeks. Too much Rockethammer going around and nothing for 40K.
Stickmonkey is back over at Warseer and he has some juicy GK rumours for us, both good and bad ones.
Stickmonkey said:
So there's been some buzz elsewhere about GK, and it's been a while for me here so here's some bits and pieces.

Heavy rumors of Jan release. I cannot deny this possibility, but I might be personally inclined to say March, only because some items I expect to be released arent far enough to see how they could be done for Jan release.

Release items:

Codex: there is much less focus on Inquisition aspects, and no SoB. No Allies. A GK army.

Storm Raven. obvious choice. Options for BA, GK and ???

TA knights: 5 pack, Paladin upgrades, squad upgrades. Psycannon, NFW, SSTH, banner?

PA knights: 10 pack, justicar upgrades, squad upgrades, extra bits. NFW, psycannon, incinerator, banner?

walker: There have been some rumors of a GK driven walker. I have not personally seen this in any incarnation. However, there is a boxed walker of some type. I suspect this is a dreadnaught box set that will also have bits for BA.

Tank: I have not seen mention of a GK troop transport. Rhino based with psycannon options has been in some PT. I list this as possible, but unlikely, 4 box sets of this size are about par for a release, 5 would be a surprise.

New Stern

New Chaplain?

Justicar upgrade character

Paladin upgrade character

Inquisition character

2 other blisters unknown contents

Later release of GK themed terrain set? Concepts are out and some "preview" shots are floating around if you hunt. Nothing more I can say on this.

Rule bits, these are very subject to revision, but not for much longer, to hit a Jan/Mar window codex needs to be tied up and sent to printers soon:

NFW lose the changing abilities based on rank of user. standardized to PA NFW is PW with special abilities vs Daemons, TA NFW is FW with same.

Some interesting Psychic abilities. just about all squads have psychic options. Heavy on they disabling side. Enemy psychers beware.

Not a lot of Mech. But quick to deploy.

Psycannon profile PT changes to 24" H3 AP3 S6, special against daemons and psychics. or if unmoving 5" blast 36" range

Army wide. Daemonic Infestation makes summoned demons less instable?

No allies from/to other Codii. new fodder units in codex. not same as guard units.

New options for Dreadnaughts including libby. psycannon arm. Purge weapon...large pie plate, special abilities include forcing instability test for daemons, including DoC armies, pinning in other armies.

All for now.


So Jan or March release? No Allies was expected and it seems we have finally gotten "confirmation" its a GK standalone codex. Im a bit sad at this but you cant have everything.
Less focus on Inquisition, so this means there will still be Inquisitors in the army. Does this mean there wont be a Inquisition supplement or Ally codex as there has been some rumours for?

Boxes : Storm raven was obvious, plastic TA and PA knights as well. A walker of some sort, I bet its the Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought with a GK sprue in it with Psycannon, NFW and Incinerator options.
Rhino based with psycannon, if I remember correctly there is a Razorback version that has the Psycannon option (atleast my Sisters got ownd by another player using that on Vassal.
7 blisters? That sounds a bit high but it does make sense since the GK is a small and elite army so GW wouldnt make single character plastic kits like they do for SM...
2 blisters with unknown contents, if GW are lazy I would bet 1 blister with Dread Psycannon and NFW. If this is the case Im buying the FW ones.
New Psycannon seems interesting, sounds like they are making the army a 24" army similar to sisters who are 12-24".

Seems promising, will be interesting to see what kind of inducted units they can take, not same as guard units is interesting. Does it mean units from other codicies or that they are IG but with other statlines and called something else.

With regard to the "fodder" units. Dont mistake my use of the term for them being worthless or untrained. But compared to a GK...yes they would be fodder.

I did not have the CSM book near me, but I thought summoned daemons in CSM did still have an instability rule? Regardless this Purge weapon has a special ability to cause it.
The infestation rule as described depended on some form of instability for certain daemonic units. I dont have any other info on it. Like I said, the rules info I have is subject to change.

Another bit I missed is chaos icons do not function within X" of GK units...this is GK only units not other units included in the army list. So GK in TA, AA, or PA. Not sure of GK vehicles or walkers. I think this is tied to the hoods.

Of note compared to prior posts, gone are any references to or imagery of Jetbike riding GK. I'm disappointed by this, as I think a unit of GK on jetbikes would have been pretty cool. Expecially since they were supposed to be optionally fast attack or could take a unit upgrade to an elites slot.


PS: Am aware of the Codices correct usage. but add a p and an e and you've got a bit of armor... :) Codii is not a word at all, but if the meaning is conveyed in context, does it make much more of an issue than lol or OMG? :p
Psychic hood now cancels marks? Thats pretty interesting, I bet it would cause psychers to have to roll powers on 3D6 similar to the board wide thing Eldar have as well as the psychic war diceoff other SM codicies have for their hoods.

40K Radio has just come out with their second podcast (though they say its their first true podcast since the other one was introduction, though it says 2 on the site... you do the math),
in it they mention some GK and DE rumours. For GK they talk about the stormraven and things like that but in the rumours section at around 38:50min they mention that DH/WH items have been pulled from the store. This started happening back in February so a bit late on this rumour but they do mention that the new helms from FW could maybe be Daemonhunters or Witch Hunters themed. FW has said they fit into the 42st millennium but they also mention that Jervis lied Romeo about space hulk last year when he got to ask Jervis who told him "I can quarantee you we have no plans to relaunch Space Hulk" :)
So pre Heresy or Grey Knight helms?

Personally I would say there is no way this could be a GK, not enough details, looks too old school and the powerpack looks like its an old steam engine.
FW website says they are MK III IRON ARMOUR so its not related to GKs, correct me if Im wrong though or if Im mistaken on the FW model I think they are talking about.

