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Ok, so after some useful and insightful comments I revised my list. Here it is, please comment and suggest away.

Primary: Space Wolves
Allies: IG


Rune Priest (Warlord) - 165: Talisman, Necklace, Master of Runes, USING 6ED POWERS, going for divination rolls.
Rune Priest - 130: Talisman, Necklace, Jaws/Lightning, Plasma Pistol
Rune Priest - 115: Talisman, Necklace, Jaws/Hurricane
CCS - 140: MGx2, HWT ACx1, Master of Ordinance, Officer of the Fleet


Grey Hunters x9 - 205: MGx1, Mark, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x9 - 205: MGx1, Mark, Drop Pod
Infantry Platoon - 385: PCS - MGx4
IS - Flamer, HWT AC, Chimera (HF)
IS - Flamer, HWT AC, Chimera (HF)
Vendetta - 130


Ordnance Battery - 125: Basilisk
Long Fangs - 175: MLx5, Pod

Sky Shield Landing Pad - 75

So,, On the pad I would put the Warlord, Basilisk, Long Fangs and CCS...or the CCS under the pad..either way..good protection for all of them...they should be able to cause a lot of havoc from there. I will also drop a objective there. 2 pods with hunters in them turn 1 in the backfield. Empty pod whenever and drop to contest and take pot shots...yea its a free kp essentially. Infantry squads move up to midfield and do what needs to be done. The Vendetta has the PCS and runs around dealing with other flyers and dropping the PCS where its needed most. Im thinking this "should" do fairly well. Tear it apart and let me know what you think.
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