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Zetan hurried through the metal doors into the briefing chamber, after a marine woke him from his sleep he assumed that something was going horribly wrong. As he looked around he saw that the rest of the squad were assembling waiting for Fawkes to enter. As he looked around the room he was sure he was forgetting something but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Oh yeah Pain he remembered. He walked around the outside of the room till he made it to the private.

“Pain wile we were on foot i found something you might want.” greeted Zetan.

“and that is?” asked the private unsure of what he meant.

“when we were clearing the LZ i got tackled by a gator but managed to take him, it dropped this.” Sherman explained wile sliding a box out from the sling bag he was carrying.

When Pain opened the box his face lit up like a child on christmas. Inside the box lay a covenant energy knife currently powered down.

“ha th.....”started the private before being cut off.

“shhh if they find out iv’e given this to you were both gonna be in the shit.”hushed the Corporal.

“why did you give me this can i ask?

Personally i wan’t to send every last one of those xenos to hell but even i have to admit their equipment is effective and you never know when something like that could come in handy. Just promise me you’ll only use it if you absolutely have to cause i don’t think command will like it.” The boxed slammed shut suddenly when the ships captain entered.


As the squad left the room The first place Zetan went was the armory. As he walked over to his locker he noticed something odd. Inside the locker were two sets of odst armour one was his gorilla suit one he didn’t recognize. on the new suit a note was stuck on the chest plate.

it read “hey hard ass, you have a new squad now and a new allegiance. We all miss ya but we have agreed that its improper for you to still be displaying our colours. After a discussion with the Quarter master we convinced him to get you this, you can keep ours as a memory but your a phoenix now Born in fire.” a massive grin played across Sherman’s face as he read the note.

“That bastard sure knows how to make thinks dramatic.”muttered Zetan.

He quickly took off the sticky note. The armor was the standard ODST set except for a few modifications. The Boots and legs displayed a pattern of fire running up the side to make it seem like he was standing in a blaze. The chest piece and back plate displayed the same icon of a Red phoenix rising out of ashes. The helmet had a Red tinted Visor but other than that was normal.

As he pulled on the new gear he noticed something carved into the back of the helmet, a name.

“Private Lewis Graham?” read Zetan puzzled.

Noticing he had been overheard by someone he quickly equipped the armor and walked over to the weapon racks.

He grabbed his smg and 15 clips meaning he had 720 rounds on that.
He grabbed his magnum and 5 mags meaning he had 60 rounds
He grabbed an extra assault rifle and 5 clips meaning he had 160 rounds on that
He grabbed his knife and 3 grenades.
He grabbed his rations and his ration bars which he had swapped for cereal bars from the cafeteria.
He grabbed all his survival gear along with extra first aid supplies and he grabbed 2 flares from the quartermaster just in case they didn’t die before evac.

OOC. the first half iv'e asked shatter on but i don't have a reply yet so if something needs changing ill edit it later.

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The sounds of the forest were all around, birds chirping while what appeared to be the local form of squirrels scampered among the trees. Something large snorted in the bushes as it dug for food, while snakes bathed in what little sun shone down through the trees. All were oblivious to the Spartans in their midst, creeping through without making a sound. Slowly but surely they approached the origin of the signal, ever alert for the covenant or any insurrectionists. If this was a trap, then whoever set it would find themselves in for the fight of their lives. Last fight of their lives.

Walking slowly, Felix was on point, and he froze as he heard the voice of someone from up ahead. He didn't need to signal Anthony to take cover, they had worked together for so long he was already moving. As the pair made their way closer to what appeared to be a clearing, Felix got his first look at where the signal was coming from. 5 marines and a pilot sat close to the wreckage of a pelican, and after looking around Felix could clearly see they failed to post any sentries. He could also tell they were at easy by the casual way they had their rifles sat next to them, something no soldier should do in a combat zone. "fucking idiots" he muttered to Anthony.

Before Felix could open a private channel to the marines, he felt Anthony slap him on the shoulder lightly and point to the west. Around 20 innies were trying to creep up onto the unsuspecting marines. Even as he watched, 7 of them broke off and headed towards the Spartans position. By the way one of them was holding a tracker, he could tell that they were zoning in on Anthony's IFF tag. "Divide and conquer" he said to Anthony over a private channel. "You babysit the kids, Ill go dark" he said slapping palms with Anthony before the two parted ways.

Moving to the side of the group approaching their position, Felix counted 7 innies and stalked them as they turned to approach the crashed pelican.Listening to Anthony address the marines made Felix smile a bit, before the attack began on their position. Pulling a frag grenade from his belt compartment, Felix crept forward and got within 6 feet of the group that had been heading towards him and Anthony, the 7 men believing that their enemies were all next to the crashed pelican. How wrong they were they would never know as the invisible spartan pulled the pin and rolled the grenade into their midst. The M9 AP frag grenade was meant to shred body armor and kill heavily armored soldiers, the Innies did not stand a chance. The grenade detonated with a hollow boom, before pieces of shrapnel flew out and ripped through flesh and clothing alike. All of the men had been hit, and only 3 of them were still living, screaming on the ground as their bood pooled.