They also mention that there is a picture going around on the net showing some GW graphics artists monitor with a GK codex cover on it. I have not seen this picture, if someone knows about this picture please send me a link or post a reply with a link to where I can see it. If its fake or not who knows but I would still like to see it.

At 49:30 they say "I just hope I see a Stormraven when the Daemonhunter/Witch Hunter books comes out". So more combined codex speculation? Will be interesting to see what the rumours say in the next couple of months, combined vs GK solo dex : FIGHT!

Yes, Im pretty starved for new rumours. If you know something or see or hear something you think I might be interested in please do let me know.

Dice Like Thunder ep 93 is out. They talk about the WH&DH PDFs amongst other things.
Dice Like Thunder

While searching bloggers for GK rumours Ive stumbled upon these
I found an old post by Jawaballs claiming the Stormraven and Plastic GK terminators will come in September. This was posted on the 5th of May so take it with allot of salt since we know there is a Fantasy starter set coming in September
Jawaballs said:
Grey Knight Rumors: Incoming Storm Raven!
Based on reliable sources, the Storm Raven will be making it's debut this September, along with plastic GK terminators and a plethora of other models. What does this mean for all of our sweet little conversions? Were they a waste of time? Hell no, we had fun didnt we?

The new model will be a huge boon for GW. Blood Angels and Grey Knights were two hugely anticipated armies, perhaps more so with the GKs. Giving the GKs the storm raven was a stroke of genius to increase their hype even more. They will sell a boat load. Since every one who has ever played Dawn of War the video game absolutely loves Grey Knights, every fan will be dieing to build an army. I sure will! I started 40k with Daemonhunters (because I liked GKs from DoW) I have since sold off the models I collected, but a new codex and model line will surely get me back into the fold! Plus I have been looking for an alternative to my Blood Angels for a while. GKs will give me that push I need. What about Dark Eldar? I will definitely be making a DE army when that book comes out too.

Until then, this little beauty pictured above is available for sale. Comment here if you are interested!

Fritz over at Saimhann believes GK are set for a Jan release, he seems utterly convinced too. Im starting to wonder if there is room for a 40k release this year? The only slot left would be November but dont GW usually release a 40K codex, then fantasy, then 40K. So 2 40K codicies right after each other?
Fritz said:
Grey Knights Codex Release: 1/2011
You have been hearing the whispers in the warp, and they are true.... I'm calling it here and now so I can later say "told you so"- a Daemonhunter codex release in the January 2011 40K slot, and I'm not just pulling comments and rumors from the local boards. I've got my own source in the warp...

Start stocking up on those models now that nobody wants, and all the GK / DH stuff you can get cheap on r. market and b. town. GK's are going to make BA look like twilight emo rejects, but the question remains will they be able to dethrone IG? Probably not as they will still be a small elite based army, but packing a serious punch- base nemesis force weapons = S6 rending power weapons, and look for a new GK dread variant that makes a joke of furioso libby dreads and Bjorn...

Dark Eldar...Dark who? Sadly space marine seem to sell, drug using space elves don't!
Bindi Baji had some interesting things to say about the GK codex. CSM chatter? Id rather see another 3ed codex get updated before we got more Spheez Mahreenez :crazy:
GK codex is currently being put together (fluff, art) and playtesting is happening now.
dead centre january is the date it's pencilled in for,
curiously enough the date seems to be more "in stone" then anything not related to 8th edition fantasy.

additionally there is CSM + O&G chatter

Was going around looking for rumours when I came across a post saying there were some GK rumours over at Librarium Online. Since Ive never been there I decided to take a look.
I found this post in the Dark Eldar section.
The Hawk said:

Latest sniff around the web, and have seen some things of interest.

For all fo you Wych Cult fans out there, you would be delighted to here that Lelith is in, an is getting totally redone. Whatever is not being dropped is being tweaked. Hopefully we will finally see a 4+ invulnerable save in close combat like NORMAL Wyches this time.

I don't want to dampen anyone's day with this next one, but there is rumors that there is going to be a Khemri release out soon. This means to coincide with Warhammer Fantasy release, that the anticipated Tomb Kings will be set. I am so hoping that this happens AFTER our release, and that for the... (counts fingers) 23rd time we are not postponed!

Grey Knights are all but confirmed for a January release which leaves plenty of room open for us to breathe. Necrons may be due in March/April next year as well. But you know GW. The DE could be replaced with the Necrons. 99% chance of not happening, but there is still room open for us to have all of our air sucked clean from us.

And in great tradition to keep up with what the DE are all about, Grotesques are in, depsite popular belief, and there rules are suppossed to be so that even Marneus Calgar will go home crying to mommy. Hopefully we get to see a LD check and modifier that ignores Fearless and Stubborn, and actually works!

Some great new Special Characters are making appearences as well. And the existing ones are either getting entirely new models ( sucks to be those that own Vect ), or being removed utterly. If trends are to kee continuing, we should be seeing 2-3 of our existing ones kept, with maybe 4-5 new ones being added.

And thank Slaanesh, it seems that Kruellagh is being removed!

Nothing game shattering here, except if we see some high profile SCs being included. And, as of now (should've done this before) I dub THIS thread right here the OFFICIAL LO Dark Eldar Rumors Thread. So post rumors HERE, unless you want your eyes pecked out.

Good Hunting.

