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Codex: CSM: The Chaos codex officially hit stores yesterday, and I say "Ding, Dong, Siren (and all minor psychic powers) is dead" Good riddance! The day we all never have to face another Siren daemon-bomb army is a good day for the community. In the end, Lash is beatable, and is nowhere as broken as Siren was.

The codex itself is pretty much what we expected, and I like it overall. MUCH clearer for new players, and still has a good amount of variety (except the daemons which should be dealt with with next year's CODEX:Daemonic Hordes). The best part is building your Chaos Lord doesn't feel so much like filling out a 1040 form.

Updated Necrons: While I was skeptical at first, the rumormill just wont die down on this and we keep getting little drips and drabs regarding the upgrading of Codex: Necrons (possibly in 08). The core rumors which have seemed to stick are:

Replacement of WBB with Feel No Pain USR
Increase in the Toughness of Warriors and Immortals
Removal of Phase Out and Res Orbs
All in all, not a bad set of rumors there, as it would make the army easier to handle rules wise with FNP being much clearer mechanic that all the wierd situations WBB can cause (especially to newbies). The upping of the toughness combined with removing Phase Out and Res Orbs is probably a wash but makes Necrons viable for tournaments at last. The Bell will keep their ears to the ground to see how this stuff pans out.

40k 5th edition: This is the really hot gossip flying fast about the forums. Scuttlebutt says GW may be planing on updating the core rulebook sometime in 08. The "scheduled" 5 year plan would put it in 09, but several folks are hearing that GW may bump it up a year to deal with a host of rule issues the design studio really want to change to move the game forward. Sources also say to take a close look at the newer "Jervis" codices and compare them to early releases such as CODEX: Space Marines for subtle hints of what is coming down the pipe in the new 5th edition (say where did all the retinues go???)
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