Stepping from behind a tree Felix advanced, his rifle coughing as he put single shots into the foreheads of the innies, taking no chances. " Friendly coming in from the south" he barked to the marines over the comm, circling around and joining the battle. Seeing Anthony he nodded before raising his rifle and firing, the 5 round burst shredding an innie behind a bush. None of the marines or the pilot had fallen, and Felix intended to keep it that way.

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As usual, Payne went and sat in the corner of the briefing room, head down, in the shadows. He heard footsteps approaching him, and looked up. It was Zetan, looking rather shifty, glancing from side to side. In his hands he held a small box. 'Yeah? Can I help you?' Payne asked. “Payne, whilst we were on foot i found something you might be interested in.” Zetan whispered, crouching down.

“Yeah? And that is?” Payne asked, guessing it was something to do with the box.

“When we were clearing the LZ I got tackled by a gator but managed to take him, I grabbed this afterwards.” Sherman explained, motioning to the box, passing it to Payne.

Payne sighed, great, another trinket. He opened the box, and was happily surprised. Inside the box lay a covenant energy knife powered down; not HIS covvie knife, Fawkes still had that, but a knife all the same.

“Fuck me, that's aweso.....” Payne started.

“Shhh, if they find out I've given this to you were both gonna be in the shit.” Zetan whispered, looking around nervously.

Zetan finished by saying the usual BS. 'Don't use it unless you have to, etc etc'. Payne thanked him, but didn't need to be told not to flash covvie contraband around...

Fawkse's speech was long and boring, Payne only taking in parts of it, even falling asleep at one point. When the briefing was all over, Payne turned his back, making for the door.

'Private Payne, how long does it take to get used to one of these things' Fawkse shouted after him. Payne turned.

'Bout 3-4 weeks, but in truth, you never truly get used to it, make sure to keep it clean, or it'll jam, almost always at the worst times too'. Payne replied, chuckling a little, before heading to the armoury.

'Fuck me this shit's heavy' Payne groaned as he took his first walk about in his new armour. He was getting looks from other team members, most of whom had seemed to have customised their own armour to various degrees. Payne noted that if he had free time in the field, he should do the same. He walked to the weapons lockers, groaning all the way at the weight of his boots and armour, before pulling out his specialised magnum pistol, shoving 5 extra mags around his armour; his trusty shotgun came next, grabbing enough for 4 full reloads. 'Hmmm, what else should I take' He pondered, settling for a DMR, grabbing 4 extra magazines, mag-locking the rifle to his back, before cluncking over to the drop-pods, cursing the boots all the way...

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McKnight's eyes widened when she saw Fawkes enter, her eyes drawn to his hand. *My god, his fingers* She thought. She looked around at the rest of the squad. Rather a few of them were looking.....shifty... Davis and Lancaster looked like they had something to hide; and Sherman and Payne appeared to be doing some dodgy deal in the corner, both of them looking around suspiciously. The briefing surprised McKnight, being dropped so soon after their previous mission seemed a bit odd. She guessed that they must be really going all out to get that AI back. As they walked to the armoury, McKnight quickly ducked into her room, grabbing a few personal effects; hanging a small, black chain necklace that was had a small silver ring attached to it around her neck, and grabbed up a gold, embossed ring, sliding it into a pocket.

The armoury way busy, and it took almost half an hour for McKnight to get full kitted up. She grabbed a sniper rifle from a rack, checking her zeroing was still ok. She turned and grabbed 3 extra magazines, as well as four seperate rounds in her shoulder holster. Putting a magnum in her hip holster, she counted out 5 spare magazines, distributing the weight equally. They had been told to bring 3 weapons, so McKnight grabbed a DMR, mag-locking it and it's ammunition in place. As she walked past Collins, she gave her a nudge, advising her to take a third weapon, noticing that she only had a rocket launcher and her smg. Collins didn't seem to reply, and McKnight kept walking to the drop bays. Putting on her helmet, and waiting by her pod...

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The pods were prepped and ready to go, the weapons were loaded. Lancaster came over to him.

''Sam- Fawkes.'' He began. ''How are you feeling?'' Fawkes shrugged, raising his metal hand and trying to give him the thumbs up. He battled with the digits, which were struggling with such sudden exertions for a second or two before he managed to do so. A wave of nausea and tiredness struck him, for a brief second. Damned medical drugs working through his system.
''I've felt better.'' He said with a smile.

''Good.'' Lancaster said, though he didn’t look fully convinced. He seemed satisfied, however, as he continued along.

''A quick update.'' Lancaster reported as the squad went over the weapon racks. ''I wrote all after action reports and even had a chat with ONI on the Spartan subject.''

Fawkes nodded, pulling a glove over his good hand. He wasn’t sure how far he could trust the other right now, but felt that it best to just leave it to the elements. He stowed the other glove into his pocket.

''Sergeant Marfield has recovered from her injuries.'' Lancaster continued. Fawkes was relieved, Marfield had looked bad, he’d seen soldiers look better dead. Hearing that another friend had survived a little longer in this war made him feel better. ''And you might want to have a chat with Joseph. He was sent to the brig after he got into a fight with a marine.''
John said as he picked out a grenade launcher. ''Just thought you should know.''