PS: I know I am being quite egotistical about asking, but if there is a sweet nice moderator out there who could find it in their dark abyss of a beating heart to sticky this thread, I would personally sacrfice 100 bulls in their name... if they are into that type of stuff. I know it is wrong to ask a thread that you created to be a stickied, but I feel that this would gain much more attention than what it is currently receiving, and would be far more beneficial to fellow Dark Eldar players who have waited so many damned years for these type of rumors. I will put sugar on top of this pretty please if you want me to???

Good Hunting.
I did manage to find the rumours post so take it for what it is. It does make me wonder if Sisters might be in the GK codex?
Lord Borak said:
Just a wee snippet I heard about the new Kngihts. Terminators will be plastic, New walkers that looked like they were straight out of Matrix 3. Crewed by Knights.

Plus some Dark Eldar stuff but we don't care about that
Lord Borak said:
One of my mates had a wee tour around the Studio and saw lots of shiney new things in the Cabinets up there

All he told me about the Dark Eldar is that there were the most beautiful models GW have ever produced. I'll see if I can get some more info from him on Saturday. The beer flows and peoples mouths tend to start talking.

I'll update it when I hear more!
The only model GW makes that even remotely resembles the APU walker from The Matrix happens to be the Penitent Engine. GK getting Penitent Engines? The only army allowed to field them is the Ecclesiarchy which the SoB are part of. So if this rumour is true does that mean a new walker ripping off the APU/Penitent Engine? or the Ecclesiarchy part of the codex?
If the Ecclesiarchy was part of the GK codex then the Sisters of Battle would have to be as well because the Ecclesiarchy teaming up with GK does not really make much sense without Sisters.
Im sure they could make up some fluff turning the Ecclesiarchy into something similar to the Inquisition, so maybe you can field some Inquisitorial stuff and some Ecclesiarchy stuff in the new GK codex but without Sisters it just would not make sense to me. Then again its GW we are talking about... :crazy:

Will Grey Knights fighting Daemons look something like this with the new codex?
P.S. This is why Open Topped sucks, Enclosed Crew Compartment upgrade plz :(

Also found this post.
Jared van Kell said:
As it stands from my source (and no I will not tell you my source for obvious reasons) it goes like this. As I said this is still a work in progress so it is likely this may have changed.

Normal Grey Knights/Justicar - Powerweapon, Wounds daemons on a 2+.
Grey Knight Terminators/Paladin - Powerweapon, Wounds daemons on a 2+ (Possibility may be master-crafted)
Brother Captain - Forceweapon, Wounds daemons on a 2+ (Possibility may be master-crafted)
Grand Master - Forceweapon, Wounds daemons on a 2+, Re-roll invulnerable saves (Again possibility may be master-crafted).

With regards to the terminators the Nemesis Forceweapon will not be the main draw but rather the psychic powers that the Paladin will be able to use, which will be quite nasty. I also have heard that they will be retaining their ability to take thunder hammers and storm shields but again at an increased cost similar to the Blood Angels.

Please remember these are still only rumours and should be treated as such until further confirmation arrives. Apply salt and/or common sense to taste.
When the WH/DH pdfs came out I sent a "nerd rage" email to GW complaining about it. I was fishing for info and it seems to have worked yet again (it seems the more abusive you are the more willing they seem to provide you with a little bit of reassurance).

GW Customer Support said:
Hi there

As we have all the details of your address and account with us we can delete them for you so you are no longer are an online customer with us and cancel/refund/exchange any of the details you wish. If you have any problems or issues in the future we can ring you if necessary to discuss and problem if it is easier for you.

Please, realize that we are not here to be abused by our registered customers or anyone else and will not in the future tolerate such petty abusive childish attitudes towards us, who are here to help you. Any further such behavior will get no response or help.

However, you were clearly not lied too. That is not what we are here to do.
We are here to help when and where we can.

The email you have included does not state this year and says in the near future. And it is correct.

How has this lied to you? It is simply a case of waiting. I will tell you that some point within the next year or so we should expect to see them.

We have no further details as this is confidential information that even we our selves get little information about.

But as the codex's have been taken off sale and the models are still there, it is clearly likely that that an update will be there in the future.

Any one can see that the codex's on line were not part of an update.
Think about it. The codex is not on sale... What if you own one and it is damaged or you wish to try out the army but cant get the rules...

What would you do? You could not do anything (I could torr..erm, ur right, I could do nothing). It would be bad of us to sell the models and not have some means of still obtaining the rules for the above reasons. That is a very good thing.

I think it becomes clear this way. No lies at all from us. You have misread and over reacted to the situation in a completely rude and ill considered manner.

I sincerely hope you do not get rid of your models or ruin your hobby to spite yourself. I think in the next year you will see what is coming out and be very happy with it. There would likely be a lot more new items also. However your current Grey knights would still be usable in any new army.

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us on 0115 914 0000 and we will be happy to help.
A few interesting bits in this email.
I will tell you that some point within the next year or so we should expect to see them.
Within the next year or so we should expect to see THEM. So does this mean we will get a new WH/SoB codex sometime next year?
I think in the next year you will see what is coming out and be very happy with it.
There would likely be a lot more new items also.
However your current Grey knights would still be usable in any new army.
Does this mean within 1 year or starting next year? As in GK being released in Jan for instance?
A lot more new items? Sounds goooood :D
The last statement should be ignored, I wrote another email to them apologizing for my first mail and he said he meant WH and not GK. So does this mean I will be able to ally Sisters into other armies but not GK?

GW Customer Support said:
Hi there

I do understand your frustration and of-course it is
disappointing when people give you different answers.

I meant witch hunters not grey knights, that was my typing error,
however, you will also be happy with Grey-knights in the near future.

