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so, have have backed the Maxmini Green alliance kickstarter, to get a ww2 yanks orc army.

cool, but not what you would call cheap.

i had decided to have an initial go, and the resupply as i found what i was lacking.
It turns out however, that they aint going to make most of these again, beside the kickstarter!!

ARGHH panic!

Turns out that you can still add more to you initial order.
right.. there we go then...

I hope to be able to get your help here, topin point what i really HAVE to own, and what i can do without.

The goal is 1000 points. Im not going to turnements with them, but losing aint that fun either....

So, here is a list of whats already on the order:

10 Gretchin

10 shooty orcs

30 melee orcs

6 bikers

5 veterans (nobs)

3 artilley things

1 truck

3 koptas

5 commandos (can be used as melee orc np.)

and various characters and heavy weapons

my question is then this: what would YOU add, to make this into your 1000 points Orc army??

I hope you will help me out with this

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i have decided not to branch too much out with options.
i gets expensive FAST!!!

but 2 more koptas are in the works for sure.
along with 2-3 guns.

im currently undecided about more bikes.

hear good things though.

oh and a group of (3) grot tanks, to use as buggies.

as for the boys, i sure need more.

ill be going gw bouyz with kromlech yank and tommie bits, to add some variation.
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