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Hi all, i hope this is posted in the right place, but anyway, i trying to write a helghast codex based on the IG codex. i've got a few ideas, but right now, I'm having trouble costing units. so i thought Heresy online would be kind enough to help me out! i am quite open too criticisms on my made up rules, because even i know they need refinement (or a complete overhaul)

ok so the first unit i have written is Scolar Visari, who is the "Autarch" of the Helghast race, leading The Helghast race forward into the future with his fiery retoric (seriously check out the intro vids for killzone(s)). Visari is on the council so to get him you have to "unlock" the council for an HQ slot with 50points, then buy him and his upgrades.

ws bs s t w i a ld sv sv++
Scolar Visari 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 5+ 5+
Ogryn bodyguard 4 3 5 5 3 2 3 7 5+

Composition: Visari
Unit type: infantry
Wargear(Visari): Black leather suit (armor), auto pistol, CCW, Refractor field
Wargear(Ogryn): flack armor, ripper gun, CCW, frag grenades

special rules(Ogryn): furious charge, bulky, stubborn, look out arghhh!(Visari only)
special rules(Visari)+explanations: senior officer(see IG codex), independent character(see BRB)

*Wordy speech:Visari will often deliver an order within an inspiring speech, sometimes skipping the order entirely, to represent this, orders given by Visari test on a -1 LD modifier,but roll inspired tactics on 2,3,or a 4. in addition regardless of wether the order passed or not, the ordered unit gains preferred enemy of the unit they where targeting (if not targeting then the nearest enemy unit) until the end of the turn, however a roll of a 12 will negate this as it was a technical fault and no one heard anything.

*Now is our time!: special order: grants relentless and fleet until the end of your turn to ordered unit.

*They will know Helghan belongs to the Helghast: This is a once per game shooting attack made on Visaris LOS, but not Visari making the attack. The attack has the profile of 3bs,4s,5ap,heavy D6, sky fire, haywire. This represents an off the board portable anti-air petracite cannon (because the really big petracite cannons can shoot down battle ships in space)

*From this day until the end of days: units from codex Helghan within 12 of Visari gain Hatred.

*The madness begins...:If Visari dies or is removed from play by means other than retreat and going into reserves, all Helghast units become "enraged" at their Autrach dying. Enraged units gain rampage, fearless, relentless, and crusader. An enraged unit must move, shoot and if possible, charge the nearest enemy unit. At the start of your next turn roll a Ld test for each enraged unit with the current turn as a negative modifier (EG: turn 3 = -3 Ld) if passed unit stays enraged, if failed the unit starts falling back. Radec will always remain enraged, and will rather than shoot and charge the nearest enemy, he will try to kill the model (or unit) that killed visari (this will be more detailed in Radecs entry.)

sooo, who's enjoying the wall of text? if your still with me, its only options left.
Visari may take
2 Ogryn body guards at 50 points each
The sword of Helghan (master crafted petracite sword; explanation below) for 40 points
may have carapace armor at 10points
may take a power weapon at 10points
Ogryn may be upgraded to Helghast Heavy Ogryn, which makes both raged and CC attacks have the rending special rule, and they wear carapace armor for 15 points each.

Petracite swords: designed to suck the energy from an enemy to power its self up, in my fluff, it can only be used against enemies who have "powered" armor or some kind energy for the sword to take advantage of (should be renamed Necron bane). but for table simplicity i say it work on all targets. this sword starts off as a power sword (s-user, ap-3) but for every wound or hull point lost to the sword during the course of the game consult the chart below.
1 wound/HP= +1 S and gains entropic strike
2 wound/HP= +2 S and becomes AP2
3 wound/HP= +3 S and gains shred
4 wound/HP= gains concussive and two handed
5 wound/HP= +4 S and blind
6 wound/HP= +5 S and becomes AP1
7 wound/HP= +6 S and armor bane

Thank you for reading.

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Balls! i forgot my question, how much to you think this guy is worth, also are any of his abilities or equipment overpowered or underpriced? (the ogryn will count as war gear just like a wolf lord for the purposes of being an independent character.)
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