The miss print on allies in the PDF is just that and we are looking at
getting it sorted out. Either way I have been told that this does not in
anyway alter the current codex. So for the time being allies are still
The email I got from them back in March said an Inquisition codex was to be done in the "near future", not sure what near future is to GW but it seems to be around 1 years time. I guess you could take this as confirmation that the codex will indeed be GK but take it with a piece of salt since customer support at GW sometimes know less than the public...

GW Customer Support March 2010 said:
Hi there

Daemonhunters and Witchhunters are not being discontinued. The codexes and a number of products have been removed from the range as we are looking to do a new Inquisitorial codex at some point in the near future.

I would recommend keeping an eye on the website and in White Dwarf for developments on this product.

I hope this helps.

There was some Vindicare rules rumours over at DakkaDakka, take with a spoonful of salt since last time someone posted rules rumours over there they were later revealed to be made up.
Tek said:
I was talking to a Redshirt last weekend about the lack of Allies in the new GH/WH Codex. He neither confirmed nor denied this, but seemed to give off an air that Allies are indeed gone.

He did however say he "knew the new assassins rules" and preceeded to tell me the rules for the new Vindicare. As always, redshirt blabber can always use a nice pinch of salt, but this is interesting nonetheless.

The Exitus Rifle bestows BS10 on the wielder. This means a 2+ to hit, with a 2+ reroll if missed, as per the rulebook. Essentially 2+ TL.
Can't remember the AP value, but I imagine it's 1.

Shield Breaker round now not only ingores Inv., but actually removed that model's ability to gain an Inv. (this supposedly represents the Vindi's super-sniper ability; he's actually shot the refractor field generator, or the warpstone, or the intangible link to the warp :S)
Turbo-Pen Inflicts D6 wounds, and is super-good against vehicles (don't remember this bit)

I don't remember much else, but essentially the Stealth Suit and Spy Mask are now uber-awesome, and he will will allegedly be a very expensive dude. I wish I could reme,ber everything he told me, it sounded epic.

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Rumours Section 7
While reading the usual forums I came across this. Take it for what it is, if it is true we will have to wait until late July/August before we would know if GK got the October slot.
I do believe we will see a 40k codex in October but which one I cant say for sure.
Since they have told us what's in the September slot I would expect them to tell us what's in the October slot sometime next month.
However, this is what some of the rumours suggest. So if we look at the below statement could it mean GK getting released sooner? Its hard to judge since we have 3 rumoured release dates for GK; Oct, Dec and Jan with Oct and Jan being the more reasonable. So if its earlier than the rumours suggest then Oct would seem the most likely. I guess a December release is plausible if GW launches the StormRaven in hopes for a new Vendetta sales record just in time for Christmas.
Then again the little birdies tells me to burn stuff all the time so use your own judgement regarding this rumour
Originally Posted by Lerra
A little birdy told me to expect the removal of allies in the GK codex. He also says to expect the codex "earlier than the rumors are suggesting." He just sold his GK army so that he could paint up the new models when they are released (he said that the new models are looking pretty stellar, on par with the new Dark Eldar models). He's not planning to be without his army for very long.

GW is being very tight-lipped about the GK release, and he said to expect it to be very quiet on the rumor front until 2 months before release.

I'm still taking this with a grain of salt (I want to keep my daemonhost ally ) but the source seemed reliable and I can confirm that he has contacts with the higher-ups in GW.
Was listening to The 11th Company Podcast Ep 22 and at around 150 minutes in, when talking about the Elite section of the space marine codex, one guy mentions that Inquisitors with mystics are going away in December.
This statement is kinda of curious, GK in December then? Something GW has never done before but would make sense if they launched the storm raven at the same time.

timsmith just posted a link to a blog post.
Originally Posted by timsmith View Post
just spotted this link over on the GK forum. Havent seen it yet so thought id post it.

fritz is a well respected tournament player and it shouldnt be blown streight out of the water. But we have heard things before.
Originally Posted by Fritz
So GW has just put up the Daemonhunter codex online: Link Here if you want to grab it. I was hoping they would fix the assault cannon from heavy 3 to 4 with rending but oh well. However, this only confirms to me the rumors, and a tip off that I can't name yet that Daemonhunters are the next codex to drop in the October slot. If half of what I have heard is true the new 'knights are going to make Blood Angels look like Twilight emo rejects in terms of being over powered- S6 power weapons with rending as standard...oops did I say that...

Dark Eldar players take another punch in the nuts and go back to the end of the line...(Well Said :D)
S6 rending weapons was posted by the guy over at DakkaDakka who later said he made it all up so take this with a grain of salt. I would really like GK to be next but who knows.

Beasts of War have an extensive video up where they talk about the Geek Nations Tour (TUUR).
They mention they are unsure what will be next, DE or GK so they have changed their minds from saying GK are next to being unsure :D
YouTube- Inside BOW: Geek Nation Tours

Bell of Lost Souls has a small article about Radical Daemonhunters. Nothing new but its still worth a look if you like radical Inquisitors. They mention GK is rumours for a Jan 2011 release but nothing concrete on a release date. While waiting for new information its worth the read.
Radical Daemonhunters

Just some general thoughts on my part. With the Fantasy rumours today it seems that there will be a Fantasy starter box in September.
From what I know its called Island of Blood and is to be released in September, no news yet on races but people have been talking High Elves and Skaven.
I was hoping for a 40k release in September but that seems very unlikely right now. This puts us in a rather tight spot for DE and GK this year.
The people who usually bring us rumours claim DE are next and October would be a likely month for a release, on the other hand a few webshops say GK will be out this year.
I would like to see both but I seriously doubt that will happen though there have been some speculation about a December release for the GK tied in with a Stormraven release just in time for Christmas.
This rumour has been shot to pieces by allot of people simply because GW has never had a new release in December, only boxed sets and bundle deals.
So where does this put us? This is my personal speculation from what Ive gathered around the web, its in NO way official.
October : 40K Release, most likely Dark Eldar
November : Fantasy Release
December : Christmas bundles and sets
January : 40K Release, most likely Grey Knights

SamaNagol over at Warseer claims that UK Managers have seen DE plastics over at GW HQ. Take this with a HUGE bucket of salt, people are saying its not true.
Originally Posted by SamaNagol
Managers of UK Stores have seen DE plastics at head office during a course recently. GK models have not yet been seen by any of the store employees. This would imply that GK are still too far off to allow chatty managers to be shown them.

