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I am looking people for a rogue trader roleplay with the storyline being:

A rogue trader of questionable ethics and means, let alone mental state, finds a person of interesting past on his journey from planet to planet. From her, he hears rumors of a functioning artifact from long forgotten times. An artifact, which not only could make him and his children rich and famous for millennia to come but also strengthen the position of Imperium of Man in the galaxy. Caring little for follow up questions, he immediately placed the person amidst the most valued of his personnel and told her to say where they were going. The journey was not short and not without danger, but the reward was beyond worth it.

As for rules, I only did freeform RP in my past. No rules for most part, combat outcome determined by rolls. I am not going to discriminate, however. I am willing to try new rules, guides and all that as long as someone is willing to explain. I would like to avoid the position of being GM, however. Someone more skilled with the lore should have that position. The GM will receive more information about my idea once he has been picked, so that he knows how to drive the story.Of course, I don't see any reason as to why we should eliminate GM from the roleplaying either. I think using Skype would be the best.

It would be neat if the characters were ready before the roleplay, but their descriptions and introductions should wait until roleplay has started. I have never roleplayed with more than three people, I like to keep it small. Five people should be maximum population, but I don't think there will be ever that many people interested in this thread. Erotica or sex in this roleplay would not be something I would be against, but not something I would enforce either. If it happens, it happens, if not, then fine.

Anyone willing to roleplay this with me, please send your emails or skype through private message, so I can contact you.
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