Fawkes sighed inwardly, ODSTs and marines were always getting into scraps. It was a sergeant’s bane to deal with this stuff. He’d talk to him planetside.
replied “Are you seriously going to take that?” He asked, nodding at the launcher. He’d never had much patience with grenade launchers; the damned thing had too little ammo.

''Why not?'' Lancaster asked rhetorically, slinging the grenades around him.

Fawkes shrugged, Lancaster was a competent soldier, he knew what he was doing, Fawkes knew that the rest of the squad was just as well informed and it gave him hope.

Fawkes picked a battle rifle off the wall and strapped several extra ammo clips to his combat webbing. Then he holstered his magnum, taking another set of clips for that. Finally, he decided to take an SMG, the suppressed and scoped version, only accessible to the ODSTs. To Fawkes, it was like a badge, proclaiming him as a helljumper, even if his armour gave that away already.

He strolled over to his pod and sat down in it, downloading the report that Lancaster had written, he didn’t have time to read it right now, he’d do it later. Before he got into his pod, he fixed his battle rifle to the underside of the pod, locking it into the storage compartment. He slammed the compartment shut with a thud and slipped into the pod.

Fawkes lit up the map in everyone's pod and marked up an area of forest on each display.

"This is where we are dropping in, about three and a half miles south of the last transmission we received."
He looked at the thick forest around the area, he'd read up on the local flora and he'd learnt that the trees were old and strong enough to spear a drop pod on decent if it hit one of the thicker branches.

"Make sure you stay on target." Fawkes said, imagining the irony of being killed by something like a tree, considering all the horrors that the covenant had thrown at him.

The green light went up and everyone prepared for the drop.
Fawkes braced himself.
His metal hand clamped itself so tight on the handles that the metal buckled slightly.

"Feet first into hell." Fawkes chuckled to himself as the pod jolted and fell.

The pod struck the ground with a crash half a minute later and Fawkes jumped out, expecting enemies everywhere. Instead he saw a very surprised looking bird, lots of trees and the other ODSTs milling into the clearing.

He assessed the situation.

THey needed to get to the spot they'd received the transmission from. The team could go straight forwards, but its through what seems to be a big clearing, much larger than the one they were in. It would be a good place for an ambush. Otherwise, they could skirt round, it would take longer, but they'd be harder to jump.

He relayed the situation to the squad.


Ok, so we have two choices straight up the middle or skirt around?
In your post, mention your preferred route, but don't just leave on that route regardless of the others decisions.

Spartans: I'll Pm your orders tonight.

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Joseph glanced down as the floor disappeared beneath his pod. The familiar shake had already began to subside. The young ODST wondered if he would ever stop that. Beneath him was the green world and to either side the long black void. A smile forced its way onto his face as the signal came.
“Ding,” he said over the comms, “express trip, one way, feet first!” The pod jolted.

The trip was almost identical. The void reached out with silence only to be replaced by flames and a jarring shake. This time however those last seconds were not filled with a view of violence amid buildings and city streets, it was a forest. No, Joseph reminded himself, not a forest Unknown territory.

The pod hammered into the ground. The young ODST hammered his release like before. He sprinted clear of his pod and into the tree line where he halted behind a tree for cover. His back was to the others as he swept the area with his eyes.
Joseph saw no enemies waiting, no muzzle flashes, and no movement. He waited and watched for something, anything.

The comms finally buzzed. “Clearing ahead, possible ambush.” Joseph turned toward the squad’s direction of advance, and began to move with the others.
“Wow,” he said looking out into the clearing, “that would make a good ambush site. Both ways.”
“What,” someone asked; Joseph couldn’t tell exactly who it was.
“We have no idea who the locals are, or if there are any locals here. What I suggest is a counter ambush. Most of us skirt, and a few of us wait. Give a signal and the ones waiting go right up the middle. Looks like there is part of an old stream bed out there so it would provide some cover. If someone takes the bait the skirting jump them, if not then we advance as normal.” Joseph smiled behind his helmet. It was a quick and dirty plan, but it didn’t sound that bad to him.
“What do you think sir,” he asked glancing to Fawkes, “I’ll volunteer up the middle.”

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It was almost amusing. A normal man might have laughed. A sane man might have laughed.

The sniper felt natural in my hands as I crept through the undergrowth. I held up the rear while Felix took point and even the birds were unaware. A blinking symbol on my HUD told me my shields were down still and I knew that at some point I’d need to fix them but right now I had a mission to complete and I would complete it no matter what technical failures sought to bar my path. Not even a leaf was broken as we moved.

Felix froze suddenly and I sank to a firing position, pressing the rifle but into my shoulder and aiming down the sights. I saw the marines and heard Felix’s words over the COM link. “Fucking idiots.”

I could see what he was talking about, the marines were sloppy and had not even posted sentries. I growled a curse. Then, sweeping the area with my rifle, I saw the incoming Innies. 20 of the bastards. I moved up behind Felix and slapped his shoulder lightly, almost no sound being heard above the chirping of the jungle. I watched the Innies split up, 7 heading straight for me or rather my IFF.

"Divide and conquer" Felix said to me over the COM. "You babysit the kids, I’ll go dark."

