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Hello my fellow heretics! I have been active again for a couple of weeks, and thought it'd be good to formally reintroduce myself! Yes, as you can see, I've been a member of this site for quite a while now but as you can see as well, not a very active one. So why is this, you might ask? Allow me to explain. I started playing warhammer (Fantasy mind you!) back in 6th edition, and all was great. 7th edition was equally good, and in that era I came to this site, drawn by the excellent tutorials and gentle discussions. Then, the great tragedy of 8th edition happened. Apalled by this monstrosity of a ruleset, I vowed never make the switch (that is, after I played a couple of games with it). However, the articles and discussions here did not agree and happily changed to 8th edition (which is good! Just not what I like), and soon I lost interest in them. Berieved, I left the site for a while, and focussed on other stuff, like D&D and going to university.
My eager return however, was met with the Russian hacking scandal, and I thought the site was lost forever. Until some time ago that is! In my absence, I have of course still enjoyed the hobby, and started some projects that I'll gladly share with you here, as well as some of my older projects that some of you may remember.
While I see that many have left, I also see many new people, so to you: Hello!
I'll try to stick around this time!
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