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Rules confusion with daemons

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Hey guys, haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have a question about nurgle daemons. I'm sure I could find my answers if I really looked, but I figured I'd ask the rules masters on here instead.

My question involves daemons and choosing psychic powers. I had heard that daemons need to have at least one power from their god's selection, and then any available powers after that. I had heard from others that they can have all powers chosen from where they please. For instance, a great unclean one could choose all three powers from biomancy or all three powers from nurgle. Or is it that the GUO needs to have at least one from nurgle, and then can have 2 from biomancy? idk
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But with luck we will have a new codex in a few years (or months), and it will be no clearer...
According to current rumors (a few months back), we're talking as soon as this coming summer actually.
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