We slapped palms but I was scowling beneath my helmet. I hated having to deal with fools and now Felix had made me do it. He was probably grinning like an idiot right now at having made me squirm like that.

I stood and marched out into the clearing. Time to pull rank. “Sloppy,” I snapped at the marines. “You call yourselves soldiers you fools, the fact that I got this close without being seen was expected, but the ease of it was shameful. Hell, I could have marched a whole army here with minimal effort. Normally I could have written this off as simple laziness. However the incoming Innies might make this a court martial for lax discipline.”

I heard the grenade go off and the marines were swearing and raising weapons. Drill sergeant time. “Stand to,” I bellowed. “Stand ready soldiers. Fire when you see a target and not a moment before, I want no wasted ammo. I hope I can trust you with this.”

Then I disappeared into the forest.

The gun fire was like music as I ghosted through the undergrowth. I heard screaming and the screamer was the first to die by my hand, his neck snapped like a twig. I brought my BR55 round and put a burst into an Innie. The weapon coughed bullets, its silencer quietening the rounds and meaning that with the gunfire from the marines it went unheard and I moved on quickly. I sprinted through the undergrowth with the gunfire all around me and dived into a roll, coming up with a grenade in my hand. I tossed it between a pair of trees that had gun smoke curling round them. I traced the path of the grenade with my rifle and put a burst into the grenade. I heard people scream, a man and a woman. I heard Felix bellowing at the marines and as I rounded a tree I saw a volley of fire cut down the 4 Innies opening fire.

There was no challenge here. It almost made me wish for the Covenant. At least then I didn’t have this weird feeling in my gut. It occurred to me then that it might even be guilt but I dismissed that theory. I was a Spartan, guilt was for men.

I killed 3 more Innies with my rifle. Then as I rounded a tree an Innie knocked the weapon out of my hands. The Innie was carrying a machete. He must have thought it would save his life. He knocked the weapon away and I was already spinning, dropping down to duck his return slice and sweeping his legs out from under him with an outstretched foot before I slammed an elbow into his throat, crushing his throat with ease. I whipped out my pistol as the man’s companion came out screaming that I had killed his brother and I put a round into his kneecap.

He had not even finished his fall before I put a bullet through his head...

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John manually closed the hatch of his drop pod as he awaited the countdown.
In his head he played music, remembering songs he hadn't heard for over a decade.
He tapped his fingers to the imaginary beat and whispered the words in his breath.

One beep.
The words faded away.

A second beep.
The music stopped.

A third beep.
There was only silence.

A high pitched beep.

The silence made way for the thundering noise of the drop pod as it accelerated towards the planet surface.

Flames enveloped John's drop pod as it neared the atmosphere.

John felt the G's slam in once he breached the atmosphere and he directed his eyes to the screen on his right, checking if he was still on the right trajectory.

He wasn't.

The difference wouldn't be noteworthy with any other drop, but the fact that this was a dangerous landing zone made him not want to take any chances.
He would not meet his end at the end of a large branch, not after all he had been through.

A quick set of commands on the panel beneath the screen slightly tilted the pod, so little that John wouldn't have been able to tell if it wasn't for the confirmation on the screen.

Three seconds later the drop pod slammed into the ground and it was as if lightning struck and thunder roared.

Less than a second after impact John was already stepping out of his drop pod, the hatch not even fully open yet.

He sprinted for a thick tree and took cover behind it.
Confirmation signals came in as each ODST disembarked his or her drop pod and set up a perimeter around the landing site.

Fawkes was three trees to his left and they were facing the same direction.
After a few seconds Fawkes signalled the squad, warning them for the clearing nearby and the threat it might post as a possible ambush site.

John had already seen it and was already scanning the clearing for any sign of movement, gazing through the scope of his BR to see if he could make out anything.

He thought he saw something but seeing how the ODSTs just dropped it might be wildlife vacating the area.

"If they are waiting for us we should go all together, they'll have counted the number drop pods that came down and know how many of are here. A counter ambush isn't the best option this soon after a drop, sir." John said. "In my opinion we can best go around and then flank the clearing, or go all the way around."

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Claire wasn't exactly looking forward to the drop.

Then again she never was...

This was to e her second actual combat drop and she was oping to be less nervous than last time.
Nothing was less true.

As the door of her pod closed she felt her heart rate rise and a knot in her throat made it ever clear she wasn't fond of doing these drops.

She was an ODST however, and she would drop wherever the damned UNSC required her to drop.

Yet she wondered if the squad would ever be deployed by dropship.


The droppod shook violently as she approached the planet and breached it's atmosphere.
She saw the clouds envelop her droppod and she felt her heart skip a beat, maybe even two when the droppod slammed into a tree and then the solid ground of the forest.

She disembarked, happy to be able to set foot on the ground in one piece.

She raised her rocket launcher, securing it tightly to her back as he made her way to a fallen tree, most likely brought down by one of the drop pods.

She got her DMR out and trained it for the trees further down, checking for hostiles and allies alike.

This was a rescue OP after all and the sooner they found the Spartans, the better.

Though right now Claire would have had no issues with finding the dead bodies of the Spartans.
Though they were good at killing Covies.

She'd have to reflect on that some time later...

Fawkes came over the radio, warning the squad of a possible ambush site up ahead.
He asked the squad if they should go around, or through...

