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Currently converting a load of stuff for my Chaos army and I'm stuck.

I need some right arms that are not NOT built for holding guns.

Gun arms tend to bend around the model and I need some straight arms and different hands than fists.

Which, if any, kits have straight right arms, open right hands, pointy right hand fingers or are in any way not the standard fist on a stick?

must be Marine / Chaos Marine kits for ease of compatibility.

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because in the grim future there is only...right-handed super-soldiers?

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you'll be needing the assault marine box set for non-wrapped-around-the-body type arms.

As for marine hands that aren't holding guns there is:
the pointy hand (mentioned above) from the commander sprue (I think..)
the grenade hand from the assault marine box set
bike arms
the missile launcher guy's left hand
Banner bearer's right arm

that's about all I can think of. Hope it helps.


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yep, left handed. all the "cool" hands are left handed, goddamn gentically engineered bloody super soldiers, why can't one of them be a lefty.
They are to cool for that... At least the loyalists, not sure about the heretical traitors, as they are totally not cool...

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space marine pointing arm is left
grenade arm is right

here are the standard marine arms

sanginary guard have closed and open hands

some of the chaos marin arms are quite good for pointing conversions such as the right handed bolt pistols

if you need any more just contact me

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