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Rules confusion with daemons

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Hey guys, haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have a question about nurgle daemons. I'm sure I could find my answers if I really looked, but I figured I'd ask the rules masters on here instead.

My question involves daemons and choosing psychic powers. I had heard that daemons need to have at least one power from their god's selection, and then any available powers after that. I had heard from others that they can have all powers chosen from where they please. For instance, a great unclean one could choose all three powers from biomancy or all three powers from nurgle. Or is it that the GUO needs to have at least one from nurgle, and then can have 2 from biomancy? idk
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Some of the confusion my come from the difference of rules between the Chaos Space Marine codexes and the Daemons codexes. Both are limited to half of their powers (rounding up) at most being by their relevant god, but marked CSM Sorcerers or psychics with Mastery Levels must purchase at least one power from their relevant tree, and generate their focus from the god-specific power tree--while Unmarked Sorcs can't use the "Chaos Focus" rule but can spec wholly into a power tree for a normal Focus.

Daemons from Codex: Daemons on the other hand, while still limited to the half-rounding-up max god-specific powers, don't have the limitation of having to roll at least one power randomly generated. Their focus still has to be god-specific, and it's unclear in the rules if you can qualify for a Chaos Focus and a normal Focus simultaneously: does the word "generate" in terms of generating random powers only apply to the ppowers you roll dice for? Or does having the Chaos Focus count as having generated a non-telepathy power so your Slaaneshi Daemon no longer gets Psychic Shriek?

...it's admittedly very difficult to parse with GW's loose wording, changing terms, different edition codexes and rulebook, differences between codexes, changing terms to refer to similar concepts, etc, and I think it could be FAQ'd for clarity or requires some serious time sitting down and rules-parsing while looking at specific wording and finding consensus as to what GW means by specific wordings of things.

Somebody I know argued that taking the Chaos Focus with a marked Sorcerer counted as the single power they had to take from their god-specific power chart, so they could generate all their normal powers and still qualify for a normal Focus too--meaning a ML1 Thousand Sons Sorc can get 3 powers--which I find wholly ridiculous, and I think it abuses the wording...

Basically, speaking as one of the most devoted Chaos players I know, I'm still confused by it all even this far into 7e.
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Daemons from the Daemon Codex however do not have to take any mandatory spells from their gods descipline. AND in addition to this if they choose to take their spells from a descipline from one that is not their god, they WILL still recieve their Chaos Focus for that god, AND also get their Psychic Focus for having picked all their spells to be from say Biomancy.
Ah, good, so the way I've been playing it and the way I would hope it gets ruled.
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