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Rise of the Underfolk

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Across the lands of man the mythical Skaven are considered nothing more then the fantasies of madmen and the stories of children. Yet below the earth the threat of the ratmen is all too real. The unstoppable Skaven hordes grow and grow each day, while the Grey Seers preach of the Great Ascendancy, where all the Children of the Horned Rat will rise up, destroy the weak surface-dwellers and inherit the earth. The prophecies of the Great Horned One cannot be denied, the Skaven are supreme and all others are weak!

However the Skaven's own ever-multiplying issues must come first. Recently several Skaven bastions near the northern holds have gone out of contact, and the small Stormvermin group sent to investigate has not returned. The Council of Thirteen have ordered Grey Seer Krestik Skartail to investigate and recover something very valuable to them. Granted an ad-hoc force from each of the Great Clans Krestik prepares to lead the way. But what could be so important as to send a Grey Seer, and to send him so close to the Chaos Wastes?.

And with no guarantee that any Skaven on this expedition shares the same goals, only one rule is clear. Trust no-one.

Rules: Here are the rules for the Rp. Follow them and have fun, don't and ill incinerate you with my warpstone magic.

-The minimum post requirement is at least six-eight sentences per update depending on the size of the update. Be detailed, Skaven have heightened senses. Write about what you are smelling, seeing, or what you are thinking about the other members of the group. After all you all hate each other.

-Post at least once per update. But nothing prevents you from posting more often, so try and post as much as you can. The primary plot is set but I have no problem with characters having their own issues with each other, just remember to follow the mighty Grey Seer's orders when they are given.

-No godmodding, period.

-I have the right to tell you that you are doing something wrong or request a change to your character if I feel you've strayed or made a mistake in creating them.

Characters: Templates for characters are below. Fill out each one to a good standard. At least 5 lines minimum for each one.

Name: (Names. Remember choose Skaveny names. Like Kratch, Viskit Burnfang, Chang Fang, Thanquol, Gnawdoom, Skilk, etc etc. Many many choices.)

Affiliation: (Which clan do you hail from. Are you a typical Skaven warrior from the Warlord Clans like Mors or Rictus. Are you a Clan Pestilens plague rat?, a Clan Eshin killer?, or a Clan Skryre warlock-engineer, or a Clan Moulder beast master. No Grey Seers, I am the only Grey Seer here.)

Age: (Remember Skaven die young from either their metabolism or their enemies, whichever gets them first. So 20 would be considered well-aged and Skaven over 25 are very rare. No over 30s, only Grey Seers and Lords of Decay age that far, barring very rare exceptions.)

Appearence: (What do you look like. What colour is your fur and remember that fur colours matter. What robes do you wear, are your fangs large or short and sharp.)

Personality: (What are you like. Its a given that all Skaven are deceitful, manipulative and self-serving but are you aggressive, arrogant, quiet and thoughtful.)

Weapons: (Most Skaven wield rusty blades and knives, but if you are specialised then some alternatives are available. Clan Eshin can have poisoned blades, Clan Skryre can have Warplock Jezzails and Warpfire throwers. Clan Pestilens can have plague knives and Clan Moulder can have whips and other beast equipment)

Background: (What background do you have in your Clan, are you well-known or infamous. Have you achieved anything noteworthy in your time as a Skaven.)

Spaces Available: I have no problem with how many people wish to join. However I don't want a force filled with assassins or plague priests. So here are the limits. As many Clanrats and Stormvermin are allowed as people join.

1 Assassin - Taken by Komanko

2 Plague Priests - One remaining

2 Warlock Engineers - One remaining

1 Beast Master - Taken by Nightlord

Unlimited Clanrats/Stormvermin
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This RP looks interesting, I'll see what I can whip up
I should have it up soon, sorry for any delays, I'm just having a bit of trouble thinking up a history
I cannot for the life of me think of anything for the Skaven, I shall bow out of this RP, great-sounding though it is.

Thanks for putting up with my indecision, I'll keep track of this RP, just to see how it turns out.

1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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