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Not sure if this was the right section for this question but it is related to showing off models etc.

Im going to Games Day UK, I was thinking about bringing a small rotating display stand to see if I could get some models placed on it it and record them rotating.
I doubt they would let me but it would be really cool none the less.

I have looked around the web but I have not been able to find a cheap stand. All I find are either 25cm/10" made for cake or some stuff like that or I find stand for real cars for 15 000£.

I just need something that runs on a small battery and can hold a terminator based model. There has to be some really cheap plastic display stands out there. Im not going to pay 60$ for something I might not get to use.
Id say 10$ would be enough for something small, plastic that runs on a flat battery or such.
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