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Hi there,

just a german guy here, so please be mild when my grammar is not allways einfach wundervoll ;)

I started with WH40k around '96 (yeah, the old times with funny looking orcs), spent more then just a few years in collecting different armies, till i lost contact with it more and more. Other things became more important (school, job, study and so on) and in addition to that, i'm living in a relatively small town where's no shop or active community. So WH40K became more and more just a model-making and painting hobby, no longer with a real interest in playing.

But maybe.... i just finished my study and it's not clear where to go next (sent some applications to UK, wish me luck ;) ). So maybe in a new town there will be an opportunity to start gaming again.

Starting with the old Orcs, i went over Dark Angels (nearly a complete third company, many Deathings and some Ravenwings), to Dark Eldar (love on first sight with the new Rule-Edition) and finally to Sisters of Battle.

Some years ago i started assembling and painting the huge amount of non-used SM-Minis and created my own Chapter - Dark Justicars. Pictures will follow soon.
On the side of that i'm planning to add some GK and SoB. I like the idea of mixed forces, especially with the old inquisitional guard.

Right now painting and building minis is a nice alternative to all the pc-work i have to do. So maybe i'll finish a new figure from time to time.

Oh, beside this forum i started a tumblr for my creative hobbys. Right now it's empty, but i'll hope this changes when i start updating my project logs here in the forum.

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