The sooner the better right?

''I suggest we go through the clearing, we have plenty of firepower to take doen a few Covies.'' Claire said, turning her head to several ODSTs who were either shaking their head in disagreement or nodding in agreement.

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3.. Payne closed his eyes

2.. He slowed his breathing

1.. The drop pod lurched violently as it was released, giving it's occupant the usual feeling of weightlessness as your stomach gets pushed upwards. He kept his eyes closed until he felt the series of judders as the pit hit the canopy, a tree, and then finally the ground.

He pulled the release switch, giving the door a firm kick to release it, hopping out, shotgun at the ready. Nothing, no plasma fire, no charging brutes, no elites....unless they were invisible? *Nah, pretty unlikely*, still, he felt uneasy as he regrouped with the rest of the ODSTs, looking out for the tell-tale shimmer.

Fawkes relayed the situation to them all; Payne being quite vocal with his opinion,
'Fuck that boss. I say we go down the middle. See, the way I see it, they'll be EXPECTING us to go round the edge.' Payne gave a sarcastic nod of the head and raised his hands, 'Damned Covvie mind tricks and all that'. Fawkes gave him a look that even without the tinted visor, gave Payne the impression of *Shut the fuck up and act seriously or I'll break you*, and Payne sighed 'Seriously though, I reckon we've got enough firepower to smash through anything. The quicker we can find two dead Spartans, the better - Lets go straight through'

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The verdant world below them rose up to receive her. The drop pod dropped quickly, leaving the ship behind and passing through the clouds, the green forest below them seemingly endless, stretching almost from horizon to horizon, dotted with mountains, lakes, and McKnight swore she saw a settlement. Very soon the impact warnings were sounding, and with a huge *thud*, the pod slammed into the ground.

McKnight grabbed her rifle, ready to fight, then pressed the door release. Nothing. She jammed it again, pushing and pushing frantically. She stopped for a second, no gunfire, no shouts, no nothing, She reached up, pulling down the emergency release, then using the top screen as a handhold, swung forward, her momentum knocking the door clear. She jumped out, falling a little further than expected, the drop pod having landed in a tree. She hit the forest floor and rolled, dusting herself off before jogging to the regroup point.

She got there just as Fawkes finished his brief. Apparently there were two ways through. One was to just push straight through, saving time but at the risk of ambush, the other to go round; a much longer but safer route. Jennifer didn't want to argue about it so quickly put her opinion in; 'We should get to the Spartans as quickly as possible, the quicker we get there the more chance they're alive', she chipped in, before taking a defensive position up a tree, scanning the area whilst Fawkes made his choice

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The metals doors to the pod bay slide open, and without pause in strides an ODST clad in ONI-Issued stealth armour with a matching gillie scarf about his shoulders. A DMR held tightly in his right hand, he makes his way to the drop pods, ignoring anyone else that might be present in the room with him. A man on a mission, he is equipped with a silent M7S SMG strapped to his back on the shallow pack, with a M6C/SOCOM holstered on his right thigh. Along with his armaments he carries a healthy supply of ammo and a couple of grenades.

Silent as the grave, 'save for his footsteps across the grated floor, he steps quickly to a remaining pod, it's coordinates already dialled in. Stowing his DMR in the slot provided he turns about, positioning himself in the pod, and locks himself in. With a deep breath the pod door closes in front of him and his eyes close gently. As the pod begins to turn in place to face away from the ship, he opens his eyes once more to the sight bellow. Steadying his deep breaths as he hears the first beep. Quickly followed by the second. Now the third comes, and with a sudden, and violent jolt the pod hurtles towards the planet with all speed.

The ODST, watches his descent as he plummets towards the planet. As he breaks atmo, he briefly takes in the Kay of the land before---

With a thundering boom the pod smashes into the earth bellow. The pod's door remains closed for a moment, before firing open.. Exiting no ordinary ODST. Collecting his DMR, WOLF had already noted that there appeared to be no signs of a battle on his entry and landing, leaving him to stride nonchalantly towards to gathered group of veteran ODSTs. Upon the breast of his suit would rest the crest of the Office of Naval Intelligence (more commonly known as ONI). Quickly he spots the commanding officer as described in his briefing prior to arrival.

"First Sergeant Fawkes?" He inquired, his tone level. "WOLF, Office of Naval Intelligence. I'm here to oversee the success of this mission."

The agent's posture was at ease, his DMR held with both hands.

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Fawkes listened to the squad’s opinions on the course of action, some wanted to flank, most wanted to run straight up the middle. He was just coming to a decision when he heard a thunderous ‘thud’ behind him. He spun round and levelled his battle rifle. Another drop pod had landed, UNSC style and markings. Fawkes slowly lowered the rifle as the door hissed open. And ODST stepped out. His helmet was of standard design, excluding the words "Lion of Scotland" painted in gold across his visor from left to right and a pair of wolf fangs and teeth just bellow his visor. Resting around his shoulders, was a dark green ghillie scarf and upon his chest was adorned an ominous symbol of ONI - A black and white pyramid with a large, circular eye in the middle. The rest of his kit was essentially standard.

