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via grissom2006 on Warseer
Right guys you need to keep yourselves at the ready for dates the 7th and 14th of November

via grissom2006 on Warseer
I'll expand slightly on the thinking behind why the pricing is likely to be in the realms of what i keep on hearing. The current think is that GW is looking at three gaming systems AOS being the first stage entry level gaming quick to pick up and play and complete with free rules. 40K more complex game to play and greater cost due to codices add ons etc.. Horus Hersey being the top end of the gaming spectrum and aimed at veterans/experienced gamers supposedly complete with even more complex rules.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
7th & 14th nov.
I just wanted to say that indeed something big will come on these dates.
They are "red" for Store Managers, meaning Managers are asked to have
the store open and not be on holiday.
These red dates are reserved for very big releases like Age of Sigmar or
whole new armys so Horus Heresy is very likley to happen.


Some good news for us, if true. I could not stand an AoS treatment for Wh40k.
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