As 8th Ed Fantasy rulebooks are now in stores to read and pre-order for their mid-July release, and the Boxed Set has been confirmed as a September release, there will be a 40k Codex in October and it will be Dark Eldar firs
Some news for the GKs vs DE next codex battle. BOLS has posted some rumoured weapons profiles for the DE army.
Im starting to believe DE will be next with GKs to follow early next year. Argh, why cant they come out and tell us already
Its been a long quiet while on the Dark Eldar front, but here is a taste of rumored weapon stats that have been floating about out there:

Splinter Rifle: 12" S:2 AP:5 Rapid Fire, Poisoned (4+)
Splinter Pod: 18" S:3 AP:5 Assault 2, Poisoned (4+)
Splinter Cannon: 24" S:2 AP:5 Heavy 6, Poisoned (4+)

Still no solid word on schedule, but the smart money is now leaning toward a Dark Eldar unveiling at Games Day UK, with a full release in October on the heels of the Fantasy 8th boxed set.

~Standard caveats on all this stuff until copies of the Dark Eldar codex are in our greedly little hands, but there is a lot of food for thought in those stats. In particular I like the feel of an army using a standard sidearm with the stats that Splinter Rifle has. It would be the most distinctive basic weapon to hit the tabletop since the Tau Pulse Rifle. Time will tell how close to mark these may be.

Blue Table Painting has a video out on youtube where they talk about starter armies.
At 6:38 they mention that DH are coming out later this year so dont buy any of those yet, dont buy WH either but they just said they are too expensive (which is true).
They say DE are imminent so dont waste any money on those either.
YouTube- BTP Musings- Good 40K Armies for...

Was pointed to a thread over at Warseer, it seems Jervis responded to an email sent to him asking about the GK and SoB.
Take from it what you want, I did get the impression that DE are next from reading this. That they still have things to do on both GK and SoB but this is just me trying to read between the lines
Originally Posted by viking657
Dear XXXX,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your recent letter, and apologise for the very late reply. Unfortunately the number of letters I recieve means that I can't reply personally to all of them, but I did want to let you know that I had recieved and read yours, and really appreciated the fact you took the time to write. Please don't hesitate to get in touch again; I read all of the mail I recieve and find it really helps to keep me in touch with the grass roots of the hobby.

Then its signed by Jervis

P.S Don't worry, neither the Grey Knights nor the Sisters have been forgotten. We have plans for both - its just that, like the Dark Eldar, it will take a while for these plans to reach fruition.
Found a new podcast that just came out with their first episode. Life After the Cover Save is a new podcast about 40k. They talk about 40k in general and at 38:45 they have a small news section where they mention they believe Dark Eldar are next.
So which is next? DE or Inquisition? All this waiting is driving me mad


Just listened to this audio book because its story also involves Sisters of Battle. The audio book refer to allot of things in 40k, like Codex Grey, Bolters, Pintle mounted weapons, flamers and heavy flamers, melta guns and bombs. It is accurate to the tabletop in EVERY regard...except for one thing. It mentions that Immolators have Inferno Cannons.
"A pair of Immolator battletanks spearheaded the Ecclesiarchy counterassault. Their Inferno cannons were short ranged but deadly."
Is this a hint of whats to come? The author not knowing what the Immolator is armed with even though everything else related to the tabletop is accurate? I dont know when Fireborn was actually made but its not that old. Could the author have gotten a preview look at what the Immolator will be armed with in the next codex?
Probably just a mistake on the authors part, then again I remember reading that the Hellhound tank was engineered to perfection from using the Immolator designs which were incomplete.

Dice Like Thunder has ep 90 out of their podcast about Warhammer 40k.
They believe Dark Eldar are next and scheduled for a Septemberish release.

Modelling-Mayhem is at it again. A few people were sceptical about what I found on their website and commented about it. So the Modelling-Mayhem guy made this reply.
This is in no way a confirmation the Inquisition is next, its just a reply to all the NaySayers (Read the first Horus Heresy book if you dont know this reference)
Originally Posted by modelling-mayhem View Post
I'd Happily put my house and money on the fact that WH and DH are up next! The foundations are already set for this...

Codex = Removed from sale
Models = Removed from sale

Everyone is chatting about DE or Crons next up and this month and that month blah blah!! But the one thing they are over looking is the fact that:

DE = still available on many Indie sites for sale - and no not just left over stock
Crons = Still available too!

Go figure!! I think we are set for DH and WH definately, and im more than happy to stand in defence of my opinion. Whether this will be a combined Dex or seperates I am not in the light but as far as the pdf's being released on GW site these are just 3rd ed.

If they were anything else then GW would have them placed in WD and charge us £4 to have a nosy at!!

Btw Hello Heresy : )


White Russian posted a link to some really awesome fan art today. Some believe it to be a GK codex cover, novel etc etc. I think its just a piece of fan art, its awesome none the less :D
Originally Posted by White Russian

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1011x791.

I may not be the brightest person with uber search-fu skillz, but can someone please shed light on this.
It looks to me like fan art, but why there are GW and 40k markings on that picture? Is this a novel or something else?