“First Sergeant Fawkes?” He asked, an odd accent, one that Fawkes recognized as a Scottish accent from Earth. The ODST continued, seemingly oblivious of the deep mistrust in Fawkes’ rigid pose. "WOLF, Office of Naval Intelligence. I'm here to oversee the success of this mission."

Fawkes sighed, of course he was, ONI wouldn’t trust anything to anyone but themselves, even if it was as simple as picking some Spartans. If the Spartans were dead, nobody would be there, if they were alive, there wouldn’t be a living foe in sight anyway. But ONI couldn’t see it that way, everything was a security risk, nothing was simple.

He nodded to the ODST, using the brief movement to subtly look at his rank slide. Private First Class.

“Well, Private Wolf.” He said, emphasising the rank difference heavily. He hated having to pull rank on people, but with a spook on the loose in his squad, he couldn’t take chances. “You will still defer to me for immediate orders, unless ONI says otherwise, your under my command.”

Fawkes waited for conformation before turning back to the situation at hand.

“Ok, so we head up the middle, spread out and move up.”

The squad moved up carefully, guns pointed in all directions. Lancaster, Mcknight and Davis spread across to the left flank, Wolf and Fawkes moved up the middle and Collins, Payne and Sherman covered the right. They moved in a loose arrow formation, their weapons scanning the tree line for attackers.

Suddenly Fawkes heard a ‘click’ to his left and spun around. In a split second he saw the trip wire and the dark metal of a frag grenade. He pushed Wolf out of the way.

Six explosions crashed through the grassy floor simultaneously, surrounding Lancaster, Mcknight and Davis. As smoke began to rise, Fawkes saw Lancaster dive forwards, scrambling through the short grass, groping for a purchase. He pulled himself up. The smoke cleared, revealing Davis clinging on to the edge of a pool of brownish water, there was no sign of Mcknight, save a discarded sniper rifle on the floor.

The water rippled and bubbles popped up on the surface, an ODST helmet rose to the surface. She’d fallen in!

“Payne!” Fawkes snapped. “Get down there, she’s under the water!”

He darted forwards to haul Davis up as the massive form of Payne’s new armour went to the rescue. As he dragged the ODST out, the rapid whistles of bullets caused him to dive to the floor, the chatter of machinegun fire

The clearing has been rigged! Mcknight has fallen into a pit trap and is underwater and old UNSC automatic sentry turrets are firing on the squad from small bushes and hills. Try to immobilize the guns or get to cover. As a tip, the guns are motion and heat sensitive, but they’re not very smart or well armoured at the back.

Shattertheirsky & Josie: Shatter, use your nice new suit to find Josie and pull her out of the water, she hasn’t got her helmet, so be quick. You may want to work on this post together.

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'ONI Operative... This'll be fun.' John thought to himself as he observed the ONI spook approach Fawkes.
"Wolf," the ODST/Operative introduced himself.

Quite odd that he had that codename, or was it his actual name?


John noticed the sound, scanning the ground for the origin of the sound.
A frag grenade rulled from beneath a bush, its pin removed.

On instinct John dived away, trying to take Jospeh with him to get the ODST out of harm's way.
He missed however, yet the younger ODST already seemed to get away on his own.

After that there was only noise, a ring in John's ears and a numbed feling across most of his body.
He noticed he lay flat on his stomach, he hadn't managed to catch himself.

As he shook the numbness from his head.
Fawkes had already reached Joseph and Payne seemed to be entering the water.

John checked his hands, releaved to see all his fingers were still there. His armour hadn't notified him of any breaches.

He was still in one piece.

John got up but when he got to one knee he let himself drop again, forced to dodge the hail off bullets that flew right over him.

He saw two turrets, automated turrets scanning from left to right, then back to left.

"Be careful," John told the squad over the radio. "Sentry guns are spread out over the area."

John looked at his left wrist, seeing if he could try and hack one of the guns with his computer.
Yet the device registered no signals that could be traced to the guns.

"Guess we'll do this the old fashioned way..." John grunted as he rolled into the bushes and got his grenade launcher out.

He fired a grenade, making sure to keep hold of the trigger, chargijg the EMP charge inside the grenade.

He released the trigger, releasing the EMP charge and effectively shutting down several turrets.

"Go, now!" John instructed the others.

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"Aye sir." He nods in response, not breaking posture. He witholds his reservations about such a maneuver of moving out into the open.

With his DMR loosely shouldered, he scans their surroundings spotting nothing of note- until hears a click from a grenade. He goes to dive away from the danger when he suddenly feels a firm push, not refusing help in his evasion he tumbles, and tucks into a roll.


With the evasion and helping hand he was able to avoid the blast, but not the after effects of that terrible, familiar ringing in his ears. He is crouched low as he looks back, taking in the aftermath.

The ODSTs seemed well enough off: the sergeant barking orders of rescue and movement to his soldiers, he spotted the ODST hoisting a grenade launcher in aim of the turrets. Hearing a muffled call and the sight of an EMP grenade detonating near several of the turrets.

Staying as low as he can, he moves away from the squad to flank the bombarding guns. Hoping the squad would be making too much of a target to spot the ONI ODST moving off from the group.

