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Restoring citadel paints

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So I'm trying to get back on painting and just playing again. I have about 30 or more citadel paints that have not been used in about 3yrs. Lids closed and all but some are hard. Is there anyway I can bring these paints back to life??
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If they have set hard they are pretty much dead. If they have just thickened up they can be rescued. If you have a couple of pieces of off cut white metal from a sprue lying around, put them in the pot, add a couple of drops of warm water, and shake the shit out of it. Bare in mind only add a couple of drops at a time, so you don't make it too watered down.
This, especially the line in bold. If they are solid, they are gone.

My only advice would be to use medium instead of water to mix them back to life - It gives a better consistency and the paint molecules doesn't split up so you get a paint that is as close to a stock paint as you can.
what kind of medium?
If you're using GW paints, I would recommend GW's own brand. My experience is that the various mediums are tailored to the brands own paints, so the consistency is very different.

You can find it under technical paints and it's called "Lahmian Medium" - It's got a almost water like consistency so it's easy to work with for projects like this :)
will check it out and see how it goes, thanks!!
Anytime bud, do let us know how it goes :good:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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