Bits and Kits believe DH and WH are next.
Im starting to get hopeful, I did past my Act of Faith roll with an 8 on a 3D6 (2D6 as normal, +1D6 for doubt and got 5,2 and a 1) roll last night so I still have some hope left.
Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy
Originally Posted by fynn View Post
well i dont want to disagree, but according to there website, and a thread over on dakdaka, theyve only just started stocking GW in the last month, so if that is the case, that got there DE stock from somewhere
Exactly, this is why I found it interesting. They havent even sorted out half the stuff they are going to be selling yet. So how were they able to get DE stock?
Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
All items that were available at the start of the year for indies are still order able now including the codex, the dark eldar are not next the DH and WH are next after deamons
Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
Hard to say, alot of what they are doing is standard procedure, models removed from the indie ordering list means one of three things, new box art,models moved to online only or new codex, but if the codex is removed from the order list at the same time as the core models then its a new codex situation.This has been the case for the last 2 and half years with only space marines being the exception and even then some of the model were unavaiable for a short period because of box art.

A few things are out of the ordinary, firstly this is happening to two ranges at the same time in the same game system and those two armies have close links,leading to speculation of a combined codex.
Secondly DH core troops are still available online from GW direct, this could mean they have alot of back stock or it could point to seperate codexs but released close together and its just the timing and nature of the sales that means they apear to be linked but infact GW knew with current sales level clearing the back log of DH would take longer than clearing the back log of WH stock.
Thirdly PDF codex's this to me is the biggest proof that they are coming next, the paper codex is gone so what better way to market a soon to be released army than to put the old out dated codex on to the website for free? that means anyone who may be interested in starting the army that does not current own the paper codex can read it for free which translates in to sales for the new paper codes when it is released, this type of technique is employed by retailers all the time, give a customer something for nothing that costs you nothing, hook them in with the freebie and reel them in.Dont forget GW survives by selling new products to new collectors,veterans who already own a DH or WH army are not GW target market,hard to understand but the maths is simple,if you have 2000 points of WH on your shelf you are not likely to purchase another 2000 points of models and a codex just because new model are released. When the eldar codex came out i replaced war walkers and wraithlords, everything else i liked but ignored.
This arena of selling to collectors is something GW are getting better at, unlike most other things in our world Minis are not really a disposable item and due to the nature of the animal most gamers look after there armies so breakages and natural wastage are very small,from a retail point of view that's a bad thing because it means you dont get many repeat sales on anything other than the consumable item like paint and glue, so GW need to make every new army appealing enough to make people want to collect more than one army (or in the case of appocalypse collect more of it)
Just a small tidbit. When talking about all this over at warseer I was pointed to this post
This was posted on the 20th of May, could it be that there is some truth to all of this? Only time will tell, if the codicies are 3ed all of this probably means nothing,
if they on the other hand are 5ed it would most likely mean a release is imminent.
Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
Not sure if anyone is interested or if its been mentioned before, but as an indie trader i can no longer purchase any WH of GK sets, not even the immolater, i think september is the most likely based on my conversation with trade sales today

I called them and got to talk to a very friendly guy. I asked him about the below statements and where he got them from. Basically he told me that he had a tradings account with GW (which all independent stockists have) and that he got the information from there.
When I asked about if he had seen anything about a combined codex he stated that from what he read there would be 2 codicies and that they are the next ones to be released.
Im going to be calling other webshops and different GW stores today to try and milk them for some infp :D This could prove to be a very interesting day.
Then again, maybe he misunderstood what he read, maybe what he saw was simply the PDF release of the old DH and WH codicies.
Im sceptical but maybe I will find something else out from my calls today.

I called Games Workshop and asked them about this.
The person I spoke to did not know where they might have heard these rumours but to his knowledge DH and WH are not get a new release anytime soon.
I asked him about the PDFs and he told me that they are scheduled to be released in the first week of June. I asked if they are updated for 5ed or not and he told me they should be.
He claimed that this was the first time GW has ever released codicies on the website (I reminding him of the old Blood Angel but he said that was not a true codex but the DH/WH will be) and that not much is being changed for them.
To be honest it sounds to me like he doesnt really know much about the release. I still think it will be 3ed but if they have updated rules for 5ed I will be really happy.

Called a GW store in Finland and asked them about the PDF.
I asked if it will be 5ed rules or 3ed rules, he said ofc it will be 5ed. I asked him from where he heard this and he told me "why would they release 3ed rules?"
I told him that people are speculating that it will simply be a copy of the 3ed codicies since you can no longer buy them, this made him change his mind.
He became unsure but was certain the rules would be up on the website soon.

Called a GW store in Sweden and asked about it. It seemed like the guy had never even heard about the PDF release so got nothing from him.
He did say he would expect the rules to be for 5ed but had no idea.

New Webstore
There is a new miniature webshop that has just opened business. This is their announcement thread over at DakkaDakka
The reason Im mentioning this new webstore is that they have some interesting things to say about Daemonhunters and Witchhunters, click to check it out.