*IF he avoids being shot*

Praying to himself that the stealth-issued equipment from ONI would keep him hidden from the turrets wrath he moves lowly at first before breaking into a sprint once close enough to the tree line.

Snapping twigs and crushing leaves as he storms quickly take out the guns. Despite ONI's opinions he did not consider any ODST or marine expendable. Unable to break that bond to his past, despite their best efforts.

Shouldering his DMR he lines up his shots on the turrets quickly, aiming for any control boxes that command the turrets. Firing shot after shot in quick succession, hoping to neutralize as many of the turrets as he can.

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a lone drop pod landed behind the squad, out of its opened hatch walks a lone odst. Zetan overheard only that he called himself wolf and that he was accompanying them on behalf of ONI.

“damn operatives.” muttered Sherman under his breath.

The next few minutes went in a blur from when they started advancing to the point were a trip wire had gone off releasing a grenade to the point were the group were in chaos wile under fire from automated turrets.

Lancaster had taken out a bunch with an emp blast and the wolf had taken out a few but there still remained quite a few.

Zetan taking cover behind a tree trunk spotted a route up to one of the turrets that remained firing. checking his smg was loaded and ready he prepared to run for it.

Sherman bolted out of cover towards the turret that seemed to have its gaze drawn else were. He was almost there now, a few more metres and he could take it out with an accurate burst.

The muzzle however stopped flashing, the UNSC turret stopped firing and rotated towards Zetan’s position.

Taking a leap for it he drew his knife and leaped at the machine at the same time as it released a spray of bullets.

Zetan found himself laying on the ground in silence, the group had finished off the turrets and he was still alive.

“urrgh” he couldnt stand.

looking down he saw why.

after imbedding his knife in the machine’s control box the spray had clipped his leg shattering a section of his mechanical limb leaving it limp and beaten up.

“Lancaster! could use some help up here!”

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Joseph frowned. Apparently his plan was a bad one. Oh well, he told himself, I thought it was good. Now all they needed was to hear the order. Instead there was a massive impact. Joseph glanced back as the new man appeared. “Oh damn,” Joseph whispered, “ONI.” It wasn’t that the private hated ONI, but the words ‘need to know’ just really pissed him off on a battlefield. It seemed the intelligence officer only wanted to speak with Fawkes, which suited Joseph just fine. When the Sergeant turned back to his men the order was simple, up the middle. With that they moved. They fanned out and began to move.

There was a metallic *click.* Joseph glanced down to see something dart into the grass.
Lancaster moved first, his arm brushing hard against Joseph.
Dirt and grass flew skyward as several explosions erupted in a circle.
Joseph’s arm shot out trying to grab McKnight as the ground beneath them disappeared.
He felt something through the smoke dirt.
He gripped it as things became weightless for an instant.
In that instant he felt a sudden tug, then nothing. It wasn’t heavy enough.
Joseph grabbed at the wall and tossed the rifle out. “Hell,” he grunted trying to pull himself up.
Then came the weapons fire. Machine guns ripped lose popping and tearing clods of dirt from the ground.
Another hand gripped the combat webbing, and pulled.
Joseph looked up to see Fawkes. “Thankya,” Joseph said staying low.
There was a loud thump. Somewhere nearby a grenade exploded.
“Go, now!”
It didn’t matter who shouted it. Joseph was on his feet as tracer fire pitted the ground. One cluster of rounds impacted nearby, but didn’t follow. As Joseph ran several yards before spotting the weapon.
Automated turrets? The helljumper thought sliding beside one of the guns. A small light began to blink yellow. Without a thought Joseph hammered the box with his rifle’s butt. One down, he thought looking for another turret. He looked back to the weapon and smiled. “Where the hell is this thing’s trigger,” he said grabbing the assembly and grunting to turn it.

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Felix was talking with the marines when I got back from scanning the forest. “Sit-rep?” I asked Felix over the private COM. “Five wounded; two superficial and three serious, if stable,” the words were spoken grimly. “How bad?” I asked, my voice quiet and reserved. “They were trapped in the Pelican at the moment of impact. One’s lost a leg, one’s missing both eyes and an ear and the final one has got a strut two inches thick through the stomach.”

“Shit.” The single word said it all.

I walked to the Pelican past the marines, my face hidden beneath the visor and to them I must have seemed an avatar of death with my bloody armour and hidden face. I strode to the cockpit and put a fist through the glass, tearing the hardened screen apart like it was paper. I reached through and when I pulled my fist out it was with the Pelican’s long range transmitter. However when I tried the transmitter it proved to be fried. It took maybe five minutes with the help of Felix and a marine technician who knew his way around the machine’s wiring but we got it working.

I slipped Alice’s chip out of the compartment on my leg armour and put her into the transmitter. She broadcast a distress signal through it that should hopefully be able to reach a UNSC base or maybe even a ship in low orbit.

We searched through the forest for a day and a half, knowing that the facility on the radar was probably too secure to risk attacking while we had wounded on our hands. Myself and Felix knew everything in our vicinity, everything for about five miles in every direction. Alice had been a great help, fixing my shield systems and constructing a digital map of our surroundings. After our searching, we agreed that our best shot was a small outpost about seven klicks east of our current position.

I scaled a tree and scanned the outpost with my rifle.

