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What RAW? Your rules must be different than mine.

Sometimes a unit entry will include a transport option, allowing a vehicle to be selected together with the unit. These Dedicated Transports do not use up a slot on the force organisation chart, but count as having the same role as the unit they were bought for all other rules purposes.
Those are the benefits for what a Dedicated Transport is. I.e, they do not use a FoC slot, and count as the same Battlefield Role as the unit they're bought for; i.e have Objective Secured when a Troop Dedicated Transport in CAD, for example.

In addition, as if that wasn't enough, there are special rules for what happens when units deploy with Dedicated Transports; i.e Infiltrate. Infiltrate normally affects all models in the unit, but if the unit has a Dedicated Transport, then if it was part of the unit anyway, it would recieve that benefit normally.

I can see the thinking behind it, but it's not part of the unit, just an option that allows a non-FoC unit.

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