Originally Posted by www.modelling-mayhem.co.uk
Games Workshop has released information stating that the next new army and codex is for Witch Hunters. So Modelling-Mayhem will list these items when the new stock is released. Keep checking back for updates!
Originally Posted by www.modelling-mayhem.co.uk
Games Workshop has released information stating that the next new army and codex is for Daemonhunters. So Modelling-Mayhem will list these items when the new stock is released. Keep checking back for updates!
If this is true or not who knows, but there is nothing like this mentioned for DE. They even have Dark Eldar FOR SALE, I have never seen a webshop offer this before. I thought it was direct only? Going to contact the shop and hear what they have to say, this could be interesting :D

I saw a poster refer to the below post over at WarSeer. From what I have gathered it seems DE are next but could there be any truth to this post?
With the fake rumours posted over at DakkaDakka Im very sceptical on unknown people posting rumours.
Many people have commented that Jervis and a few others have said there will be no combined codex (GK&SoB),
the rulebook mentions Forces of the Imperium rather than DH and WH. Could they have planned to combine them from the start?
I choose to be sceptical, you make up your own minds.
Originally Posted by Pushkin
1. I am aware that other reliable sources have said there will not be a combined codex
2. I am aware that GW staff don't always have access to the best information
3. I am just posting what i heard in a GW store, please no personal remarks.

My girlfriend asked about sisters of battle in a GW store today and was told by a staff member that they are being re-released in October following a presentation at Games Day. He said it would be a combined codex.

As i mentioned in my disclaimer above i am aware many reliable sources have stated that there will not be a combined codex. My GF was asking specifically after sister of battle and he said that they would be part of a combined codex. However, this does fit in with some other rumours that plastic grey knights are being released in October and the fact the Witchhunter and Daemonhunter codexs are going out of print and being moved online.

Anyway thats all i've heard. I don't know whether its true or not.

Bloodofkittens.com has some Dark Eldar Rumours going atm, it also mentions that DE are next and not GK.
Originally Posted by TastyTaste
Typically I leave the rumors to Bell of Lost Souls and Warseer. This time though I been made privy to some great news from a reliable source (at least he thinks he is reliable hehe) concerning the Dark Eldar. These rumors are a mix of new, along with greater clarity of old. So without further ado here is what I gots…

Three new skimmers

1. Vyper/Razorback hybrid transport with many weapon options.
2. “Fighter” designed to take out other skimmers.
3. “Bomber” designed for well bombing…

Mandrakes are in and have scout (duh)

Melta & Lance weapon confirmed str 6 12″ range.

Talos is in, specialized in killing Walkers.

Combat drugs are in and are “streamlined”

Army wide ability which is a cross between Red Thirst and Epidemius tally power (revolves around casualties inflicted)

No vehicle will have an AV higher than 11 (keeping with past editions)

Dark Eldar are a designed as an Alpha Strike army. If you can survive the first turn you will have a good shot of beating them.

Expect a Sept-Nov release. So put away your Nemesis Force Weapons they are not coming till Jan 2011 at the earliest.

As a reminder my site has never done these kinds of rumors before so take that as a warning. As well GW does change it’s mind on a whim. If this information does pans out expect more otherwise I will return to my regularly schedule douchery.
DarkLink over at BOLS has made a short rules rumour compilation for the GK.
Its nice to have it all in one place so if you havent seen them before here they are.
He even linked to this thread :D
Originally Posted by DarkLink
With the WH/DH rumor discussion approaching 80 pages and going strong, I figured I'd post a separate summary of relevant rumors, specifically regarding Grey Knights. Note that this is supposed to be a rough summary. I'm not quoting everything word for word, and I've condensed a lot of the rumors into a quick and easy list of things that may show up in the codex.

First off, because some people still seem to be obsessed with the idea of a combined Inquisition codex;

- Grey Knights and Sisters will be in a seperate codex.

This is from pretty much every single reliable source, and even from people such as Jervis. In fact, not too long ago I recall hearing that JJ said that a "combined inquisition codex is pure fanwank".

There may be a later, separate Inquisition codex or expansion covering all three Ordos. But that is not here, not yet.

As to when it will come out, no one seems to know. However, from recent comments by Harry, it looks like very late 2010, or early 2011. Can't get more precise than that, and no clue how it relates to the DE release.

With that out of the way, here's a summary (not verbatim. These are my words, here.):

Sticky Monkey

-lots of psycannon vehicle upgrades

-GK Jetbikes possible

- Landspeeder variant possible, though Stickymonkey seemed unsure if this made it to the final design stages

-GK Chaplain


-Artificer Armor instead of Power Armor is possible

Harry has mostly talked about when they're coming up, as has DPA.

Uther on GK forums

-Drop Pods (probably for Dreadnoughts) are in, with some sort of special variant

-Stern is dead in the fluff

-NFWs can Insta-kill Daemons

-GKs have some sort of Apothecary, but may be a special Character

Lastly, I'll link to MadCowCrazy's roundup, which is very detailed and has pretty much all the specific rumors and comments as they've come out posted: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=55212

I'll try to add any big things that I see as they come out. If anyone sees anything that I missed, post it.

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Oh do tell me where you heard this, Im hungry for news :D

After talking to GW today I was pretty much quaranteed a combined codex, but he did not know for sure if it would be =][=, GK and SoB in one codex. From what Ive been hearing there will be 3 codexes, sisters this summer, gk at autumn/winter and Inquisition sometime next year. It does make sense when looking at the rumours running around but then again rumours feed upon rumours and spawn twisted hatebabies that spurts fourth lies and filth wherever they go. In other words, treat everything you hear as a rumour until you get a definitive date from GW.
nail...hit on head.
It is good to know that there's something new on the way, regardless of what format it takes.

Thanks for making this Thread MCC:good:

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Oh do tell me where you heard this, Im hungry for news :D
lol, I gathered that much,

I believe the grey knights are first up, I know v little about SOB but I believe some trustworthy people on warseer (can't say who, as I barely go there) were saying there would be a SOB codex not long after grey knights,
however this being GW plans may have changed,
or the information could be skewed and it maybe the other way around.

as regards to a codex just for inquisitors, I have no knowledge either way, but it sounds quite plausible.