When I dropped to the ground I gave my appraisal of the situation. “We have five targets on patrol loops, one in the tower.” Then I turned to Felix and used a private COM. “I say we leave the marines, they’ll slow us down.”

He responded affirmatively, though warned me to keep them as backup and I turned back to the marines. “We have the location of an outpost nearby, it should hold medical supplies. I and my partner will go in first but I want you close in case everything goes haywire. Remember though, you don’t move in until either we signal you or you hear a fire fight starting.”

We struck hard and fast and above all quietly. The man in the tower died first, a sniper round through the throat. Two more died simultaneously as myself and Felix snapped their necks. Then I rounded the building as Felix cleared it. I eliminated the patrol men with clinical aim, each one dying in turn. The final man saw his friend falling dead before him and ran. I pounded after him. He was sprinting ahead, but I was faster. I chased him down and leapt. I thrust out both feet and snapped the man’s spine with the kick, sending him flying forwards. I put a bullet into his head...

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The sounds of battle ceased in the clearing, and Felix slowly lowered his rifle as the last shot echoed over the forest. Looking around, he saw that none of the men had been hit. Speaking to the marine corporal, he was able to find out the specifics of the wounded and the situation was grim. "Sit rep" he heard Anthony speak over a private channel. “Five wounded; two superficial and three serious, if stable,” Felix replied. "How bad" was the response.“They were trapped in the Pelican at the moment of impact. One’s lost a leg, one’s missing both eyes and an ear and the final one has got a strut two inches thick through the stomach.” he said grimly, knowing that their situation had gone from bad to worse. He chuckled as he heard Anthony swear over the com.

Seeing Anthony going for the transmitter, Felix walked over to the wounded marines and began dressing their wounds, using the few things he had been issued. Anthony looked in his direction, and Felix could almost see the disapproval he knew was on his face as he used the medical supplies he carried for himself on the marines. He managed to stabilize both the amputee and the blind marine, but the one with the strut was too far gone. "I'm gonna die aren't I?" the marine said as the Spartan stood over him. "Yes" he said simply, before walking away.

The next day and a half passed quickly, the headhunter team mapping out everything in a five mile radius of their position. They knew everything about their surroundings from the stream that ran south to the facility that the innies held to the east. The longer they went without combat the darker Felix's mood got, and he almost had to be physically held back when the found the innie facility. Luckily they still had the AI, who had managed to fix Anthony's shields,digitally map the area, and send out a distress beacon. Normally they would sit tight and wait for extraction, but the wounded were deteriorating and they needed aid fast.

Standing at the base of the tree, Felix shifted from one foot to the other as he waited for Anthony to finish his scouting. "Hurry the fuck up chimpo" he said over the comms as Anthony climbed back down. "We have five targets on patrol loops, one in the tower.” he said, before turning to Felix and opening up a private comm “I say we leave the marines, they’ll slow us down.” "Lets keep em as backup" he said before readying his weapons for the coming assault as Anthony spoke to the marines

At the innie facility, the men went about their duties blissfully unaware that their death warrants had been signed. The first died in the tower, the sniper rifle round almost separating his head from his shoulders as he fell. "Turned that one into a PEZ dispenser" Felix laughed over the comm, before charging a pair of innies. They died quietly, heads turned at an awkward angle as their necks snapped. Stepping into the building Felix began the grisly act which had been trained into him since he was a toddler. Killing. And he was damn good at it.

Every single man in the building died, except for the Spartan. He took them completely by surprise, and even if they had known he was coming, they didn't stand a chance. He strode through the building, an angel of death among mortals. Where he walked death followed, and he only left the dying behind him.It was over quickly and before he knew it he was standing alone, smoke curling from the barrel of his MA5B. "Another day at the office...." he said to the empty room before stepping back outside.

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ONI? This was bad news. Why was he here?

The Spartans - Whenever they were involved, ONI was never far off.

'Move up' came the order, and the team split up to cover the distance, McKnight taking the left flank with Davis and Lancaster. Something wasn't quite right; It was quiet, too quiet; and the ground felt.....weird, almost like there was something underneath it.

*Click* - 'Huh?' McKnight turned to see Lancaster and Davis diving out the way, her eyes drawn a series of dark metal objects in a ring around her. *BANG* - The series of explosions knocked her off her feet, her sniper rifle jamming into the ground, the butt of it catching her helmet under her neck, loosening the seal. As she flew backwards, the ground seemed to cease to exist, debris flying upwards. She landed in the pit with a heavy splash, her helmet coming free.

She sank like a rock, the cold water taking the air from her lungs. She tried swimming upwards, but the weight of her armour was dragging her into the depths; and without her helmet, she had no oxygen supply. She hit the bottom of the pit, completely submerged.

'Ok, keep calm' She thought, panicking will only waste air. She tried pushing up, to swim to the surface, to no avail. The sides of the pit were too slippy to grip to, and she had no oxygen to release or a jetpack to send her shooting to the surface. It was a perfectly cylindrical pit, designed so that once ensnared, the prey had no way of escaping the watery depths.

'Shit' She thought, her heart rate increasing as she panicked more and more; her lungs burnt like they were on fire. 'No, not like this' She thought desperately as the blackness encroached on her vision...
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