Thanks for making this Thread MCC:good:
indeed, the mind boggles at how much waffle you would have had to wade through to get these bits

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on warseer...

indeed, the mind boggles at how much waffle you would have had to wade through to get these bits
If it was on warseer its in this thread.
I believe this is the line you are reffering to :
* GK being focused on for release, Sisters 2nd wave
and it was Stickmonkey who reported it. He allso says :
Stickmonkey said:
My involvement is as an outsider. I am not, nor have I ever been a GW employee. Without getting into details of what it is I do...I can say that I know for a fact I have been purposely misled in the past, just because of these kind of posts.
When trying to puzzle all the info together I have come to the following conclusion : He got to join the GW guys for a day to see what they are up to, the fact that GW even allowed him to have a look implies a bit of hype building on their part. Maby so they could read peoples responses and see how sought after a new release is. He does mention that the sisters do seem to be well behind GK for instance. How can he be so sure? Did they show him everything they have done with the sisters up to that point? The sister minis he mentions sound like last minute touch ups to me, from what I can tell the only character that did not seem like a special character was the Sister Repentia Mistress. I seriously doubt the first thing GW does when they start work on a new codex is make a whole bunch of special characters, a new throne of judgement does not seem high priority to me.

They could allso have shown him allot more than he can mention, maby they told him to say sisters are far from complete so they can surprise us?
From the info I have we might see GK this winter and Codex Inquisition is not in the schedule for 2010, so if this is the case why pull the WH codex? Why not just the DH one (atleast not until the new DH one was released)? why so soon? a year before we might see a release? why remove the 10Bs box, the 5Seraphim and the 10repentia box now?
Was told today a new codex is comming in the 2nd half of 2010, he said it was a new Inquisition codex but did not know what might be in it. GWs crackdown on leaks has left their personel guessing just as much as we do.
All this leads me to believe they are much further along with sisters than they showed Stickmonkey when he got to visit them, probobly allready done with all new recasts, Battle Sisters, Seraphim and Repentia atleast. Final touchups on the Repentia mistress before sent to the production lines and creating the new special characters that are in the codex. This is what I believe went down, this is to me what had to have gone down, THIS IS!!! just a conclusion based on rumours... :(

PS. It wasnt that much to read, the thread on warseer was just 42 pages long, other forum threads Ive read have been about 5-15 pages long. It took me the whole day but I think it was worth it, give me something to do while I wait. I search around forums a little bit every day hoping to find something, as soon as I do I post it in this thread. I wont bump it though, if people want to bookmark it thats fine but I wont bump it just to keep it on the front page.

Hope you enjoy my compilation, its the least I can do :D

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The problem is so far Ive updated it like 5 times a day with new info Ive found, Im sure there will be days with no news and others with allot. I was basically thinking about updating the title every time I make an update so people can see the last day the thread got updated. It does not seem to work though, it seems like the main title isnt updated, just the minor one. On my other compilation threads it did work but it took a while, this one hasnt updated since I first made it though. Maby Im doing something wrong.
I allso dont want to clog this post with too many of my own posts, Im thinking maby recreate the thread every time it hits page 50 or some such because it will be too many pages for people to bother reading through. Basically Im thinking about remaking the thread every 4-6 months unless its possible to delete like 48pages out of 50 too keep the latest talk in it. I guess I havent thought everything through just yet, I will see as the thread develops.

I think it would be kinda cool though once/if the codexes come out to look back at this thread and see the dates on when info started spreading and rumours building. Could act as a guideline for other people waiting for their favourite army to get a new codex (DE, Necrons etc).

When did they start pulling models and the codex for IG, SW and Nids? When did the rumours start about a new codex and when did GW acknowlege it?

Lol, if I was a character in the 40k universe I would probobly be one of those conscript guys who have writing tools for hands pumping out scrolls all day long.

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When did they start pulling models and the codex for IG, SW and Nids? When did the rumours start about a new codex and when did GW acknowlege it?
it's all over the place (unsurprisingly for GW),
some codexes/models get pulled up to a year in advance and some a few months in advance

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Well, new models can take a lot of years. There is an example: at GW book "How to paint Space Marines", printed at 2004, you can see at last Chapters colour sets, the Death Guard (Ordo Xenos) and the Legion of the Damneds models. Well, these last came passed month (2010 - 2004 = 6 years from GW created the model until they went on sale).

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and the Legion of the Damneds models. Well, these last came passed month (2010 - 2004 = 6 years from GW created the model until they went on sale).
I remember the ones you are talking about here and these are in fact earlier LOTD models

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Whats up with my thread? First it got sticky and I felt really honored, 1 min later it got moved to rumour roundup and I felt insulted, now its back in the rumours section and I feel confused.

No mention from any mod for any of the moves, so whats up?

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Sorry about that, at first I stickied it so that way it wouldn't get lost if it went awhile without being posted in, I then moved it to rumor round up for the same reason (threads in the rumor round up tend to hang around a lot longer than threads in the main forum), I did both of these so you wouldn't have to keep bumping your thread to make sure it stays on the front page where people can see it, as you've put a lot of effort into it. I meant no insult by moving it to rumor round up. I shifted it back from rumor round up because I realized it probably won't get the coverage it deserves over there, and also because I'm not entirely sure if everyone can post in threads over there, or just the original poster, which is no good because people need to be able to ask questions. I had intended to resticky the thyread when I moved it back,but got distracted by the telephone and forgot to do it once the phone call had ended. You've put a lot of effort into this thread and I'm about to give you some rep for it when I'm finished posting here. Sorry about all this, I didn't mean to treat you like a yoyo, can you forgive me as I have only been doing the moderator thing less than a week and it's all quite new to me.
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